Self-Publishing School Review – Chandler Bolt Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about the Self-Publishing School. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

For any kind of writer, having their work be published into an actual book is one of those goals they want to reach. As good as it is to have the work be accessible through digital formats, there’s still something really exciting about having a physical copy of the work that you made. But not everybody gets the kind of opportunity to have their works published by these big publishers. Still, that doesn’t stop people from going to the self-publishing route.

I have written a few different reviews regarding a lot of online courses focused on writing and self-publishing. For the most part, the online courses that I have reviewed have been pretty decent in the content that they provide. It’s good to know the fundamentals when it comes to writing. But you kind of need to do work on your own so that you can hone your skills as a writers. The writing community online is fairly nice at giving you feedback on your work. So there’s always somebody who is going to enjoy your work.

It’s always fun for me whenever I discover a different online course within this particular topic. Certain personalities that create these course often change how they present their lessons. That’s really what makes these courses different. On the content side, there isn’t really a lot that could really change. Sure, they could include certain techniques that have developed in the recent years. But the content still remains consistent for the most part.

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Self-Publishing School Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Self-Publishing School
  • Founder: Chandler Bolth
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Niche: Self-publishing
  • Type: Training program
  • Recommendation: While Self-Publishing School has been around for quite a while now, I don’t really recommend their services to everyone. Even though certain people who have taken their courses went on to earn a lot of money from publishing their own books and start publishing businesses of their own, the prices of their programs aren’t really affordable for a lot of writers who are just starting out. There have been quite the number of reviews that have that they didn’t get what they paid for. Especially considering that the programs they provide costs thousands of dollars.

Who Is Chandler Bolt?

A screenshot of Self-Publishing School founder Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt’s journey to self-publishing started around the time he dropped out from college. What’s interesting about it is that the degree program he took up was in Business Administration. Before he even went to college, Chandler had started a small landscaping business. He started around the last quarter of his senior year of high school with a goal to hit $5,000 in revenue at the end of summer. Surprisingly, he managed to earn three times that amount before he went to college.

But it didn’t really seem that college was really for him. So in 2013, he dropped out of college. During the time that he was still studying, he was also working at a company called Student Painters. It’s not that much different to what he was doing during the summer before college. Based on his LinkedIn profile, he started there as a branch manager. Eventually, he was promoted to regional manager.

After working there for about two years, Chandler quit that job. A month after that, he had co-authored a book titled “The Productive Person.” And that was basically when his self-publishing career took off. He and his co-author James Roper were able to earn $7,000 from the sales of that book. With their success in self-publishing their own book, it sort of made sense for them to start their own training program about that topic. And that’s where the Self-Publishing School comes in.

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What Is Self-Publishing School?

Self-Publishing School is an online platform that offers programs that will help you jumpstart your career as a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction or nonfiction writer, the programs that they offer will seemingly help you earn money from publishing your book and making a business out of it.

But before we talk about the programs that Self-Publishing School offers, let’s first talk about self-publishing. By its name alone, self-publishing is a method wherein you’re the one who is going publish the work that you make. Most of the time, self-publishers often release their books on digital platforms. Some authors do tend to self-publish actual physical copies of their own books. But it often takes a lot of money to actually print copies of their book at any kind of scale. So that’s why a lot of courses focused on self-publishing feature sections about publishing on digital platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

A number of different authors have attributed Self-Publishing School as part of their success as authors. Morgan Gist MacDonald from Paper Raven Books actually tried out one of the programs that Self-Publishing School offered. And she used what she gained from that program into creating her own publishing company and the subsequent self-publishing online course. Often, people use what they learned and offer their experience and expertise through the form of an online training course. It’s a lot more common than you’d think.

What Are the Programs That Self-Publishing School Offers?

A screenshot of Self-Publishing School founder Chandler Bolt

There are three main programs that Self-Publishing School offers. Like a lot of other online educational platforms like this, they do offer a free training workshop. It pretty much serves as a teaser for the paid programs, in a way. You’re basically going to watch a 30-minute video that gives you an idea on what you might be getting into when you start self-publishing.

But in order to access the free training that they offer, you will need a few of your personal details such as your name and email address. It’s pretty much par for the course with other online training programs. Just be aware that you’ll get inundated with emails. It’s easy to unsubscribe to those email lists though. So it’s not much of a problem, though it’s understandable why it might get annoying.

Now let’s talk about the paid programs that the Self-Publishing School offers. The two main programs that they offer is dedicated towards either fiction authors or non-fiction authors. Both of them are priced at a one-time worth $7,000. In case you couldn’t drop that much money in an instant, they offer installment plans for either of those programs. You will need to schedule a call in order to talk about those payment plans. There is very little differences to what kind of things you’ll be able to get from either of the programs. The differences only show up in the main training program, since each is tailored towards fiction and non-fiction writers.

The newest program that they offer is the Author Advantage Accelerator package. This package is geared more towards making your writing career into a full-fledged business. It has relatively the same content to the non-fiction and fiction programs. But this specific package includes a different training program focused on marketing. Out of the three programs that they offer, this one is the most expensive. It costs a one-time payment worth $16,000 or 10 installments worth $1,600.

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Final Verdict – Self-Publishing School

I do not highly recommend the programs that Self-Publishing School offers, mainly because of the price. Despite having some kind of installment plan, the prices that you have in order to avail their service is still pretty expensive. Not a lot of beginner authors have that kind of money to spend in order to self-publish their works. Sure, you could chalk up that kind of pricing considering that Self-Publishing School has been at it for about a decade now.

I have seen that a few who have paid for those programs say that they didn’t really get their money’s worth. Some of the things that they offer through those programs, like the coaching calls, aren’t really that effective. You kind of expect something that costs thousands of dollars be a lot more tailored to what your goal is as an author. You’re pretty much better off learning things on your own, considering the plethora of online resources available for free.

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