Set & Forget Review: Can You Trust This System?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Set & Forget. Can this money-making system let you earn online? Let’s find out in this Set & Forget review.

The advances in the technology of today have provided plenty of options on how to make money, especially online.

So much, that it can get a bit overwhelming to choose one. Since each is viable in its own way.

However, if you’re just starting out, and you can only devote your energy to only one, affiliate marketing is a good option.

It’s no wonder that 81% of brands and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing to increase their sales even further. And it’s all thanks to its popularity

And despite what others may say, getting started on affiliate marketing is actually quite easy. Thanks to the number of newcomer-friendly affiliate networks that also offer decent commissions

And of course, there are some software systems that claim to assist in your affiliate marketing venture. Set & Forget is one of those systems.

The system claims that all you need to do is to just “set and forget” the system, and soon enough, you’ll get your commissions rolling in.

But can Set & Forget live up to its name? Or is it just another fraud waiting to happen?

Stick around in this Set & Forget review first, before you go ahead and avail of this system.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Set & Forget review. I’m not affiliated with Set & Forget, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is Set & Forget?

Set & Forget is a money-making software system that claims to build up to “four passive income streams” for the user.

It promises to achieve this by allowing you to create 5 done-for-you sales web pages, pre-loaded with decent-paying offers from different marketing networks.

Also, it claims that it can drive “free traffic” to your presell pages by generating hundreds of backlinks from several sources.

Finally, true to its name, it’s beginner-friendly, and is easy to use. You can just “set” this one up one-time, then “forget” about the rest.

Who Created Set & Forget?

Brendan Mace is the author and chief vendor of Set & Forget.

Brendan Mace

He’s a well-known digital marketer, online entrepreneur, and one of the “Super Affiliates” in WarriorPlus.

He has also been the author and vendor of a number of products before, such as…

You can check out more of him via his official websites.

What’s Inside Set & Forget?

This is what the dashboard of Set & Forget looks like, once you logged in.

Set & Forget Dashboard

The main menu of Set & Forget contains four items. The “Campaigns”, “Instant Traffic”, and “Support”, are available from the start.

The rest of the items are only available when you purchase any of the upsells for this software (more on that later).

Creating A Marketing Campaign

The “Campaigns” option is where you manage your marketing campaigns. Here, you can create a new campaign for your website, or you can manage existing campaigns.

To create a new campaign, you just click on “Create New” and it’ll bring you to the “New Campaigns” page.

Set & Forget Campaigns

Here, you are presented with several offers for your campaign. There are 5 in total, and a 6th one that is only available through an upgrade.

You also have the option to create an entirely new marketing campaign from scratch. Using any of the niche templates available, you can do so by selecting “Custom – Any Niche”.

Set & Forget Campaign Templates

Whether you’ve chosen from one of the pre-made offers or created one yourself, your webpage result would look like this:

Set & Forget Webpage Preview

As said before, you can customize several elements of your webpage according to your needs. This includes the campaign name, your pre-sell content.

But more importantly, you can also include your affiliate link here.

Using The “Instant Traffic”

Once you created your affiliate marketing campaign, you can now go to “Instant Traffic”.

Set & Forget Instant Traffic

Here, you can share your links across several social networks of your choice. This is the source of your traffic.

And again, most of the major social media sites are included, like Facebook. However, there are also some networks that aren’t really that prominent.

Set & Forget Sales Funnel

Aside from the main app itself, Set & Forget also offers several upsells to the system, that basically unlocks the full functions of the app, plus other upgrades.

  • Front End: Set & Forget ($12.95) – The front end of this system. Before availing any of the one-time offers below, this must be purchased first.
  • 1st OTO ($37) Platinum Edition – Upgrades the front end to the Platinum Edition, which removes all limits to the system.
  • 2nd OTO ($197) – This probably unlocks the “High Ticket Commissions” menu since it says it unlocks 20 “blogs” (most likely blog posts) that promote top ClickBank products.
  • 3rd OTO ($197) – This one is most like the “Done-For-You” upgrade, AKA full automation.
  • 4th OTO ($197) – Unlocks the “Unlimited Traffic” menu item.
  • 5th OTO ($167) – Gives you a reseller license to sell Set & Forget as your own product, and keep 100% of the profits made for yourself.

Is Set & Forget Worth The Investment?

While you’re reading this Set & Forget review…

If you think that this money-making system seems very familiar, that’s because, it is.

Set & Forget looks strikingly similar to one of Brendan Mace’s previous products, 1 Page Profits. In fact, it’s easily apparent if you compare the two dashboards.

Because of this, any qualities that 1 Page Profits has, would also apply to this product.


The software works as intended. It’s a beginner-friendly page builder, and it shows.

The marketing campaigns offered by this system are completely legit and potentially high-selling as well. Assuming a visitor buys one, of course.


There are just too many flaws in this income system that’s worth mentioning.

  • The promises on the sales pages are very misleading. $12.95 dollars for an income-generating app is cheap. But it doesn’t really offer everything that’s said on the sales page.
  • The frontend app ONLY gives you the basics of the basics needed to create something on this app. All of the promised claims on the software, like the unlimited traffic and the so-called “high paying” offers, are only available through upsells.
  • Due to this, the ENTIRE software system is more expensive than intended. And most of the upsells actually provide no value.
  • While the software system provides free hosting and domains for your website, there’s a chance that the vendor may stop supporting this product anytime. If this happens, your funnel and website will be gone for good, and all the traffic you built with it.
  • It’s a strong possibility because these income systems are fleeting and quite unstable. Once the money stops flowing into these products, most of them are immediately dropped.
  • This income system uses ClickBank offers. To be fairly honest, it’s actually much easier, reliable, and even cheaper to do these yourself by being a ClickBank affiliate on your own.
  • The traffic and backlinks generated by this software come from EXTREMELY UNRELIABLE sources.
  • Most of the offers that are DFY here come from random niches. This means you’ll be having plenty of trouble marketing them if you use those offers.

Finally, the author of this system, Brendan Mace, has also been labeled as a scammer by many reviewers. Here’s a video, for example.

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How To Spot A Money-Making Software Scam

Set & Forget is not the only money-making software system that is like this. Lots of software scams are very prevalent, especially in WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

And yet, there are still some people who fall for these. Therefore, here are a few tips in order to not fall for these scams (and waste your money).

  • Double-check your reviews from multiple sources. While some reviewers provide positive feedback to their reviews, you can easily tell if it’s a paid review, or worse, a spun review. Make sure that the reviews you read are from independent bloggers who are truly neutral.
  • Always keep in mind this thought. If the system claims that it can help you earn money easily and get rich quickly, then everybody else should be able to do it. And if they do, then there would surely be plenty of success stories from independent and non-paid reviewers. But obviously, none of the systems like this don’t have any positive reviews.
  • If the claims are too good to be true, then obviously, it’s a scam. You can’t get 100% buyer traffic and a huge amount of sales in just a single day. Hence, use your wise judgment.
  • The usual “shiny” terms that these systems always use to entice unsuspecting buyers are “traffic on autopilot”, “high ticket commissions”, “revolutionary”, etc. Pay attention to those terms, and don’t fall easily for them.
  • Finally, search engines are your friend. Try searching for the app and add “scam” after it. If there’s even just one hit on the search, then it’s already a red flag.

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Set & Forget Review: Final Verdict

As this is just a rebranded version of 1 Page Profits, I would say that you shouldn’t trust this software system at all.

This one can now count as a scam. Especially if you already have 1 Page Profits (which, I would also not recommend buying).

Scam Alert 2

As with other income systems like Profit Product Creator and Passive Profit Funnels (both of which Brendan Mace himself also promoted), the system simply isn’t worth its price.

It’s easy for some people to get deceived by these money-making software, thinking that this could be their key to financial freedom.

So if you want a reliable and surefire way to make money online, keep reading beyond this Set & Forget review…

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