Sell What You Know Review: Is Alex Smale Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Sell What You Know. Is Sell What You Know legit? Find out in this Sell What You Know review.

The pandemic does not seem to show any signs of slowing down. New variants kept coming, which does not bode well for what’s going to happen in the next year. Seems like another lockdown is brewing in the horizon.

It’s not like I have something against lockdowns, as it is a great way to prevent the spread of the virus. What I am weary about is the effects of the lockdown on businesses and people’s employment.

The pandemic has resulted to a lot of job losses. A large number of small businesses closed its doors as well. As a result, a lot of people lost their only source of income.

This is simply the effect of the pandemic on jobs. I haven’t talked about the economic consequences yet.

As a result, people are struggling to make ends meet. Those who are lucky enough to keep their jobs are seeking ways to boost their income. This is what brought them to do side hustles.

Actually, side hustles have become trending. Some people start small online businesses, while some choose to take freelance gigs. Either way, they supplement their income with the earnings from these.

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this Sell What You Know review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Sell What You Know in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Sell What You Know?

Sell What You Know Review - Sell What You Know intro

Sell What You Know is a coaching program which is designed to teach people how to be an online coach. It is a program which is owned by Alex Smale.

I found one of his ads in YouTube where he asks a simple question: How much is your knowledge worth?

Sell What You Know Review - Sell What You Know owner

The ad continues where Alex describes his struggles as an average person working a boring job. As he wanted to get out of the rat race, he decided to start a business “selling what he already knew”. It wasn’t really stated what the business is about.

The ad then prompted me to enter my email in a form so that I can receive a free PDF of a book which will explain the business in detail. It’s nothing special, really. Just a book which tells you that the opportunity is unlike any other you haven’t seen before.

It says that side hustles such as Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing are of no match to it. Well, what is it anyway? It’s a program which will help you kickstart your very own coaching business.

Yes, it actually took that long for me to figure out what business opportunity it is.

How Does Sell What You Know Work?

In this part of the Sell What You Know review, we will be exploring how the program works.

Just like what I previously stated, it is a coaching program. It claims that it is the best program for coaches and mentors which can help them build a business they are sure to love. It also reiterates that it aims to help these coaches charge the price they think is truly worth.

Sell What You Know states that they work with people who already possess good coaching skills. Their program is focuses on teaching these people how to align their marketing strategies with business strategies that are sure to work.

Along with that, they also provide comprehensive training in fields such as sales and marketing. This is to ensure that the students who enroll actually succeed in their business endeavors.

Sell What You Know works with only a small group of clients, meaning that slots are pretty limited. The coaching program last 14 weeks. They aim to use as much time as possible as they give close mentorship.

Each week, the program works on a specific area of your business that you would like to focus on. The program is designed to help you with getting clients, making good advertisements, as well as how you can give your clients an excellent training program.

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How to Get Started With Sell What You Know

The program is based around these five pillars:

  1. Superior Offer Alchemy™
  2. Building Rapid Authority™
  3. Marketing Made Easy™
  4. Authentic Client Acquisition™
  5. Leveraging Time and Scaling™

Before you can enroll in the program, you are required to book a 45-minute long strategy session. Worry not though, as its free. Its goal is to assess your current situation, as well as determine if you are eligible to enroll to the program or not.

Like I said before, they only accept a limited number of students. I think this is because their coaches focus on one-on-one mentorships.

Program Inclusions

Course Materials

These materials can be accessed whenever you want, from any device. The materials are designed so that you can browse them at your own pace.

Online Support

You can reach out to the online support team for your inquiries. It could be anything, really. You can ask them for tips regarding how you can build your consulting business.

Group Calls

Every week, there is a scheduled Zoom call you can attend. Here, you can meet with your coaches and fellow students.

These calls work as another way to learn about how you can grow your business. Pretty much like a mentorship session, but you learn with a group.

Private Facebook Group

You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other students. You can share your ideas and new knowledge with them, as well as get answers to inquiries related to the program and the business.


Just like other coaching programs I have reviewed, this one also does not have a price publicly posted on their website. I mean, I get it. They do this because they want you to book that call.

However, I am not so sure that that private call they want you to get into has pure intentions. Its main goal after all is to get your money. They want you to get in the call so that it will be easier to manipulate you.

I believe that they only have limited slots, meaning that they can charge whatever they want. This is because they can always use the excuse of accepting only a few students to “focus on the quality”. I suggest you take that with a grain of salt.

So, how much is the program? Based on most coaching programs I have encountered in the past, I’ll say that it probably costs more than $5k.

Is Sell What You Know a Scam?

In this section of the Sell What You Know review, you will learn if the program is a scam or not.

I don’t think the program is a scam. After all, there are a lot of testimonies. Also, they cater to people who are already pretty established, meaning that they market to those who aren’t that naive.

My main concern though is that what they’re going to teach. Is there any guarantee that enrolling to the program will make your consulting business successful? After all, the cost you have to pay is pretty high.

Also, how sure are you that the strategies they will be teaching would actually work for you? That is what you should be concerned about. Take note that everyone is different, meaning that everyone faces different circumstances.

This means that what worked for others do not necessarily mean that they can work for you. Yes, it is good to get tips from experts in the field, but how much can they really help you out?

Money-Back Guarantee

At least they have a money-back guarantee. They says that you are eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not see any results.

However, they have a few conditions though. For the policy to apply to you, you are required to execute all the action points that you have learned and run your business using them. You are required to do this for six months.

If your revenue does not exceed the amount you paid the program, you will be refunded with the full amount.

I am not so sure about this refund policy though because it takes such a long time before you can apply for it. Why does it have to be half a year?

A good refund policy for me is that when you can get your money anytime you want to. That’s it. There shouldn’t be any conditions whatsoever. You should have the choice to get back your investment whenever you feel like the program is not suited for you.

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Is Coaching a Good Side Hustle?


For me, it is. That is only if you have skills that people are willing to pay for to learn. In the past, I have charged people for tutoring, as I was a struggling student who needs money. Coaching is pretty profitable if you have marketable skills you can teach.

However, coaching is not for everyone. You may be an expert in a particular field, but you also need to learn how to teach. And not everyone can be a good teacher, trust me.

I have met professors in the past who are great in their fields, but not good with teaching students. They do not seem to know how to properly engage them and assess their capabilities.

Coaching demands you to have focus and empathy towards your students. As you will be working side by side with them so that they can be successful, you also share the blame if they do not reach their goal. It may not be 100% your fault, but you indirectly contributed to it.

I believe that effective teachers have to know their capabilities. Building a coaching business means that you have mastery of the skill, have great teaching skills, and can guarantee your students’ success.

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Final Verdict – Sell What You Know

Before I end this Sell What You Know review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Coaching is a pretty difficult business to get into. You would be competing with a lot of people. Also, take note that there will always be someone who is a lot smarter and a lot more better at teaching than you are.

Also, teaching requires that you have an expertise in skills that are classified as marketable. You cannot just decide that you want to be a coach for a very niche skill. It has to be something that is popular enough, and people actually want to do.

I think that coaching is a good side hustle, but only if you meet the certain criteria. It is not for everyone. It requires a lot of knowledge in different skills, knowing how to teach, as well as knowledge regarding how to run a business properly.

If you are looking for a good side hustle, then I suggest looking for something much more simple. It should be something that can earn you money passively, and would not require that you spend a lot of money on it to get started.

A good side hustle should be something that you can do wherever and whenever you want to. I don’t think coaching is like that, though.

I know of a good side hustle you can start today. It does not require you to be an expert, nor a hefty investment to start. The details about that are in the next section, so keep reading.

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