Sebastian Ghiorghiu Course Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a course by Sebastian Ghiorghiu. Is it legit? Find out in this Sebastian Ghiorghiu review.

Being an entrepreneur can be quite difficult, considering that you have to learn a lot about the different facets of a business. You need to know how to do marketing, branding, and logistics.

Courses like this one promise that they can help fast track your progress.

So, is this course really helpful or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Sebastian Ghiorghiu review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Sebastian Ghiorghiu in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Sebastian Ghiorghiu Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Sebastian Ghiorghiu
  • Website: N/A
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: eCommerce
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Who is Sebastian Ghiorghiu?

Sebastian Ghiorghiu Course Review - Sebastian

Sebastian Ghiorghiu stands out as an influential American figure in the digital realm, renowned for his multifaceted roles as an internet personality and a digital entrepreneur. At the helm, he steers a Google advertising marketing company, serving as its founder and CEO.

However, Sebastian’s claim to eminence predominantly roots in his engaging and instructive YouTube presence. Since 2017, his personal YouTube channel has been a platform where he generously imparts invaluable insights on initiating and nurturing online enterprises.

His YouTube journey commenced with the release of a groundbreaking video focusing on Shopify, delineating his strategies for augmenting Shopify account growth and elucidating tools pivotal for business expansion—a wealth of knowledge he extends to aid others in establishing and flourishing in the online business realm.

Diversifying his content, Sebastian’s YouTube oeuvre encompasses an array of online business avenues, encompassing dropshipping, eBay, Shopify, and various other entrepreneurial ventures.

Besides his engagements in Shopify and eBay enterprises, his entrepreneurial journey witnessed a new milestone in 2021 with the establishment of his Google Ads marketing agency.

Sebastian’s YouTube channel serves as an educational hub, offering a plethora of insights and guidance, while his ventures beyond the platform reflect his unwavering commitment to exploring and revolutionizing diverse facets of the digital entrepreneurial landscape.

EcomAlphas Overview

Sebastian Ghiorghiu Course Review - Sebastian 2

Sebastian assures that the EcomAlphas course is an extensive guide for eCommerce dropshipping. Within this program, he collaborates with Instagram specialist Matthew Bolis, delving into a wide array of social media aspects and topics.

Week 1: Introduction

Within this module, Sebastian Ghiorghiu provides an introduction, offering insights into both himself and his collaborator, Matthew Bolis.

While he delves into the concept of a success mentality, this initial week of introduction may be somewhat limited in terms of substantive learning opportunities.

Week 2: Find Golden Products

Throughout this week’s coursework, the primary focus revolves around sourcing products for your store. Sebastian Ghiorghiu offers a comprehensive series of eight video lessons, each spanning approximately an hour.

His instruction encompasses diverse strategies for product discovery, incorporating social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, he delves into the utilization of various tools like Thieve, Google Trends, Terendhundter, Aliexpress, and Google.

While the knowledge shared isn’t particularly groundbreaking and can be obtained elsewhere at no cost, it provides a comprehensive overview of applicable methods for product procurement in eCommerce.

Week 3: Ads! You Will Be A Pro After This

The significance of running ads for the triumph of any dropshipping store cannot be overstated. Sebastian Ghiorghiu dedicates an entire module to elucidating the fundamentals of running Facebook ads through a series of five video lessons, cumulatively spanning an hour and twenty minutes.

Despite the brevity, mastering the art isn’t feasible within this short duration. However, Ghiorghiu imparts valuable insights, including leveraging custom content and delineating commendable and deficient ad exemplars.

These tips, although not exhaustive, serve as foundational principles and offer a glimpse into the intricacies of crafting effective Facebook ads within the ambit of dropshipping ventures.

Week 4: Create a Store

The ultimate week culminates in establishing a Shopify store in Sebastian Ghiorghiu’s course. Ghiorghiu furnishes a Shopify theme; however, he advises against its use due to multiple bugs.

Instead, he advocates for several professional Shopify themes, accessible either gratis or for a price.

He navigates through the store setup process and delves into the utility of third-party applications like Oberlo, emphasizing their contribution to boosting conversions.

Although Ghiorghiu’s guidance proves beneficial, it lacks uniqueness and parallels available free resources elsewhere. The insights into Shopify store creation, while practical, don’t offer novel or exclusive strategies, thereby reflecting information readily available in various other online sources without charge.

Week 5: Complete Guide to Instagram

Matthew Bolis spearheads this module, comprising approximately 15 video lessons spanning 1 hour and 45 minutes. Bolis asserts himself as the “Instagram King,” yet the sales page’s boasts regarding his follower count and reach greatly inflate his actual influence.

Nonetheless, his instruction delves into valuable Instagram marketing insights, emphasizing the platform’s significance for businesses and offering guidance on negotiating with influencers.

However, Bolis’ recommendation regarding acquiring low-cost and counterfeit followers lacks legitimacy and poses the risk of Instagram banning accounts, warranting caution for users considering this approach.

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Week 6: Understanding Facebook

Within this module, Sebastian Ghiorghiu delves into Facebook ad strategies. However, it’s a letdown as he skips the explanation of Facebook Ads Manager functionalities and lacks real demonstrations on campaign setup.

This absence of practical guidance might perplex beginners seeking clarity on launching a Facebook campaign.

Week 7: The In-depth Anatomy of Facebook Testing

Continuing from the previous Facebook ads module, Sebastian Ghiorghiu finally presents the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard in this session.

He navigates through setting up the Facebook Ads Manager account, integrating the Facebook Pixel, and walks through the creation and testing of the inaugural Facebook ad campaign.

Moreover, he discusses techniques for both scaling and removing ads within the platform.

Week 8 & 9: Walkthrough of Previous Personal Stores and Why The Converted

Matthew Bolis delves into practical application by showcasing his dropshipping store across two succinct video sessions.

He not only presents his operational shop but also meticulously outlines strategies to enhance conversion rates within the context of dropshipping.

Week 10: Automation, Branding and Team Building

In this module, Sebastian Ghiorghiu focuses on store automation, proposing several applications and tools for streamlining processes. Additionally, he explores the concept of employing virtual assistants for task delegation.

Yet, he falls short in offering explicit directives regarding the appropriate timing or circumstances warranting the hiring of a virtual assistant.

Week 11: Documents, Tricks and Done For You PDFs

This module disappointingly offers only two downloadable templates. Furthermore, it’s important to highlight the absence of coverage on numerous topics previously discussed in other modules.

Discover TikTok Dropshipping Overview

Ghiorghiu and Esqueda have collaborated to develop an extensive dropshipping course, a comprehensive resource aiming to furnish individuals with the requisite skills and expertise to establish a lucrative online store.

This course ambitiously traverses the entire journey of crafting a successful e-commerce enterprise, encompassing critical aspects from product exploration and store structuring to TikTok advertising strategies and fostering a resilient mindset.

Remarkably, the course is made available without any charge, enhancing accessibility to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Product Research constitutes the initial segment, delving into cutting-edge tactics to identify trending products. Ghiorghiu and Esqueda navigate participants through the characteristics of successful products, backed by real-life examples for inspiration.

This section culminates in an in-depth comprehension of spotting winning products and propelling their e-commerce triumph.

The next segment, Store Structure, helmed by Sebastian Esqueda, intricately details the Shopify store setup. Participants receive guidance on configuring product pages, selecting optimal apps, designing captivating logos, and acquiring domains.

Laden with actionable tips, this section arms individuals with practical strategies for immediate implementation.

Transitioning to TikTok Ads, the third segment unveils comprehensive insights into mastering the TikTok ads platform. Learners gain access to a step-by-step tutorial elucidating platform navigation, coupled with the latest and most effective methodologies for product testing and business expansion.

The course culminates with a bonus section, which is called Mindset, unlocking strategies and attitudes crucial for dropshipping success. Ghiorghiu and Esqueda offer expert guidance on fostering the right mindset, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and excel in the dynamic realm of dropshipping and beyond.

This section serves as a compass, steering aspiring entrepreneurs towards an empowered and resilient entrepreneurial journey.

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Though Discover TikTok Dropshipping comes at no cost, the EcomAlphas enrollment charges a significant $797. Given that much of the course content can be readily accessed through free YouTube videos, the value proposition seems rather dubious.

If after enrolling in Ghiorghiu’s EcomAlphas course, you find it lacking in educational value, there is an option to request a refund.

However, before getting too optimistic about the refund possibility, several crucial considerations need to be noted. Eligibility for a refund demands completion of at least 75% of the program. Moreover, participants must have engaged in active tasks such as creating a store, initiating ad campaigns, and meticulously adhering to the guidance provided by Sebastian and Matthew.

These requirements are in place to safeguard against potential misuse or exploitation of the course content.

Final Verdict – Sebastian Ghiorghiu Review

As I conclude this comprehensive review of Sebastian Ghiorghiu’s courses, I must candidly express my reservations and hesitations.

While Ghiorghiu’s commendable efforts in the digital entrepreneurial landscape and his altruistic sharing of insights on YouTube deserve acknowledgment, the EcomAlphas course might not align with its lofty promises.

Diving into the various modules, it’s evident that while the content isn’t devoid of value, much of what’s offered feels regurgitated from other free resources available online. The course, priced at $797, raises questions about its genuine worth when comparable information can be accessed without any financial commitment.

Additionally, the stringent refund conditions, demanding completion of 75% of the course and active engagement in setting up stores and ads, might deter some individuals from exploring the refund option. While these measures aim to prevent misuse, they also seem to reflect a lack of confidence in the course’s ability to deliver substantial value.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu and Esqueda’s collaboration in crafting a free TikTok Dropshipping course stands out as a generous effort toward democratizing entrepreneurship education.

Yet, the EcomAlphas course, with its high price and underwhelming content, might leave aspiring entrepreneurs pondering whether the investment is truly worthwhile.

As someone who’s navigated through various online resources and courses, the EcomAlphas offering seems to fall short of standing out in an oversaturated market. The content, although not devoid of merit, lacks the uniqueness and depth one would anticipate from a premium course.

In essence, while Ghiorghiu’s contributions to the digital entrepreneurial space are noteworthy, the EcomAlphas course might not live up to its billing, urging prospective participants to tread cautiously and explore other educational avenues before committing financially and energetically to this program.

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