Second Income Center Review – Scam Exposed!


In this article you will be Discovering is second income center is legitimate or it’s another online scam?

There are hundred of online scams and that is why I reviews make money online schemes like second income center.

Ok,First os all I really appreciate you for taking the time to read this review.

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What Is Second Income Center?

Second income center is an online platform which claims that you can earn upto $500 to $1500 a day.They say that it does not matter if you are completely newbie or have no prior experience with affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of ways that you can earn money on that platform.Probably 38 different methods that you can earn money online.

But the only question is whether these ways are legitimate or not?

Can you really make big dollars on this platform or not?

So,here is my answer for you..

 Is Second Income Center Legitimate?

And the answer is yes it?s an online scams.And I am gonna show you why I am saying this and you should not fall for it.

#1-Owner of Second income center!

 Second income center is one of those online earning platforms of which nobody knows who is the owner and who owns this platform and program.

It?s kind of funny that you would work with them without knowing who is the owner of the platform?

Is the owner successful in his life and can help you achieve your goals?A big question mark for me??

It?s like a hidden face telling you how to succeed in life.

So,if the second income center is that much legit, why can’t the owner be brave enough to show his face to the world?

#2-Link posting!

If you know anything about affiliate marketing then you should get my point before reading this.

For those who don?t is that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

And according to the second income center,which is also included on their cheat sheet they promote link posting.Which is very unethical way of making money online.

When you join any affiliate program in the world it is their first and the most important rule to not spam links here and there.

By doing this you are not increasing your chance that the company will ban you,But you are also harming the image of that company.

Link posting in affiliate marketing term called link spamming!!

And you are online in search for a solid business by which you can earn big money and make you financially free.Not like that.A dollar here and there.

It will not make you financially free and that?s very unethical about second income center itself.

So,It?s not just that it is unethical and get you shut down but also it is not a long run for you and your business.

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#3-Second income center is Also An Affiliate!

You would be amazed after knowing that second income center is also an affiliate of other programs and money making sites.

By referring you to these sites to make money they money.

For your understanding all programs cost you money and are linked to other sites.

It means if you are interested in a program or offer inside the system and click on it.

The link directly take you to other sites and they will charge you money to work with them.And after you are convinced to work with them they will pay you pennies!!

For your understanding I clicked on make money by taking pictures.

And it took me to another photography site.


And then this site asked me to pay them $97 for actually working for them.So,that is also a red flag for me.

I noticed and go through all the systems inside second income center.So there were 38 ways to make money online.

And all ways are linked to other sites or survey programs.

#4-Fake Testimonials!

When you go through the success stories in second income center section you will see a lot of success stories.And pictures of people that have succeed with this platform.


Actually,I searched for it and found that the pics that they used for their testimonials are all fake and are stock photos.Which anybody and you too can use for your business portfolio.


And you may think so what about the videos?Are they also fake..

So,the answer is no they are not fake.These are the actors which the site owner selected from the site called


You can easily hire people from their to do fake testimonials for their business.

And it?s not the mistake of the actors.It?s of this program because actors are paid for their work and so in this case they are also doing their work.

So,there is another alarm bell for you.

#5-Links to Famous Sites!

If you do not know what are backlinks let me clear it.

Links to other websites are because of showing the authority of the site.

It means you can trust these sites because they are linking to big sites like forbes.But why Forbes will give a link to such a small and fake site like second income center?

At the end of the site you will see that a lot of big companies’ logos are below this site.They are all fake.

How in the world a big site will give and accept you as an authority.When you don?t have an ssl installed on your site?

And I am gonna tell you about ssl at this point!!

#6-Not Secure!

When you will be on second income center site you will notice a not secure logo at the top left of the site.


This means google is saying that the second income center?s site is not secure for you.And warning you not to give any kind of your personal information to them..

This is because they have not installed the ssl certificate which is given by google to nominate that he trusts your site and is safe for google?s users!!

So,it?s not a safe place for you to give your any kind of info there!

Like email,facebook,instagram etc and which I am gonna tell you why.

#7-Email popups!

As I was on second income center site for a long time to write a review and have been observing things really closely.

I noticed something really annoying.And I was freaking out at that time which was email popups.

After every 15 seconds an email catching software came across and asked for the email.


It was really pushing me.WHY?

Because by doing this they will sell you their other scams time and time again after you gave your email.

And they collect emails by some juicy offers,So be aware of it!!

I know this is a marketing strategy and it’s not an issue.

But coming from scam source is really annoying.And after every 15 seconds?

#8-Using Ads To Make Money!

You will also notice that on the sidebar there will be an ad.

This means that the second income center is earning money by running ads to their website.


For those who don?t know it.

Most of the sites in the world make money by running google adsense on their sites.

This means google gives them money by how much traffic they are getting in a month.

People in the marketing world call it Traffic!

Let?s say A site gets about 1000 visitors per month.This means that second income center roughly earning $7 on it.

So,it?s actually funny that the site and the second income center claims to you that you will end up earning 500 to 1500 bucks a day and earning pennies from google adsense.

So,HERE is another red flag for you!

#9-Cheat sheet!

What about their cheat sheet that they promise that second income center will give you?

As I already told you earlier that not such kind of thing they will exchange your email by giving you trash..


This is not more than a marketing strategy to collect your emails  and sell you over and over again.

So,This is also one of their scams.

#10-Money Back Guarantee!

Ok,if I ever go with a money making program the first and the most important thing I will see in the program money back guarantee!

I have reviewed a lot of online money making programs.

And for me the most important thing is money back guarantee!!

Does the program offer you money back guarantee.Or it will run away with your money?

Do this program want to see you succeed or it is just another money making game.

According to my observation it is about 85% of the online money making programs that offer you money back guarantee are legit!

And these kinds of programs stay in touch with you and make you online hero from zero.

And most importantly help you succeed online!!

So,the point here is that second income center did not offer you money back guarantee.

Let?s say after reading my article you still join second income center and pay for their subscription.

What if you could not make it?

What if second income center will not provide you enough value?

These kinds of questions are what everyone should think about before joining these fake and scam programs like second income center.

Another red flag here!!

#11-Earning Potential!

Last but not least is it realistic to make 500 to 1500 a day?

No i mean if it is so why in the world is everybody not rich!

Think this as a business and be realistic with yourself!

Everything wants work and hard work and even more hard work sometimes..

So, after reading my review you will not want my answer on the earning potential of Second income center!

But if you want the answer is NO you can?t expect to earn 500 to 1500 bucks a day.The numbers itself are saying that second income center is not legitimate!

Conclusion about second income center!

Second income center is a big scam and a good game for money.You can check my #1 Recommendation to make money online.

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