Simple WiFi Profits Review: Is This An Affiliate Marketing Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Simple WiFi Profits. Will this money-making system work for you? Find out in this Simple WiFi Profits review.

Get up in the morning, go to work, then go home. This is the simple, but monotonous career life of most people, myself included.

Thankfully, new regulations now allow some workers to work from their home, which alleviates the problem a bit. But not by much as technically, you’re still stuck in the same 9-5 job routine.

There’s absolutely nothing with that kind of career, however. As it still offers a rather stable way to earn money.

But to be honest, some (but not all) people aren’t really after the money. For them, what’s important is financial freedom.

The freedom to do the things you love, while still being able to earn a decent amount of income.

While some may think that it’s impossible, it’s actually quite possible to do it. All you need is the right program and the right mentor to join.

And this is why I made this Simple WiFi review. In this review, we’re going to talk about the business model being presented by this online course, and determine if it’s a scam or not.

So before you decide to take this money-making opportunity, make sure to read this Simple WiFi Profits review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this is something that you’ll want to do, or not.

Note that I’m not affiliated with Simple WiFi Profits in any way.

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What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple WiFi Profits

Simple WiFi Profits is another online course that teaches users how they can make money online. It trains users on the business method of affiliate marketing.

Being an affiliate marketer simply means you promote products and services on behalf of other companies. And when someone purchases a product or service using your affiliate link, you get a commission-based profit from it.

Affiliate marketing is one of, if not the, best methods one can use to earn online. Not only can someone gain a good profit from the commissions earned from this, but it’s also easy to pick up even for beginners who have no prior marketing experience.

Furthermore, many large business owners rely on affiliate marketers to boost their sales. Thus, the industry will rarely experience saturation.

As affiliate marketers are basically selling a product or service, it’s also important to choose a profitable, yet familiar niche, in order to effectively market your products. For this reason, Simple WiFi Profits focuses on the “weight loss” niche because they claim it’s one of the best-selling niches out there.

I’ve reviewed several affiliate marketing online courses before, and it’s safe for me to say that, while their strategies differ, their fundamentals are basically the same.

In fact, being an online course with a health-based niche, Simple WiFi Profits has quite a number of similarities with Healthy Commissions, another affiliate marketing online course I reviewed before.

And so, I’ll say this again. The training that you’ll receive here on Simply WiFi Profits may have some focus on the health niche. Thus, if you prefer another affiliate marketing niche because you’re more knowledgeable in it, then you may want to look at somewhere else.

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The People Behind Simple WiFi Profits

Simple WiFi Profits was formed by a duo of affiliate marketing experts. They are Chris Eom and Andrew Wright.

Simple WiFi Profits - Chris Eom And Andrew Wright

Similar to many other financial gurus, their journey wasn’t an easy one.

In fact, Chris Eom was struggling before when he moved to the U.S. (he’s Korean, and he didn’t know too much English at that time.) While Andrew has been considered an underachiever for their family standards.

It wasn’t easy for them at first. They took on a regular job first, then failed at different internet marketing opportunities.

However, after discovering affiliate marketing, they began to excel there. And pretty soon…

They’ve been making more than 6.7 million dollars over as a tandem. And these numbers just keep on growing.

And today, they’re willing to teach their secrets to success in this online course. Of course, for a price.

Simple WiFi Profits: Course Breakdown

The Simple WiFi Profits online course consists of seven parts. While in other courses, they’re called “modules”, here, they call them “chapters”. There’s also no specific timeframe on how long can you take the chapter.

Aside from the educational materials, you’ll also get a couple of bonuses to help out in your affiliate marketing venture, which I’ll cover later.

INTRODUCTION: Welcome To Simple WiFi Profits

As with all of the online courses, Simple WiFi Profits starts off with the main mentors introducing the course to the members, as well as giving a brief introduction about it.

Here, they’ll tell you what can you expect from this course, and most importantly, giving you thanks for joining their program.

This part will also give you an introduction to the main mentors themselves, as well as introducing you to the Facebook group.

CHAPTER 1: The World Of Affiliate Marketing

As the title states, this chapter will focus on introducing students to the business model of affiliate marketing. It also gives a few comparisons to other online business models, as well as the potential pros and cons.

Of course, since you signed up for this course, it’s safe to assume that affiliate marketing is the business model that you’ll want. However, it’s still important to pay attention to this chapter to give you a very good idea of what to expect.

In addition, you’ll also be introduced ClickBank, the primary marketing platform that you’ll be using for this purpose. You’ll also be introduced to the top three profitable niches in affiliate marketing (obviously, “weight loss” is one of them), as well as how to identify the best offers there are.

CHAPTER 2: A Museum of a Million Dollar Success

This chapter will teach students their so-called “4 Step System”, which is basically the basis for their entire affiliate marketing strategy.

The so-called “4 steps” for their system are…

  • Find a big problem that needs solving online.
  • Find a product, the solution to the problem.
  • Share the product via affiliate marketing.
  • Make sales and money.

The idea of this system is that you’re going to capitalize on your potential market’s needs, by selling them the product that they’ll need to make their lives better. This may mean you have to do a little bit of surveying before you choose your own niche.

But since Simple WiFi Profits has provided the niche for you (which is “Weight Loss”), you don’t have to work too hard for this part. Which is reasonable, because who wouldn’t like to lose weight and stay healthy, right?

Simple WiFi Profits - Weight Loss

This chapter will also give an overview of the things you’ll need to set up for your affiliate marketing needs. Such as what makes a good sales funnel website, the landing page, a promo video, Facebook ads, and others.

CHAPTER 3: The Invincible Bridge To Profits

This chapter will now focus on building your sales funnel website. But most especially, your landing page.

In affiliate marketing, an appealing landing page is the key to attracting your potential leads to the sales funnel. This chapter will guide you to build a properly converting landing page.

Alternatively, there are also pre-made sales funnel pages made by the authors of this course. These can freely be chosen by the students for their personal use, and all you need to do is to add your affiliate links to them.

You’ll also learn here what are “hoplinks”, how to use them, and how can you make them so they’re compliant with Facebook. A hoplink is, in the simplest sense, your affiliate link from ClickBank, just with a fancier name.

But the most interesting lesson of this chapter is the “ODAAT Mentality”. “ODAAT” means “One Day At A Time”.

In my opinion, this is a crucial mindset that you should have when you’re setting up this kind of business. Because this involves money, you learn how to do it right the first time.

But this also means that you can’t rush setting this one up because you might encounter unexpected errors when going live, whether it be technical or others. Therefore, don’t rush when setting up your sales funnel website.

Make sure to comb over the details to make sure it works really well, and in case of errors, you’ll be able to fix it before other people notice it.

CHAPTER 4: Build Your Empire

For this chapter, the authors will teach their users how to set up their Facebook Ad campaign. Here, you’ll NOT YET learn how you can run your Facebook Ads live, but only in properly setting them up first.

You’ll learn here to create your Facebook Business account, your Facebook page, and setting up your pixels. You’ll also learn here some guidelines of a proper Facebook Ad marketing campaign so it doesn’t break any rules (thus getting your account banned).

This chapter also contains pre-made, ready-to-download files that you can use for your ad campaign immediately. But the neatest bonus of this part is that they’ll offer to shoulder all the expenses of your first paid Facebook Ad campaign.

CHAPTER 5:The Invictus SWP Empire Begins

Now that you’ve set up your sales funnel page and your Facebook Ad account, it’s time for you to get to the real work.

This chapter will now teach you how to actually run your Facebook Ad campaign so that you’ll be getting traffic and leads through your sales funnel pages. This will also cover other related things like testing your campaign via split-testing, how to read your breakdown reports, and how to prevent your Facebook Ads account from getting banned.

As you may have noticed already, Simple WiFi Profits focuses on paid ads for getting traffic and leads for your affiliate marketing campaign, instead of generating free and organic ones using SEO.

Keep in mind that since it’s paid ads, there’s always a chance that you’ll lose more than you can earn here. But since SEO, based on experience, is very hard at this point, this type of traffic campaign may give you better results.

CHAPTER 6: The Secrets Of Scaling to Mars

At this point, now that your affiliate marketing campaign is up, you’re going to have to eventually scale it up so you can truly vastly increase your profits with this.

This chapter will teach you how it’s done. It also teaches a few advertising strategies that you can use to maximize the efficiency of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

  • Double Down Principle Method – To put it simply, it’s a method wherein you observe all the assets that you have for their performance. And based on those statistics, you simply remove any underperforming assets, while improving the performance of the stronger ones. This can apply to anything here, such as your offers, your ads, etc.
  • The Clone Method
  • The Lookalike Method – The “Lookalike Method” is Facebook’s way of letting you build an audience much faster. It works by your existing audiences as “seeds” and trying to build an audience for you from people who share common interests with your existing audiences. With this method, you can increase your reach even further.
  • Zero Targeting Method

Chapter 7: Super Affiliate Hacks

The last chapter is basically just a recap of all the chapters that you’ve read here, along with a few additions.

Additionally, they’ll teach you here how you can outsource your business by hiring qualified individuals to delegate some of the work for you.

Finally, there’s also some training here to getting the proper mindset for this business. As well as done-for-you resources like ad and site templates, product offers, and specific niche strategies that are ready for you to get.

How Much Does Simple WiFi Profits Cost?

The entire Healthy Commissions online course, including its bonuses, can be bought for a one-time payment of $1,497.

As an option, you can also purchase the course for three easy payments of $577 each.

Admittedly, this online course is a little cheaper than other affiliate marketing courses. But nevertheless, it’s still pretty expensive for something like this.

If you’re going to go for this business idea, you need to prepare a little more than that, however. Since this course relies heavily on paid ads for this marketing campaign, you also need to consider the budget for your paid ads.

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Things I Like About Simple WiFi Profits

The online course itself is legitimate. And the business method is quite effective. Affiliate marketing has become one of the more lucrative online money-making methods out there. And it’s mainly because, several business owners need it.

The mentors who created this course are also very successful in the field of affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can expect that there’s some value in what they’re going to teach you here.

Aside from the training you’re getting here, you’ll also get some done-for-you marketing materials (different templates) that will save you a lot of time and hassle on building one (though making your own is still better).

But the most interesting part of this online course is its choice of niche. As weight loss is also part of the health sector, it’s also potentially profitable.

And during this COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining one’s good health has become even more important than ever. And due to this, weight-loss products and services are becoming more in demand.

By focusing on the weight niche, and being an affiliate of products related to it, the potential earnings that you can achieve with Simple WiFi Profits can be greater than expected.

Things I Don’t Like About Simple Wi-Fi Profits

To start off, it’s expensive. It may not be as high as the other online course, but it’s still significant enough.

You not only have to deal with the high price of the online course itself. You also have to keep in mind the costs of running Facebook ads.

Though it’s somewhat mitigated since the mentors of this course promise that they’ll shoulder the expenses of your first advertisement. But even so, there’s still a chance that you may experience some losses if your ad campaign performs badly.

Another thing you should take note of is this. The entire online course’s coverage isn’t broad enough, since it only covers a single niche.

Thus, some of the training that you’ll learn from this course will be useless if you prefer a different niche.

And My Verdict Is…

Simple WiFi Profits is a good online money-making course that provides good value to its users. It doesn’t offer itself as a “get rich quick” scheme, and neither does it say that its methods will guarantee that you’ll get rich here.

I would recommend this online course and business method if you’re very familiar with the niche they’re specializing in, and you want to earn money while utilizing your familiarity with the said niche.

But then again, there are other affiliate marketing online courses out there that may offer a bit more value than this one. Something that may still be useful depending on what niche you prefer.

So overall, it’s still up to you. While at the very least, it isn’t quite scammy like the others, it’s certainly not for everyone.

Simple WiFi Profits Review: Final Thoughts


To close off this Simple WiFi Profits review, I would like to give out some points regarding this course.

Whatever online business you want to set up, you would inevitably face some tough competition. Especially when the niche you’ve chosen is a potentially lucrative one, some marketers will definitely jump ship.

Therefore, what you need are some good educational materials first to give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and especially the proper mindset to hopefully succeed in any business venture.

And let me add that mindset is a very important factor when setting up any kind of business. As long as you don’t falter even in the toughest of challenges, you’ll be sure to succeed.

Moreover, you need to get your money’s worth with that online course. Seeing as it’s also going to be part of your investment.

Having said this…

Simple WiFi Profits is a good money-making online course, but is certainly not for everyone. Especially since it only focuses on a single niche, and even a single traffic method.

If you want an alternative for this, something that you might even like in the long run, yet still sustainable…

Then you may want to try my personal recommendation for learning how to make money online. This opportunity is a good one, and it’s guaranteed to give you great results.

Before you think it’s just another scam, why don’t you try it for yourself? I guarantee you. This really one really works.

If you want to know more about it, just click on the link after this Simple WiFi Profits review. And if you do…

I’ll see you on the other side.

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