Shed Academy Review – John Fealy Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Shed Academy. Is it legit? Find out in this Shed Academy review.

Building sheds has evolved into a significant business venture, at least according to the program.

Just try to picture how much less hectic your life could be if you were a master in your chosen craft. What would it be like to work from the comfort of your own home according to your own schedule?

Think about this: what if you had the chance to provide for the people you care about on a massive scale while simultaneously being in complete control of your professional future?

If the idea of enjoying all of these advantages appeals to you, then starting your own business building sheds is something you might be considering.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Shed Academy review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Shed Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Shed Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Shed Academy
  • Owner: John Fealy
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: Shed building
  • Recommended?: Making sheds can be a profitable venture, if you have the time to study up and if you want to try something unique. However, it is definitely not something you can get into if you already have a full-time career.

Who is John Fealy?

Shed Academy Review - John Fealy

To put it more plainly, John Fealy makes his living by constructing sheds. During the previous fifteen years, he has built more than three thousand homes and other structures. Customers told him he should turn his knowledge into a franchise, so he did exactly that by launching Shed Academy, an online school where you can learn to construct a shed and produce a profit of more than $2,000 for yourself.

John said that he didn’t want to build a franchise. Instead, he has put together a curriculum to teach other people all around the country how to establish their own shed construction firm. This will be through the help of all the many approaches that are at John’s disposal.

In point of fact, a piece on John was published in a recent issue of Shed Builder, a trade journal that serves the shed building industry. They expressed curiosity in hearing further details about his business. However, prior to when he began my shop as a shed builder 15 years ago, no one seemed to be paying attention to the specific of what he does for a living.

Career beginnings

At that time, John was operating a different kind of business that had nothing to do with the other one. Because of the steady decline in its condition, he had mounting concerns. He was having trouble making ends meet due to the fact that he had a mortgage, expenditures for utilities, and two children who were attending higher education institutions.

He was forced to look for a new way to make a livelihood and had to do it immediately. John really considered looking for a job that needed him to work evenings and weekends. He even considered making a transition into the bartending industry as a new job as well as being a driver who works for the ridesharing platform Uber.

One day, he is wandering around the outside section of Home Depot, when he comes across a row of sheds.

He explained to himself that he was capable of doing anything similar to this. So, he worked out how those structures were built, what resources he’d need, and how much money he’d require.

After making the calculations, he was taken aback by the sheer amount of potential profit that might be derived from these. Building your own would be a far more cost-effective option than purchasing one from a store like Home Depot. He ultimately made the decision to go into business for himself by building sheds.

John’s strategy

John figured that is essential for him to devise a unique strategy in order to achieve his goals. It needs to be durable while still being simple enough to assemble on-site in one day. After that, he may travel to the home of someone else, put in an honest day’s work, receive $2,000 for his efforts, and then head back home to rest and chill. And that is exactly how the events that transpired played out.

The fact that John’s shelters were used by so many people gave him a sense of satisfaction whenever he built one. He ultimately got to the point where he was booked up two to three months in advance for all of his gigs. John maintains that this strategy may be utilized in other locations, despite the fact that he resides in the Long Island area.

There are just nine items that you will require, and you should be able to locate all of them in your neighborhood Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any other hardware shop.

The course offered by Shed Academy covers in-depth examination of all of the areas surrounding the business, as well as additional materials. This might be a fun and lucrative side business option for you to consider, especially if you like working with your hands and spending time outdoors.

This program is similar to RE Mentor, Push AMZ, and Ryan Humiston’s workout plan.

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Shed Crafters

John Fealy offers his services as well, for a price. His services are named and categorized on his Shed Crafters website. Here are the features, grabbed directly from John’s Shed Crafters website.

Free Onsite Installation

You wont have to worry about taking down fences or having trucks drive over your lawn. We hand carry all shed materials in through your gate.

Solid Block Footings

We level your shed on solid cement blocks making sure the base does not directly come in contact with the ground. This ensures years of service without rot or insect damage.

2×6 Floor Joists 16″oc and 3/4 Plywood Floor Sheathing

We use 2×6 floor joist in all our sheds. Most other shed companies use 2×4’s. Our floor is super strong and will stand the test of time.

2×4 Wall Construction

We frame all our walls with top choice 2×4 wall studs.

Locking Door Tee Handle

Our doors have a locking tee handle with keys.

Gable Vents

We include gable air vents on all our sheds. Some companies charge extra.

30 Year Architectural Shingles

We offer a choice of five popular shingle colors to choose from.

LP Smart Side Wall Panels

We use LP Smartside for our shed walls. It is an exterior grade panel pre primed a natural tan color. It is treated so it will not absorb water.

4″ Roof Overhangs 

Our sheds have a 4″ overhang around the roofline to help keep the shed dry in bad weather.

White No Maintenance PVC Trim

If you look at old sheds you quickly realize that the first thing to deteriorate is the trim boards used. We eliminate that from happening on our sheds by only using PVC trim boards. They never need paint and they will never rot.

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Available options

Here are the available options for their sheds, directly from John’s website.

  • Additional 18×27″ Windows. Windows are available in white or brown. The bottom portion slides up and down and they have screens
  • 24″ Deep Workbench. Our work bench runs the full width of the shed and is 24″ deep. Perfect for a potting bench or tool bench. It also can be used as a nice storage shelf for boxes.
  • 32″ Deep Loft. Our storage loft runs the full width of the shed and is 32″ deep. It is a great way to save floor space. Use it for bulky items like patio cushions or umbrellas.
  • Heavy Duty Ramp. If you have a ride on mower or snow blower then you will want this ramp. We build them to withstand heavy loads.
  • Custom Painting. We offer custom painting of your sheds. If you would like different color than the standard tan. We use Benjamin Moore Premium Paint.
  • 18″ Wide Flower Boxes. Vinyl flower boxes are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue.
  • 9×27″ Shutters. Vinyl shutters are available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue.
  • Extra Set Of Double Doors. Sometimes customers may want two sets of double doors for easier access into the shed.
  • Extra Single Door.
  • Old Shed Demo and Dump Service. We offer shed demo and removal service in our local area. (within 15 mile radius of our location). We charge $8,00 per square ft.
  • Standard Side Wall 6.5ft Tall.
  • Extra High 7ft Side Walls.
  • High Top 8ft Side Walls.

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