Sean Dollwet Reviews – Royalty Hero Scam?

Sean Dollwet Reviews - Royalty Hero Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Sean Dollwet. Is he legit? Find out in this Sean Dollwet review.

This detailed review of Sean Dollwet goes deep into uncovering his background, identity, and his program called Royalty Hero. Moreover, it delves into the finer details of the advantages he brings, providing you with comprehensive insights into all the small particulars. Additionally, it is not hesitant to address any potential downsides, providing a well-rounded perspective on his strengths while identifying areas that could benefit from enhancement.

Hang in there and take a look at our review to find out if Sean Dollwet and the Royalty Hero lives up to the hype!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Publishing CEOs in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Sean Dollwet Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Sean Dollwet 
  • Program: Royalty Hero 
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Niche: Self-Publishing
  • Recommendation: The program comes with a hefty cost and lacks reviews from sources outside its own platform.

Sean Dollwet

Sean Dollwet Reviews - Royalty Hero Scam?

Sean Dollwet did not initially fit the mold of your usual entrepreneur. He was more of a reserved guy, sensitive to criticism, and not exactly the first pick for a business hotshot.

But then his mindset completely shifted that had majorly changed his game plan. Purposefully choosing this path, he started building his empire in the publishing world, aiming for big bucks while juggling his other gigs.

It all began when Sean was working as a hotel concierge. After work, he was scrolling through YouTube for ways to make some dough online. Suddenly, he stumbled upon this video preaching about self-publishing and creating short books. It got his wheels turning, so he jumped into a course to explore this publishing gig. His first paycheck online was just a measly buck. But it did not stop him. He kept grinding, churning out book after book, until his bank account started looking sweeter every month, all thanks to smart reinvesting.

Sean did not actually write those books himself; he brought in ghostwriters to handle that part. He went all-in on this hustle, not just putting in his profits but also funneling in what he earned from his job for months. Apparently, his hard work paid off big time earning that golden 10K mark.

Sean Dollwet became the poster child for online entrepreneurship success. By 26, he’d already racked up multiple bestsellers on Amazon, became a mentor, coach, and landed the title of self-made millionaire, all thanks to self-publishing.

Nowadays, Sean’s rocking his own Kindle Direct Publishing empire, pulling in serious cash in the multiple six-figure range. It’s pretty mind-blowing when you think about it, especially considering he was eyeing up other gigs like Amazon FBA, Shopify drop shipping, and remote closing. But fate had other plans for him, leading him straight into the self-publishing world, changing his life’s course entirely.

Royalty Hero

Sean Dollwet Reviews - Royalty Hero Scam?

Royalty Hero is a dedicated platform with the primary goal of guiding and supporting individuals in initiating their personal Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) business. Sean Dollwet, through his program Royalty Hero, is dedicated to imparting invaluable knowledge on the art of self-publishing, leading individuals on a transformative journey towards potentially earning millions through the royalties generated from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

 At its core, the course elaborates on the various niches and book types that can be published. Additionally, Royalty Hero dives into different strategies, discussing the differences between low content and high content books. It also offers valuable insights into selecting appropriate Amazon categories for the books you plan to launch.

This comprehensive program is specifically designed to guide entrepreneurs through effectively publishing books all without requiring them to create the content themselves. Instead, the course emphasizes outsourcing content creation, including covers, to freelancers. Once the content is ready, the course leads you through the step-by-step process of marketing these books on Amazon.

Through Royalty Hero, Sean shares his knowledge of the ‘book stacking’ business model, which propelled him to millionaire status within the rapidly expanding self-publishing industry. This course aims to equip aspiring authors and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and insights to make a significant impact in the self-publishing landscape.

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My Favorite Program

Royalty Hero Course

Sean Dollwet Reviews - Royalty Hero Scam?

The Royalty Hero course consists of nine thorough modules designed to empower individuals to become prosperous self-publishers using the Amazon (KDP) platform.

  • Module 1: “The Mindset,” introduces a game-changing strategy embraced by successful entrepreneurs who leverage publishing to elevate their businesses, fostering substantial financial success.
  • Module 2: “Choosing Your Niche,” uncovers a three-step method for identifying less competitive niches and keywords, providing opportunities ripe for success.
  • Module 3: “Creating Your Best-Selling Book,” delves into creating top-rated books that stand out among competitors, teaching effective customer research, hiring ghostwriters, and securing exceptional book cover designers.
  • Module 4: “Launch,” unravels Amazon’s algorithm mysteries, offering the ultimate book-launch strategy to propel books to best-seller status.
  • Module 5: “Amazon Ad Masterclass,” provides insights into crafting targeted ads, including exclusive platforms for enhanced advertisement.
  • Module 6: “Building Your Audience,” strategizes on nurturing a dedicated community of readers, fostering engagement, and expanding email lists affordably.
  • Module 7: “Audiobooks & Going Beyond Amazon,” explores profiting from the audiobook industry and diversifying income streams beyond Amazon.
  • Module 8: “Automations,” unveils the secrets of setting up systems and assembling a competent team to streamline operations and achieve time and financial freedom.
  • Module 9: “Scaling Your Publishing Empire,” reveals Sean’s strategies for scaling from $10k to $35k monthly earnings and outlines an exit plan for achieving multiple six or seven-figure earnings.

Their additional perks include a range of bonuses tailored to boost your success:

  • Unlock four complimentary 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions to receive expert guidance that fast-tracks your publishing journey.
  • Access the Inner Circle Facebook Mastermind, where publishers earning five to six figures share insights, seek advice, and foster connections within a supportive community.
  • Benefit from on-demand Expert Mentorship, offering personalized guidance from Sean and other industry experts through weekly Q&A sessions, live streams, recordings, and around-the-clock support.
  • Gain exclusive access to a comprehensive list of 150+ Profitable Niches, meticulously curated through five years of in-depth research, offering valuable insights and opportunities.
  • Avail yourself of DFY (Done For You) templates, Emails, and Cheatsheets designed to streamline your publishing business, including pre-prepared emails, templates, contracts, and other resources.
  • Additionally, obtain exclusive Insider Access to a top-tier team of trusted freelancers renowned for consistently delivering high-quality results, enhancing your publishing endeavors.


Royalty Hero is available for $1,997 as a one-time payment. However, if the full price seems a bit overwhelming at the moment, there is an option to divide it into more manageable installments spread across 3 to 12 months. Moreover, they provide a 180-Day action-based refund policy, offering you reassurance and confidence in your investment.

If you fully engage in the course, putting in your best effort, and within the initial 180 days, feel unsatisfied, Royalty Hero guarantees a complete refund. It is important to note that, to qualify for the refund, you must adhere to their terms, which require watching at least half of the program and publishing one book using their methods. This policy underscores their commitment to ensuring your satisfaction and success with their program.

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My Favorite Program

Final Verdict – Sean Dollwet Reviews

Sean’s humble beginnings, mirrored in interviews that reveal his amiable nature, resonate with many of us. Under Sean’s guidance, Royalty Hero is tailored to accommodate both newcomers and seasoned entrepreneurs, presenting an appealing opportunity for those fascinated by self-publishing and desiring to cultivate passive income. The course prides itself on a business model structured with a gentle learning curve, intentionally crafted to embrace newcomers, offering a wealth of crucial elements essential for embarking on your journey—comprising an array of training videos, tools, resources, and expert guidance to nurture your online business.

Nevertheless, diving into the world of self-publishing is not a cakewalk, regardless of the enticing promise of passive income. Moreover, the absence of external reviews or feedback from students outside the program raises red flags. The lack of testimonials beyond the platform might leave interested participants yearning for more validation or real experiences from other students before taking the plunge into the program.

Also, self-publishing necessitates substantial groundwork, demanding unwavering dedication and persistent effort to even initiate the process. Furthermore, to capitalize on the training, there is a likelihood of needing additional cash for marketing your book. This includes shelling out funds for professionals in editing, proofreading, and book design, which Sean emphasizes can set you back over $200, especially for intricate designs. Besides, despite the course being feature-rich, its relatively steep price tag might serve as a deterrent for specific potential users.

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