Seller Circle Unpaid Review – Amazon FBA Too Saturated?

Today, we are going to talk about Seller Circle. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It feels like there is never a shortage of training programs out there that’s focused on e-commerce. I have seen my fair share of those programs in my short time writing reviews. But it seems that I have really only scratched the surface. Somehow, there’s always a new one being created just as I finish writing the previous review.

Within the e-commerce space, one of the things that I see being given a lot of focus is Amazon. It makes sense why that is. A lot of people buy their stuff through Amazon. There is some level of convenience to it that a lot of other retail companies are catching up to.

With so many different services that Amazon offers, it’s no surprise that there is something kind of training program that teaches you how you can earn money from it. I have seen some that focus on selling e-books through Amazon’s Kindle service. But it doesn’t compare to the dozens of training programs that’s focused on the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

If you have seen one of those training programs, you have really seen it all. But it’s always a nice surprise whenever a new program pops up. Somehow, there is always space for that sort of thing. But you do have to wonder what kind of information that the new ones bring to the table that other programs haven’t already brought.

And that’s really where this review comes in.

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Seller Circle Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Seller Circle
  • Founder: Jake Burden
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: E-commerce
  • Recommendation: While this training program does help you learn how to start running a business that utilizes Amazon’s fulfillment services, there’s not really anything different from other training programs that focus on the same topic. It also seems like one of the key selling points of the program isn’t as reliable as they make it seem. There are other places out there where you can learn about the topic.

Who Is Jake Burden?

Seller Circle co-founders Jake Burden and Milo Wilkinson

One of the things that often surprise me whenever I write these reviews often have to do with the people who created these training programs. For the most part, there are similar throughlines for why these people created these programs. Take for example, virtual assistance. A few of them had gotten tired of their day job and were looking for other ways to earn money. They learned about virtual assistance and started doing work on top of their day jobs. And once they were earning more than they did in those jobs, they decided to pursue it fulltime.

That lead them to create those programs. And usually, it has to do with people asking them how they were able to do that. It sort of just made sense for them to provide their expertise for people willing to pay for it.

In the case of Jake Burden, it’s similar to how other people got into e-commerce. He was about 18 years old when he got into e-commerce. Somehow young people have found interest in it, for some reason. Usually, people who get into e-commerce at that young of an age often go the dropshipping route. But Jake was different.

He dove head first into the world of Amazon. Of course, it took him some time to get the hang of selling it through their seller platform. But he managed to find his success in doing wholesaling. He was eventually able to earn about $70,000 just from selling cake boxes. Slowly but surely, he was able to earn more money as time went on. And that lead to him creating his own brand and training program.

What Is Seller Circle?

In July 2022, Jake Burden, along with a few other people, decided to created Seller Circle, a company that focuses primarily on Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service. There are two different services that Seller Circle offers. The first is a membership program for its done-with-you service. For a monthly subscription worth £49.99, you basically get access to expertise and resources that will help you begin your journey as an Amazon seller.

Based on their website, the main sell of their membership are product leads. Product leads, in most companies, are people who are the ones who steer the ship when it comes to making a product. But that’s not the case with this. Product leads, as Seller Circle likes to call them, are basically just information that you get that will help you choose which products you could sell on your store.

Based on one of the product images that’s on their website, they will send notifications through a Discord server of products that are available to buy in-store or online that you can sell for a profit on Amazon. You’re basically going to buy a certain amount of products from a store like Walmart and then you’re going to sell that on your storefront on Amazon. And since you’re using Amazon’s fulfillment service, you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling for the products that you sell.

And Then There’s Wholesale

Seller Circle co-founders Milo Wilkinson and Tom Cleary-Pugh

Aside from the membership, Seller Circle also offers a mentorship that’s still focused on the Fulfillment By Amazon service. But this time around, you’re using wholesale as your source for you products. For a one-time fee worth £999.99, you get access to their online course where you’ll learn how to start selling on Amazon using the FBA service.

There are apparently more than a hundred videos that you can watch in the course. It sounds like a lot. Because it is. They don’t really mention the length of the videos. But they mention that it is “digestible.” It just means that there’s a good chance that you’ll understand the topic once you finish watching the videos.

Aside from that, you get lifetime access to their support line after you’ve finished the course. You’re basically getting access to their expertise even once you start running your own storefront on Amazon. There are also weekly livestreams where you can ask the team at Seller Circle questions that you may have. You also get access to their community hub where you can talk with your fellow members.

The things that they offer seem to be par for the course with other training programs. There’s nothing that really stands out. And that’s a good thing, in a way.

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Amazon FBA Is Too Much Saturated?

Hell yes,Amazon fba is too much saturated.Why jump in a pool which is already filled with lots of people.Hundreds and hundreds of people, some are peeing inside that pool too and imagine you are inside it too.So, when someone do the wrong thing in fba, amazon punishes all sellers with new laws.But let’s talk about saturation of Amazon fba here….Barrier to entry in this business like dropshipping is so freaking easy that everyone from third world countries like India,Pakistan,Bangladesh etc are jumping into it.For example here is a group in Pakistan with over one million group members doing Amazon fba.This is group of only 1 guru.

Here is another group of another guru.And there are hundreds if not thousands of gurus in every country (let’s not talk about India here haha) .Too much saturation is enough for me to not recommend this business to anyone reading this review.I have reviewed many amazon fba course on this same website like seller circle which are as follows:

I can’t list them all ,because I have reviewed hundreds of fba courses here on beastpreneur.

Final Verdict – Seller Circle Review

I don’t particularly recommend that you patronize either of the services that Seller Circle offers. While it is possible to be earning the kind of money that Jake Burden or any of his other business partners have been earning, it will take a while before you actually get to that level. Considering that Amazon itself could be selling the same products that you’re going to sell, you’re competing with a lot of other people. That’s not to say that you should compete with anybody else. But you should be aware of what you’re getting into.

Nothing about the membership program that Seller Circle offers seems compelling. They’re mostly just sending you notifications of what kind of products are available to buy at a nearby grocery or department store. Like any kind of lead, it’s not guaranteed that it will actually lead to anything—pun very much intended. Since you’re sharing the same Discord server with a ton of other people, they’re getting the same information as you. Naturally, there’s going to be a race to get to that location first.

As for their mentorship program, it’s pretty much the same as the other training programs that I have reviewed. There’s nothing that you couldn’t already find elsewhere. I mean, even Seller Circle has a YouTube channel where they post about the Fulfillment By Amazon service. So there’s definitely a wealth of information already available on the internet. You just really have to know where to look.

And the pricing for the entire course is definitely on the higher side compared to similar programs in this niche. You do get lifetime access for it. But if you’re paying £999.99, it’s expected that they’d offer it. There’s no reason for them to revoke access after a month. That would be an extremely bad idea.

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