Shawn Joshi Review – Rank With SEO And Ads Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about digital marketing expert Shawn Joshi. Is he legit? Find out more in this review.

I have never really written a lot of reviews that focus more on the person rather than the thing that they created. Whenever I write these reviews, usually there’s just a small section after the intro that’s dedicated to talking about them. Usually, it just chronicles their what kind of things they did before they started in a particular niche.

But putting a lot more focus on the person rather than their creations is a new thing for me. It just seems weird to kind of make a character profile. But it is going to be an interesting challenge nonetheless.

Digital marketing is often one of the easier things to get into, especially for ways to earn income online. I mean, there is still a large barrier of entry to it, as does most things. But once you start to learn about it, it becomes a lot easier. Though, people learn in different ways.

And because digital marketing is still see as one of the better ways to earn money online, a ton of different companies have started to offer their expertise to people. Some have consultancy services while others choose to create a training program dedicated to digital marketing.

And Shawn Joshi is one of them. I really hadn’t heard of him prior to this review. Though that’s the most case with other digital marketing experts that I have written about. But I was still interesting in learning more about him and the programs that he created.

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Shawn Joshi Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Shawn Joshi
  • Occupation: Marketer and business owner
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Niche: Digital marketing
  • Programs Created: Google Business Execution Plan, Google Ads Profit Multiplier
  • Recommendation: Shawn Joshi seems to have a lot of certification and experience in marketing. While both of his courses seem to be legitimate, it’s not guaranteed that you will receive the same results as Shawn has. At least, not immediately There is a lot of time and effort required to grow your business. Even if you use either of his two training programs, the results wouldn’t be instantenous.

Who Is Shawn Joshi?

A graphic featuring Shawn Joshi, digital marketer

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information that you could find only about Shawn Joshi online. He has a website. But there isn’t really anything that you could gleam from it aside from what his expertise is. There is no mention of his early life or other interesting details. It’s just goes straight to the point.

When I write these reviews, I often come across certain personalities that make a meal out of their about page. Like, they will tell you a story about their life. For the most part, it usually starts at the point before they discovered things like digital marketing or e-commerce. They were struggling to make their ends meet. Or they were getting tired of working their 9-to-5 jobs and wanted to do something on their own terms.

That’s how a lot of these sections in my reviews are like. A lot of times, these people have LinkedIn profiles. And that gives you a good glimpse of what their experience was like prior to their current jobs.

In the case of Shawn Joshi, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance. At the same time that Shawn was in college, he seems to have also started his first marketing firm. It focused more on affiliate marketing. After that he graduated, he went to work for a different marketing firm as a SEO & CRO specialist. It was in 2014 that Shawn founded Quantive, a digital marketing consultancy firm.

He doesn’t really mention it on his LinkedIn profile, but somewhere between him running Quantive, he decided to create his own training programs that focus on Google’s ad platform and their business profile platform. Aside from that, he also started to offer auditing services for business.

But before we go in depth with what you need to know about the Google Business Execution Plan and Google Ads Profit Multiplier programs that Shawn offers, why not take a look at the recommendation on the link below?

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Let’s Get Down To Business

For any kind of business, it’s good to have some kind of presence online. As nice it is to have some kind established customer base in your immediate area, you have to reach a lot more people. Most businesses probably want to have more customers going into their business and patronizing them. So they usually hire somebody to do that work for them.

Most of the time, the kind of presence businesses have are on social media. Even though younger generations don’t really seem to be on Facebook anymore, there is still millions of people on the platform. It’s easy to reach people through a platform like Facebook or Instagram. But TikTok has slowly started to become a place that businesses flock over to. You know, because the younger generations are on that platform.

One of the things that businesses can do to have an online presence is to created a Business profile on Google. A lot of people are often on the lookout for a restaurant that serves great food or a new independent bookstore. And usually people search on Google to look for them. A lot of businesses always make sure to created a Business Profile. Because that helps them be more visible. When you have a Business Profile, you can add your establishment’s exact location on Google Maps.

But not everybody has the knowledge to do so, and that’s where Shawn Joshi’s Google Business Execution Plan comes into play.

What Is Google Business Execution Plan?

The Google Business Execution Plan is a training program that will supposedly help you optimize the Business Profile that you have already created. This program is meant to help you rank higher on search results which could lead to you getting more customers.

Both business owners and marketers are targeted by this program. There are four different phases inside the actual course. You will go through the basics of business profile optimization as well as citations and review velocity.

The cost for the course is a one-time payment worth $79. Previously it was $379. Though it makes it seem like it was actually just $79 but they used a higher price to make it seem like you were getting a discount.

Aside from that, there’s also the Google Ads Profit Multiplier.

What Is Google Ads Profit Multiplier?

A chart from Shawn Joshi's Google Ads Profit Multiplier program

Google Ads Profit Multiplier is a training program that’s meant to help business owners run more effective campaigns through Google’s ad platform. It seems that the premise for this particular program is that most businesses spend a lot of money on ad campaigns on Google. But the revenue they earn from those campaigns rarely match the amount of money they spent on it. And since Shawn has had experience working with different businesses with their campaigns, as well as being a certified Google Partner, he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

The training program basically goes through everything that you need to know about Google’s ad platform and how to do campaigns on it. Aside from that, you will also learn how to properly optimize your campaigns so that you don’t spend more money than you already did.

This program is targeted towards business owners who want to do it themselves or marketers who want to build an extra skill that they can provide to their clients. The cost of the program is a one-time fee worth $439. It’s understandable why this particular program costs more than the Business Execution Plan.

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Final Verdict: Shawn Joshi Review

Shawn Joshi definitely puts his money where his mouth is. Compared to a lot of the other digital marketers out there. It does seem that he has managed to hone the knowledge he has to create two training programs that business owners and marketers alike can use. Most training programs can be used by a lot of people. But sometimes it’s really hard to get into it.

That being said, it’s hard to recommend his training programs to you, especially the Ads Profit Multiplier. It mostly has to do with the cost. Sure, it would cost more if businesses had hired an outside agency to do the work for them. But for people just starting out in their journey as digital marketers, it’s probably not that affordable for them. Though, it is possible that they recoup the cost once they start working with actual clients.

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That’s it for my review of Shawn Joshi and his Google Ads Profit Multiplier program. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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