Seller Pro Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an Amazon training course known as Seller Pro Academy. Is Seller Pro Academy legit? Find out in this Seller Pro Academy review.

I’m sure that one of your life goals for the future is to be your own boss. It is indeed quite an enticing way to live your life: not shackled by any employment contracts and unsure whether or not you will be replaced.

One of the ways you can do this is by opening your own business. A lot of people found success by taking this risk, so you want to see if you can do it too. After all, you think that you have what it takes.

However, the main thing that is stopping you from building a business is the fact that you do not have enough capital. Even if you only want a small business, the upfront cost is still a lot of money.

Take note that this will require a whole new set of skills from you. In order to learn those skills, you can choose to self-study. However, if you want a better learning experience, I think you should consider taking a few courses.

This course claims that it can help you kickstart an Amazon FBA business. Will it really teach you what you need to know?

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Seller Pro Academy review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Seller Pro Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Seller Pro Academy?

Seller Pro Academy Review - Seller Pro Academy intro

Seller Pro Academy is a course designed by Jonny Bradley. It aims to teach how you can start a business using Amazon FBA. By using its step-by-step system, it claims that it can help you build a successful and scalable business.

This course will show you how you can start your very own business from scratch. It will discuss topics you need to know about, like the proper mentality a business owner should have, researching and sourcing products, and making use of PPC (pay=per-click) campaigns for marketing.

Overall, the course has 19 modules in total. That is quite a lot of material, so I think this course can cover anything from the from the basics to the more technical side.

However, I don’t think that this course is for you if you are only a beginner. A lot of concepts being discussed here are quite technical, so I suggest taking a beginner course first before diving in this one.

If you already know how Amazon FBA course, then this course can work for you.

The main reason why there are a lot of courses like this one is because a lot of newbies get into FBA with no idea how to do things. They often think that selling on Amazon is much like posting for sale items on their social media feeds.

Does Seller Pro Academy Work?

This section of this Seller Pro Academy review will answer the most important question: Will this course work for you?

From my understanding, this course does not appear to be a scam. You will really receive access to the modules once your payment was processed. Also, it doesn’t seem like Jonny Bradley is a scammer.

The things you will be learning in this course are composed of the strategies that Jonny has been using. This means that it depends whether it will work for you or not.

Another thing worth noting is that taking this course would not guarantee your success in this business. Also, take note that even if you will be taught techniques, it does not mean that you can use them all.

It always depends on what niche you plan to get into and what products you have to sell. I am pretty sure that you and Jonny also have different circumstances, so what worked for him does not necessarily mean that it could work for you, too.

Even if that’s the case, this course is comprehensive enough to cover a lot of bases. Only your application of the concepts would shape your business.

Seller Pro Academy Cost

How much does the course cost? The answer can be found in this section of the Seller Pro Academy review.

This course will cost you $1200. However, before you can proceed with your purchase, you will be required to go on a 45-minute long consultation call. I am not so sure what this is for but I think this is so they can know more about you.

They will then tell you the cost. Unfortunately, there are no payment plans available. You need to pay them outright if you want access.

Surprisingly, this course is a lot cheaper than other FBA courses I have reviewed thus far. Impressively, it is comprehensive too, so I think it is a better value for money.

If you are a beginner in eCommerce and FBA, then you should look for a beginner course instead. Even if this is cheaper than other courses I know of, $1200 is still a lot of money.

I do not suggest spending that much if you are still on the fence about whether or not you want to get into the business model. You are better off finding a cheaper course which is more beginner-friendly than taking an advanced one like this straight away.

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Who is Jonny Bradley?

Seller Pro Academy Review - Seller Pro Academy creator

Jonny Bradley is the one who designed the course. He is an entrepreneur who is also an author who originated from the United Kingdom. He worked initially in a sales position for Apple.

When he transitioned to doing corporate sales, he became successful upon creating an Amazon store and curating good products to sell on it. When he made his money with the business model, he designed this course which made a lot of money.

Nowadays, Jonny is more focused on updating his courses. He also runs a YouTube channel.

In the section below, you will know how comprehensive this course is, and how it stands out against many other courses like it.

Seller Pro Academy Overview

Seller Pro Academy Review - Seller Pro Academy overview

The entire course is composed of 19 modules. Every module discusses a specific process which needs to be done in order to create a successful Amazon store.

There is a different focus on every module, which makes this course technical in terms of the training provided. It focuses on different steps in detail, so I suggest that you go through the modules consecutively.

This course is designed to help out people who already have knowledge about the FBA model. I will be breaking down the course per module in this part of the Seller Pro Academy review.

Module 1: Introduction

This is merely an introduction to what the course is about, and how you can easily navigate the course site. The module is composed of 3 videos hosted by Jonny himself.

Basically, he will be introducing the course and skim through the next modules. Nothing that important. You still need to watch it though so you can fully integrate yourself to the lessons.

Module 2: Success Habits

This module is more of a lesson on how to maintain the right mindset. After all, running a business is a lot of work. You are bound to be overwhelmed with it, especially when you are still at the starting point.

There are times when you feel lost, but that is only natural. This module will teach you about having the correct mindset in order to succeed in any business.

Jonny is a big help here, as he will be sharing with you some helpful anecdotes.

Module 3: Support Resources

This course comes with some support as well, in case you need to contact people if you need help. It comes in various forms, which includes a Facebook group, FBA support consultant, email support, and bi-weekly strategy goals.

I suggest you take advantage of all these options available so that you can get the best learning experience.

Module 4: Amazon Seller Account

This module is pretty straightforward. It will show you how to start an Amazon seller account, and what settings you should use to make your business easier.

Module 5: Customer Dynamics

This module is all about your customers. Jonny will discuss buyer psychology, which will also cover topics such as why customers buy, and how to entice customers to shop from your store.

You will also be given lessons on customer needs and product verification, which are vital when it comes to choosing which products you should offer to your customers.

I think this is what makes this course unique. I haven’t really seen an FBA course with a module about buyer psychology before.

Module 6: Product Discovery

The focus of this module is product research. This is important, because you want your product listings to be products that people will buy. You need to research what people want if you want them to shop from you.

Jonny will teach you how to check trends, how to analyze demands, and what methods you can use to look for products. Included are some unique methods that Jonny himself uses to find products.

Module 7: Creating Irresistible Offers

Now that you have chosen the products you want to put in your store, Jonny will be showing you how you can make offers for them that are pretty hard to resist for your customers.

To be honest, eCommerce sellers earn more money when they put products on a sale price. People are more open to impulse buying when they see products on sale and huge discounts.

Module 8: Sourcing and Negotiating

This is the module that has the most content in the course. Jonny shows you how to get a product supplier which could give you the best deals.

You will also learn about Amazon’s fees and regulations, getting product samples and bundles, and all about shipping and logistics. Take note that finding the right supplier can take you months, but Jonny will show you how you can find the perfect supplier easily.

Module 9: Creating an Addictive Brand

In order to build your very own successful brand, you need to be able to build a solid customer base. Before you can build a customer base though, there are still some things you need to take care of.

You will be learning about how to define your own brand, how to get a trademark and design a great logo, and how to design your product packaging.

Build your brand as early as possible, as people love the premium buying experience by shopping from brands.

Module 10: Amazon Seller Account Setup

This portion will teach you how to setup your Amazon seller account properly. You will also be taught how to start your very first set of product listings.

There are also lessons about how to make product variations and how to understand the settings and options on Seller Central.

Module 11: Creating Product Images

Having good product images for your listings are vital to your brand’s success. This module will teach you all about how to create perfect images that could sell your products. He will going over some elements of photography here, including consistency, clarity, and 3D rendering.

Module 12: Constructing the Perfect Listing

In order to get your products to the top, it needs to be optimized. Jonny will teach you about the basics of SEO, making good product descriptions, and style guides you can follow for every listing.

Module 13: The Product Launch

Now that you have listed your product in your store. Next thing you need to do is to drive traffic to it. This module will teach you how to market your products with the help of keyword ranking, launch strategies, advertising in social media, and product reviews.

Take note that if you want your products to succeed, place a close attention to how you launch it.

Module 14: PPC Overview

This module is all about ad campaigns. You will learn how to build effective ad campaigns in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Ads are getting expensive, as a lot of people are competing with each other in order to get their brand name out there. Outshine them by making an effective ad that could drive customers to your store.

Module 15: Foundations | Amazon FBA Ads Strategy

This module goes in a more in-depth discussion of your FBA ads strategy. The discussions in this module are about keyword research and campaign management.

Module 16: Build | FBA Ads Strategy

In this module, you get to apply the foundations which you have learned in the previous module. Jonny himself will show you how to make keywords from search terms, and where to place your ads to get as many customers as possible.

These concepts are pretty advanced, and to be honest, I don’t think as many courses go this in-depth regarding ads.

Module 17: Accelerate | FBA Ads Strategy

This module will show you how to scale your ads. There are lessons about keyword ascension, match comparison, and your ad optimization schedule.

Just like the previous module, this is pretty advanced, meaning that it will give you valuable knowledge. These concepts are important for you to learn as early as possible if you want to get ahead of your competition.

Module 18: Business as Usual

This module is all about how to deal with possible problems that you will encounter in your business. Problems are unavoidable, so being prepared for them as early as possible is good for your store.

You will learn how to deal with stock issues, and how to properly create customer invoices.

Module 19: Completion

This is the end of the course. Included is a minute-long thank-you message from Jonny.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Amazon FBA


In this section of the Seller Pro Academy review, I will be revealing why I don’t think that FBA is a good business for you.

Long Startup Time

Let’s assume you don’t want to offer items that are currently available on Amazon. To establish your own brand, you need a completely unique product.

Unfortunately, you must pay your supplier in full before you can even manufacture some prototypes of the items you require. Aside from that, if you believe the prototypes require changes, that is an additional expense.

Setting up your business and running advertisements are both time-consuming, and it might take months before you can call your store completely functional. Months in which there was no profit and just expenses.

Price Wars

People shop because they feel they will get a good bargain if they purchase products that are on sale.

However, if one retailer decides to have a sale, the other stores are obligated to follow suit. If they don’t, the earnings will go to that store.

This may need you to reduce product expenses in order to maintain your profit margins. When you produce the items yourself or through a supplier, the quality of the final product is sometimes compromised.

High Capital Required

You’ll need money before you can start selling on Amazon. This will set you back approximately $20,000.

Furthermore, it is difficult to begin without any prior knowledge. You wouldn’t want to squander your money, right? This is why these kind of courses exist: to educate you the foundations as well as the technical aspects of the industry.

Jonny’s classes will set you back $1,200, so you should think of this as an investment. If you are a novice and are still undecided about FBA, I recommend enrolling in a beginning course.

Aside from that, it might take a long time to locate the right niche to enter and the right items to offer. Inventory is also costly. This implies you’ll need to acquire several stocks to figure out which products will be successful.

You’ll have to spend a lot of money on this. Before you start, consider your options carefully.

Complex Business Model

As you can see, FBA entails more than simply placing items on your store and waiting for them to sell. It entails a large number of duties, which might be tedious if you are working alone.

On a daily basis, you’d have to contact suppliers and logistics firms, follow Amazon’s regulations, and perform a variety of other tiresome chores. This is why you require assistance.

This business is not for you if you are simply a novice looking for a side hustle and some additional cash.

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What I Like in Seller Pro Academy

In-Depth Training Course

This course includes all of the ingredients for a successful training program. It’s thorough, and it goes into great detail about the processes you need to know about. This course will teach you all you need to know about running a shop, from how to start your store to how to keep track of your money.

However, even if you complete the course, you cannot guarantee your success. You still have control over your own destiny.

What I Dislike in Seller Pro Academy

Expensive Course

This training will set you back $1,200, which is a substantial sum. If you’re still on the fence about opening an Amazon business, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

You can’t just throw that much money at a course and then decide later that you don’t need it at all. That is a complete waste of time and money.

Final Verdict – Seller Pro Academy

Before I end this Seller Pro Academy review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I do not suggest this business strategy because it is extremely time consuming. I mean, if you really want to focus on this, you’ll have to quit your full-time work and devote your complete attention to it. It’s not as straightforward as selling on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

It takes a lot of time and work to sell on Amazon. Every day, you have duties to complete. All of those responsibilities are too large for one individual to undertake, which is why sellers should form a team.

Even if you are not getting any sales, you must continue to pay for manufacturing and promotional expenditures. This is just not a business for anyone without sufficient funds.

As a side hustle, it simply wouldn’t work. Working full-time would make it difficult to focus on this.

Actually, I have a viable alternative for you. I know of a side hustle that doesn’t take as much time as this one and is certain to pay you in the long run. Continue reading as more information are available in the section below.

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