Ship 30 For 30 Review – Writing Course Worth Joining?

Today, we are going to talk about Ship 30 For 30. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

One of the struggles that I have when it comes to writing these reviews is the writing part. Despite having written hundreds of reviews, I still have a hard time trying to spice things up every now and then. Especially when most of the things that I have written are about similar things. And when you review a ton of different online training programs about e-commerce or digital marketing, they all start to blend together.

I have never really taken up a writing course before. Most of my experience with regards to writing have just been exercises I do on my own time. I also try to read different books on writing. Just so that I could get a sense on what I could do better. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough.

Despite being on Twitter for a while a now, I hadn’t really come across Ship 30 for 30 before. Though, I guess, I don’t follow that many people on the writing side of Twitter. But as I scrolled through a bunch of Tweets featuring the #Ship30For30 hashtag, I was kind of intrigued by it. There were a ton of different pieces from different accounts posting their work online. It isn’t that different from running your own personal blog. But seeing all those different works all within a single timeline was interesting.

Still, there was a lot of questions running in my mind about this particular course. There has to be more than this to what I was already seeing.

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Ship 30 For 30 Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Ship 30 For 30
  • Founders: Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole
  • Website:
  • Socials: YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Online writing
  • Recommendation: You can definitely hone your skills in online writing by taking this course. But the cost of it might not be for everyone.

Who Are Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole?

A screenshot of a video featuring Ship 30 for 30 co-founder Dickie Bush

There’s not really a lot to know about either Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole. Dickie Bush started his career in online writing at the start 2020. It definitely was the right year for him to do that, I guess. Since everybody pretty much stayed at home for most the year.

It seems that the conventional ways of starting your writing journey online wasn’t really working out for him. He was aware that the things that he wrote wasn’t reach a lot of people. So he decided to write shorter posts. But this around, he was going to do it on Twitter. Considering how anybody can see public posts on Twitter, it was definitely the right idea for him.

Nicolas Cole, on the other hand, had the more traditional path towards becoming a professional writer. He studied creative writing and literature in college. Once he graduated, he took up a job as a copywriter for an advertising agency. It was enough to get paid. But it wasn’t really the thing that Nicolas wanted to do. He wanted to write books.

So, he kind of went the same path as Dickie did. He started to write posts online. Specifically on Quora, a social question-and-answer website. It’s definitely not the place you’d see writers trying to make it in the industry. But answering people’s queries definitely help Nicolas get some attention online.

That lead to him getting the opportunity to write for business magazine Inc. Somehow, he was doing this on top of his copywriting job. But after three years, he was able to quit that job and become a full-time freelance writer.

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What Is Ship 30 for 30?

By November 2020, Dickie Bush decided to ask his followers if they wanted to join this small group session where they would write 30 short essays within 30 days. He mentions up top that each essay would only be under 200 words and that you would get feedback from the people within the group. That was pretty much the seeds to what would become Ship 30 for 30.

At around the same time, Nicolas Cole had just self-published a book titled, “The Art and Business of Online Writing: How to Beat the Game of Capturing and Keeping Attention.” He had a decent amount of experience in online writing. I guess, at some point, he had met Dickie Bush. Possibly online? He was one of the those people who decided to join the group session that Dickie was planning.

And the rest, as they say, was history. Since sending out that tweet, Dickie was able get 50 participants in that first even session. They continued that for the next nine months. And it slowly grew in size. It seems that they were able to reach a total of 1,800 participants within those nine months.

There hasn’t really been any major changes to what the online course is. You’re still going to write 30 short essays within a 30-day timeframe. Since the essays would be based on a specific topic you choose early on in the sessions, you wouldn’t necessarily have a hard time with thinking about what to write.

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So What Exactly Are You Going to Get Out of The Course?

A screenshot of a video featuring Ship 30 for 30 co-founder Nicolas Cole

When you sign up for the course, which is either a one-time payment or a two-part installment worth $500 each, you get access to eight live sessions that are only an hour-long. If you can’t manage to attend the session live, they also provide a recording of that session that you can watch. They also include show notes for each session that they do. So you’re basically getting two sessions a week. There’s also a 10-part curriculum included with the fee that you’re paying them.

They seem to have added a lot of freebies to justify the cost of the entire course. And it’s definitely a lot for people who want to get a start on writing. But it’s a bit cheaper compared to other writing courses out there. Aside from the recordings for that month’s sessions, you also get access to recordings from previous sessions that you can access for as long as you want to.

You also get templates for TypeShare, a writing platform that Dickie founded that lets you start writing for different online formats. Obviously, there’s also access to a private chat group where you get feedback for your work. That was one of the major selling points that Dickie had when he first started this venture. And you also get copies of a few books that Nicolas Cole has written.

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Final Verdict – Ship 30 for 30 Review

It doesn’t really seem that Ship 30 for 30 is a scam by any means. There’s nothing about the course that makes it seem like it’s not a good idea. It’s definitely catered towards people who want to get better at writing, especially for different online formats. Being able to write well is such a big deal especially if you’re looking for a way to earn online. It’s a good skill to have regardless. There are people who will be willing to pay you to write for them.

I do think that the cost to join the course may be a lot for most people. It costs almost a thousand dollars to join. But considering that you get access to course even after you’ve finished the 30 days, it makes it seem like a worthwhile investment. You’re also getting feedback from people who are also trying to better their skills. There’s a support system there that you don’t really get a lot. Unless you paid to have that kind of support system.

If you really want to have a taste of what the course might be like, Dickie and Nicolas offer a free resource that you can get. You will need to input your e-mail address. But that’s how most sales funnel pages work. While it may not be as extensive as Ship 30 for 30 is, it’s still a pretty decent starting point for budding writers. They’ve mentioned it a lot in their pitch. It’s hard to commit yourself to writing. It’s very easy to not have to write.

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That’s it for my review of Ship 30 for 30. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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