Slickrr Review: A Moneymaker Scam System Or Not?

Today, we’re going to talk about Slickrr, a so-called “traffic app”. Find out in this Slickrr review if this is a moneymaking tool worth investing in.

Have you ever felt being burnt out in your job? Don’t worry if you do, because you’re not the only one who feels it from time to time.

In fact, even the World Health Organization itself has recognized work burnout as something really serious.

While there are several factors that can contribute to work burnout, the most important factor in my opinion is being overworked, yet underpaid.

Some employers are doing some steps to ensure that this never happens to the best of their ability. But sadly, some of them aren’t doing enough to solve this.

That’s why most people today are constantly looking for several opportunities to make money online. And of course, most of them prefer something that allows them to make passive income, for the flexibility that it gives.

And Slickrr promises to be THE moneymaking software system that you’ll need for this purpose. It claims to be a

But is Slickrr going to accomplish that feat? Is Slickrr going to be that system that’ll help you achieve financial freedom for real?

In this Slickrr review, we’re going to see its moneymaking method, see if it works, and evaluate if it’s really the only system that you’ll ever need

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Slickrr review. I’m not affiliated with Slickrr or any other product or system, in any way.

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What Is Slickrr?

Slickrr is a moneymaking software-based system that caters to affiliate marketers.

It bills itself as a “traffic app” that promotes your affiliate link to hundreds of potential customers using Instagram. When a user clicks on a lift and makes a purchase on your affiliate link, you’ll get paid.

Slickrr also claims that the traffic it generates is targeted, based on your chosen niche. It assures you that most of the people who click on your links are real people, eager to buy your affiliate offers.

Slickrr is also cloud-based, so you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Who Created Slickrr?

Slickrr is created, and primarily promoted, by Art Flair.

He is primarily known for his YouTube videos, in which he reviews different MMO products, and gives out general suggestions and methods on how others can make money online.

Art Flair

You can visit his YouTube channels if you want to view those.

In addition, he’s also a member of Team Black Belt, a group of software developers and affiliate marketers dedicated to producing and promoting several MMO products and online courses, primarily on WarriorPlus.

Team Black Belt

Main Features of Slickrr


As mentioned above, the idea behind Slickrr is that it takes your affiliate link and sends it to hundreds of users. In doing so, it hopes that some of those users will click on the affiliate link and buy something.

This, in turn, will let you earn a commission.

To do this, you just click on the “New Campaign” button, and you’ll be taken to this screen.

Slickrr Campaign

From here, you just have to fill in the necessary details in order to start your campaign.

  • Instagram Username
  • Instagram Password
  • Pages To Target – In here, you fill out an Instagram page that you want to target with your affiliate links.
  • Bitly Link – Bitly is a URL shortening service. As some affiliate links tend to be too long (exceeding the Instagram character limit most of the time), this software recommends that you use Bitly first to shorten your affiliate links.
  • Bitly Token – A random character string that helps with the integration of Bitly to this software.

Once you’ve filled out these forms and hit “Create Campaign”, Slickrr will then “blast” your links to several users on Instagram, usually connected with the page you filled in.

This will then allow several hundreds of users to see your links, with the hopes that some of them will click on your link and buy from it.

To see more on how Slickrr works, you can watch the official demo video below.

Slickrr Sales Funnel

Upon purchasing Infusion, the system will also give you the option of purchasing some upgrades to the system. You can choose to avail of them, or just skip them through.

But in this software system, it’s almost mandatory that you avail of them. More on that later.

  • Front End: Slickrr ($17-$14) – This is the front-end product. Before you can avail of any of the upgrades listed here, you should purchase this first.
  • 1st OTO: Unlimited Version ($39) – The unlimited version of Slickrr removes all limits and allows you to do unlimited marketing campaigns with this software system
  • 2nd OTO: Done-ForYou CPA Package ($47) – Get access to the system’s 10 done-for-you CPA (Cost-Per-Action) campaigns. Customers will get everything, from the sales pages, bonus pages, bonuses, emails, even the graphics. It’s a completely 100% DFY package for people who want to get started right away.
  • 3rd OTO: Done-For-You Traffic Setup ($197) – The full automation package. The authors will now do all the campaign work for you.
  • 4th OTO: Chatbot ($97) – Adds chatbot capability to your Slickrr marketing campaigns
  • 5th OTO: InstaDrive ($197) – Get unlimited cloud storage & file hosting at an insanely low one-time price.
  • 6th OTO: 6-Figure Training ($47) – An online course by Team Black Belt that teaches you how to make huge amounts of money online by affiliate marketing. It consists of three modules: Instagram Traffic Module, Google Adwords Module, Product Creation Module
  • 7th OTO: Agency & Reseller Edition ($297) – Grants 100% reseller rights. Sell Slickrr as your own product and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. Also, gives you a commercial license to use Slickrr as a service for other businesses and charge them.

Will You Recommend Slickrr?

It’s a given that many of the products on the “making money online” niche that are being sold on WarriorPlus are simply scams. They simply won’t work as intended, or are just front ends to a more expensive product (or even an online course) that costs FAR MORE than the base product itself.

This means newcomers will easily be fooled by the combination of the exorbitant claims of the products and their low price.

And Slickrr is probably one of the best examples of these products.

If you’re a newcomer, here’s one of the few reasons why you should NOT get this software under any circumstances.

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The Software Is Full Of Errors

Slickrr Menus

As you can see from the image above, Slickrr does have other features besides the main campaign.

However, none of them actually works. If you visit most of them, they don’t display anything.

It’s most likely that these features are “locked” behind upsells. But of course, you would initially expect that upon purchasing the front-end app, everything SHOULD work, right?

Therefore, it’s not surprising if you’re going to be disappointed upon learning this fact.

The Method Is Basically Spamming & Not Newbie-Friendly

As mentioned, Slickrr’s method is basically “blasting” different Instagram pages with your affiliate links for traffic.

Of course, it’s apparent that the method is basically spamming Instagram. Which then, constitutes a violation of its Terms & Services.

Thus, using Slickrr’s method will basically put your Instagram account at great risk. The best-case scenario would be a suspension. The worst-case scenario would be a total account ban.

Plus, even if you SOMEHOW narrowly avoided Instagram’s monitoring, there’s still no chance that Slickrr’s method is going to make you any money.

Because think about. How can you be sure that all of the Instagram users who saw your affiliate links would click on that link, and buy the product?

As a beginner, initially, your Instagram account would surely be composed of your family and friends only. So how can you be sure that these people are going to buy the product that you’re promoting to them?

Slickrr COULD work if you already have a large enough following on your different social media networks, especially Instagram.

But if you’re already at that point, then why would you need this software already? Therefore…

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There’s No Training Here

Slickrr Training

The sales page of Slickrr says that a “step-by-step” guide on how you can earn from this system is also included in the software.

While it did deliver on that promise, there’s still no adequate training for this system.

The training videos only show HOW to use the software itself. It’s doesn’t teach any newcomers HOW you can earn money from this system.

Furthermore, the rest of the training videos included don’t even give an in-depth explanation of the subject matter. This only further reinforces the fact that there’s not enough training in this system.

With that in mind, how can you expect to earn money from this system if the included training is very lacking?

False Advertising

Let’s look at the sales page of Slickrr again. This time, let’s see its claimed benefits.

Slickrr Promises

But as you can see, this software doesn’t even do anything that the sales page claims it can do.

And to access the full features of this app, you’ll need to buy the upsells being offered to you once you purchased the front-end. Overall, this will cost you far more than what was advertised.

This is an example of bait-and-switch advertising. And in some consumer laws, it’s illegal.

Slickrr Review: Final Verdict

Based on this Slickrr review, you can easily deduce at this point one thing.

That the software system is simply a scam.

Scam Alert

Despite its one-time price and a very cheap offer, what you’ll get is software that doesn’t even work. And because of that, you’re just only going to waste your money here.

Furthermore, similar to apps like Blast4Traffic and Facebook Ad Blaster, the method of Slickrr will only just put your business accounts at risk. So its best to avoid this software completely.

But as always, the decision is still up to you.

Still, if you’re asking me if I can suggest a good system that can help you earn money online aside from this, keep on reading beyond this Slickrr review…

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