Shopify Freedom Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a course known as Shopify Freedom. Is Shopify Freedom legit? Find out in this Shopify Freedom review.

I’m very sure you’ve considered quitting your work at one point in your life. Working for a firm, after all, may be rather stressful. Furthermore, you may be underpaid, which contributes to your burnout.

To be fair, you are really fortunate to still have a job. Because many individuals have lost theirs as a result of the current pandemic situation, even if you want to stop working, you may find it difficult to do so, especially if you have no funds to fall back on.

Those who choose to stay at their positions, however, are subjected to unpaid overtime and wage reduction. That is unjust, especially if you know you are worth more than you are being compensated.

This is why many people opt to develop side hustles instead. They desire the ability to generate more money. Unfortunately, the only way to make more money is to put in more hours.

You came on this newsletter while seeking for money-making possibilities. Is it worth your time to sign up for it? Is it possible to make this opportunity work just by signing up for a course?

I suggest reading this Shopify Freedom review until the end to find out.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Shopify Freedom review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Shopify Freedom in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Shopify Freedom?

Shopify Freedom Review - Shopify Freedom intro

Shopify Freedom is a course about eCommerce designed by Dan Vas. It is a quite a comprehensive course, as it consists of 9 modules, and 75 videos. It comprises of more than 10 hours worth of content.

To be fair, this course does not seem like it is any different from any courses I have reviewed before that discusses dropshipping. After all, the business model has been gaining traction lately.

I noticed that a lot of dropshipping stores popping out of nowhere in Instagram. Small businesses take advantage of the business model in order to build their brand.

From what I have observed, the course is not comprehensive enough to be considered as something that will bring you success. It will only teach you the basics.

This course will teach you how to set up your own Shopify dropshipping business, as well as how to use social media to attract clients to your store. Product research, marketing, logistics, and customer service will all be covered in this class.

Furthermore, the training is available to you for the rest of your life. Additionally, the course is updated on a regular basis.

Along with that, you will also be getting the following:

  • Downloadable PDFs for every video for easy review process
  • Complete plan of action and mentorship
  • Access to private Facebook group for inquiries and for additional support
  • 2 hours of bi-weekly live mentorship group calls
  • Unlimited consultation with Dan Vas via his personal private Facebook

Who is Dan Vas?

Shopify Freedom Review - Shopify Freedom creator

Dan Vas started his business venture as a seller on Amazon in 2017. After a few failures from his trial-and-errors, he has decided to branch out to build his very own dropshipping store the next year.

After that happened, he decided to launch a course in order to teach others to be as successful as him.

One thing I realized upon looking more into his background is that he has the confidence to make a course when he is only one year into the business. I don’t think he has enough experience to be teaching anyone.

Another bold claim that he made is that he is the one who discovered the idea known as “branded shipping”. It involves fast shipping (2-3 days), high-quality products, and custom packaging. Well, that has been out for quite some time now. I doubt he is the one who originated said idea.

He boasts in his YouTube channel that he is making a lot of money dropshipping. To be honest, I highly doubt that. I think most of his earnings is from selling courses.

Is Dan Vas Legit?

To be honest, even though I am not sure if he is qualified to teach, I don’t think that he is a scammer. Who knows, he could just be a fast learner and has managed to master dropshipping within only a year.

When it comes to his main source of income though, I doubt that he makes a lot of money with dropshipping. It is just not a profitable business model, especially if he has only spent a year doing it so far. I think his money is made from selling this course.

Moreover, I don’t think the price of the course is justifiable. It will only teach you the basics. There are better and cheaper courses dedicated to the basics of eCommerce and dropshipping. I think you are better off taking those instead.

I guess if you really want to pay for this course to learn the basics, then you really will. If you want to save money, then I suggest looking for free resources. A lot of those can be found online.

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Shopify Freedom Overview

The course is comprised of 9 modules, and 10 hours worth of content including the videos. I will be discussing the modules briefly in this section.


In this module, you will be introduced to the dropshipping business model. You will also be getting a short walkthrough as to how you can start setting up your eCommerce store.

Product Research

This module is all about finding what products you will have to sell in order to get as much orders as possible. This is all about finding the perfect product for your niche, which is high-demand and will bring in many people to come buy from you instead from the competition.

Finding a Supplier

This module will teach you how to find the best supplier to suit your needs. Dan will help you out by giving you the factors you have to consider in order to find the supplier that could provide you with the best products and best service.

Creating a Store

This is all about how you can start your store from the very beginning, including a step-by-step process. The lessons include how to get your very own domain, making product listing and website pages, how logistics works, and how to make the best ads.

Intro to Facebook Ads

In this module, you will learn how to set up your Facebook ads account in order to start advertising. There are also topics about how to properly navigate your ads account and how to interpret all the stats in there.

Facebook Ads 101

Dan will teach you his strategies and techniques that he uses to scale his Facebook ads.

Elite Influencer Marketing

Influencers are also a big part of marketing now, so if you want to find the best influencer to suit your needs and budget, then I suggest going through this module thoroughly.

Store Automation and Scaling

This module will teach you about how to scale your business to the next level by hiring a team. Also, you will be given lessons on how to automate your store with widgets and apps.

Included Bonus: Millionaire Mindset Secrets

This included bonus is just supplementary material for the course. It will include success strategies you can take advantage of. It is hosted by some motivational speakers. Basically, it is all about learning how to have the right mindset.

Shopify Freedom Cost

The course will cost you $497. Yeah, that price is quite steep for a course. I get why you would hesitate on paying for this one.

I don’t think the cost is justified, as from what I have seen so for, this course is dedicated to teaching the basics. There are better resources available online for free.

I don’t suggest taking the course if you are still unsure whether you really want to get into eCommerce or not. After all, that money will count as an operational cost already.

Dropshipping Explained


You may believe that this is the best company for you because it is easier to get started than creating your own things from scratch. Because you’ll be dropshipping, you’ll simply need to discover suppliers that have finished items.

Due to the price of both production and storage space, making your own things is incredibly costly. There’s no way you’ll be able to meet those charges unless you have ready-to-go working cash.

Dropshipping is a simple concept, but it includes multiple steps that tend to be tedious.

Basically, you do product research, negotiate with potential suppliers, publish the products on your eCommerce site, market the listings and your business through social media ads and influencers, and handle client orders.

If you can produce enticing advertising with hard-to-resist incentives and benefits like discounts and packages, you may expect clients to flock to your firm.

To dropship, you don’t require inventory or a warehouse. The fulfillment and shipment of your purchases will be handled by your supplier.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Dropshipping

This part of the Shopify Freedom review will tell you why I don’t think this is the right business for you.

High Financial Risk

Before you could even begin, you’d have to pay for a number of things. Even if your company is fully online, you will need to budget for operating expenses.

You’ll have to pay for domain hosting, software subscriptions, website widgets, and themes even if you don’t need to pay for inventory. Before ever considering beginning an eCommerce firm, you must be aware of these costs in advance.

You’ll need to invest a lot of money in advertising if you want your brand to be noticed. You may even pay influencers to help you advertise your business. Depending on who you choose to promote you, the prices may vary.

And while we’re on the subject of ads…

Ads are Expensive

People must be exposed to your brand through advertising if you want them to buy from you. Because millions of people use social media every day, it’s the best location to achieve this. This translates to millions of potential customers.

The greater the price you are willing to pay, the more people will see your advertisement. If you want to keep customers coming, you’ll have to run more advertising than they do.

You’re essentially pitting yourself against some juggernauts. Whoever can’t afford to keep up eventually loses. It’s also harder to stay ahead of the competition when you’re selling in-demand commodities.

Due to rising demand, advertising costs climb year after year, providing a problem for small firms.

Quality Control Issues

You won’t be able to evaluate your things to verify whether they satisfy your quality requirements, regardless of whether you plan to outsource them. Is there any risk involved? Is the product long-lasting? Will the product price you’ve set for it, in terms of quality, justified?

It is commonly recognized that mass-produced items, particularly those created in China, are of inferior quality. Keep in mind that low-cost goods are sometimes manufactured in a hurry, making quality control difficult.

Also, if your supplier sends you things that are damaged or malfunctioning, they will almost certainly demand a refund and post a negative review. That does not bode good for your business.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Shopify Freedom

To be honest, the course is not broad enough to cover a lot of technical topics. Indeed, it has a hurried feel about it. I’m not sure if this training will be of much use to you because the dropshipping concept is rather complex.

I believe the main emphasis of the course is the potential success you can get from dropshipping. Well, people indeed succeeded in it. Considering how saturated the market has become, you have a very low chance of dominating your competitors as a rookie.

As I previously stated, this training is only beneficial to individuals who have made the decision to fully commit to the business. Even if you believe the pricing is reasonable, it is still an operational cost that you have to consider.

I believe that a newcomer should start by looking for free internet resources, especially if they are unfamiliar with the fundamentals. That means that you have to be 100% committed to starting a dropshipping business before investing in a course.

I mentioned it in the previous portions, but it bears repeating: this is an extremely risky industry to enter, especially as a newbie. You have limited control over product quality, and the dropshipping marketplace is already congested with thousands or even millions of sellers.

Yes, it has been shown to be effective for a large number of people. Do you, on the other hand, believe it will work for you?

Final Verdict – Shopify Freedom

Before I end this Shopify Freedom review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

After reading this Shopify Freedom review, I’m confident you’ve learned something new about how the business model works.

Establishing a dropshipping business may appear to be simpler than creating your own items from scratch, but it is actually rather difficult. It is laden with a variety of risks that you have to face head-on if you want to succeed.

Keep in mind that you will have no control over the quality of merchandise your consumers will get. All you can hope for is that they are happy with their purchase and leave no negative feedback on your store.

Even if you don’t earn any sales, you’ll have to pay for domain hosting, advertising, and VA salaries (assuming you want to hire some individuals for your team).

Dropshipping as a side business is not something I advocate. It will eat up a significant portion of your time, defeating the purpose of calling it a side hustle.

What I can offer to you, on the other hand, is something that you can start in a just a short amount of time. It’s easy to learn how to do, and you won’t have to spend a lot of capital to get started. In the next part, you’ll find more information regarding this great opportunity.

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