Smartwriterr Review: Is This Worth The Cost?

Today, let’s look at Smartwriterr, a content-creating app. Will this be the answer to your content needs? See for yourself in this Smartwriterr review.

Let us start this Smartwriterr review by bringing up an excerpt from Bill Gates’ essay, “Content is King”:

Smartwriterr Review - Content is King

The quote above, and the entire essay itself, stresses the importance of creating quality content in any online marketing campaign. After all, the quality of the content you deserve determines the level of success that you can achieve. Because no one would even take a look at your website if the content in it isn’t relevant to their taste. And if no one’s going to view your website, then how can you sell your products?

Unfortunately, business owners will also have to deal with other tasks like answering clients, bookkeeping, etc. Thus, some of them may not even have enough time to create content for their website, let alone on a regular schedule.

And this is where Smartwriterr tries to help. With just a few keywords, Smartwriterr claims to create engaging and quality content of any niche for your website. And the best part of this? Smartwriterr can do this in just a few clicks, with no technical knowledge required.

So, is Smartwriterr a must-have tool for any affiliate marketer? Is it worth the investment? Before you go ahead and purchase this product, take some time and review this Smartwriterr review first.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Smartwriterr review. I’m not affiliated with Smartwriterr, or any other product, in any way.

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What Is Smartwriterr?

Smartwriterr Review - Product Box

Smartwriterr is a content-writing tool that uses “smart artificial intelligence” to create scripts suitable for your chosen niche. You can use it for creating engaging Facebook posts and ads, Instagram posts and ads, sales letters, sales videos, even blog posts.

One great thing about Smartwriterr is its ease of use. It’s really easy to use, and no technical writing knowledge is even needed to bring out the features of Smartwritter. This makes it a great choice for newer affiliate marketers who usually struggle to come up with great content for their campaigns.

Who Created Smartwriterr?

Smartwriterr is developed through the teamwork of Misan Morrison and Pankaj Malav.

Misan Morrison

Misan Morrison

Pankaj Malav

Pankaj Malav

Both of these men are seasoned digital product creators and marketers. Misan Morrison, in particular, has achieved “High Performance Leader” status on JVZoo.

You can check more of them on their Facebook accounts.

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Smartwriterr Features In Detail

Smartwriterr Review - Product Bundle

According to the official sales page, Smartwriterr offers the following features:

Create Content, Sales Copy, Scripts, Ads, Emails, Webinars, And More

Smartwriterr quickly creates any kind of sales copy or content you need. No more writer’s block and no more struggling to come up with ideas.

  • Sales Pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Headlines
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Blog Articles
  • Short Video Ad Scripts
  • Commercial Ad Scripts
  • Explainer Video Scripts

Create Unlimited Copy, Scripts, And Content

Create all the content you need for all your personal projects and all of your client projects with the Agency License.

Built-In, Easy-To-Use Editor

A fully loaded WYSIWYG text editor is included to quickly edit and customize copy, content, and scripts right inside the app. This means you don’t need to use MS Word, Google Docs, or any other outside app to get results.

Cloud-Based App

Login from any device with an internet connection to create a copy for any project. There’s nothing to design or update because SmartWriterr is hosted in the cloud.

DFY Preset Profiles For Over 100 Niches

Using the included preset profiles answers the questions inside the software automatically to save even more time.

Download In Multiple Formats

Download any document you create inside the app as a PDF or text file for later use or to deliver to a client.

Multiple Scripts Download

Save time by downloading multiple scripts at once.

Automatic Push Updates

They’ll automatically send updates to your software to keep it running smoothly at all times so you can use it on your projects today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Step-By-Step Training

Although Smartwriterr is easy to use, they’re also including step-by-step training that shows you exactly how to get up and running so you can save as much time as possible and quickly create copy and content that gets the results you need.

Sub-User Access Included

Allow your team access to the Smartwriterr software so you can automate your copy and content creation, save more time, and make even more money.

Complete Agency Commercial License To Make Even More Profit By Helping Businesses

Any business that wants more and buyers traffic is either running ads or planning to. And they really need this solution to gain more traffic, sales and profit.

And you can provide them this no-brainer server for a one-time price or charge monthly. All thanks to SmartWriterr Commercial License.

With Smartwriterr, you are getting a commercial agency license with 5 sub-user seats and individual logins.

This means either you can charge them for this powerful app or for sub-account, one-time or recurring.

  • Ultra-fast 24*7 dedicated support
  • 100% Compatible with all the apps that you already have
  • No coding, design, or technical skills required
  • Regular Auto Updates
  • Complete step-by-step video training and tutorials included
  • Newbie-friendly & fully cloud-based Software
  • With Commercial License

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How To Use Smartwriterr?

One great thing about Smartwriterr is its ease of use. You only need three steps to use Smartwriterr to the fullest.

STEP 1: Login to SmartWriterr and choose the type of copy you want to have the software write for you. There are multiple options to choose from.

Step 1

STEP 2: Choose your niche/market and answer a few questions.

Step 2

STEP 3: Smartwriterr uses the power of A.I. to create copy and content that’s engaging and effective.

Step 3

To know more on how to use Smartwriterr, watch the video below:

Smartwriterr One-Time Offers

Smartwriter is usable enough as it is. However, upgrades to expand its features are also available, should one wish to:

Frontend: Smartwriterr ($27-$37)

The Smartwriterr frontend product comes in two versions: Personal ($27) and Commercial ($37). Take a look at the table below to see the differences of each:

Smartwriterr Review - Differences

OTO1: Smartwriterr Unlimited Edition ($67)

An upgrade add-on over the original Smartwriter frontend. In addition to the original features of the frontend, it also includes…

1. More scripts from FE
2. 18+ new pro categories with over 300+ ready-to-use scripts templates
3. Ever growing database

OTO2: SmartSpeechPro ($67)

A mart AI-based Text-To-Speech software that creates realistic human-sounding voiceovers. Commercial License included.

OTO3: Smartwriterr Enterprise Agency Suite ($67)

This upgrade gives you a ready-to-use copywriting service agency website in HTML and WordPress. Plus it can add agency proposal docs and entire graphics bundles for agencies like Facebook covers, social media marketing graphics, and ad banners.

In a nutshell, it gives you the ability to start a brand new business selling copywriting services to clients while you simply deliver to clients using Smartwriterr.

Plus detailed step-by-step training course on how to find and seal deals with high paying clients for 4-5 figure paydays.

  • Ready-To-Use Professional Agency Website
  • Client Getting Email Sequences
  • Cold Calling Scripts
  • Complete Agency Branding Graphic Pack
  • FB Ad Creatives
  • Google Banner Ad Templates

OTO4A: Smartwriterr Reseller Edition ($97 – 50 Licenses)
OTO4B: Smartwriterr Reseller Edition ($197 – 250 Licenses

Inside this package, you can build your Online Business worth 6-7 figures easily by selling SmartWriterr Accounts! You just have to sit back & get paid.

You will also get Done-For-You sales material:

  • Team Access
  • Ready-To-Sell Salespage
  • Professional Video Sales Letter
  • Ad Creatives

OTO5: Smartwriterr DFY Template Club

Users will never run out of ideas as you will get Monthly DFY copy templates in different niches.

How many templates are you going to get? 200 templates!

20 templates will be added to you upon purchase. The rest of the 80 templates will be added to you every month, for one year.

Smartwriterr Review: Pros & Cons


  • Cloud-based app so there’s never anything to install or update.
  • This is not a content spinner like most writing tools and creates quality copy and content that will pass Copyscape.
  • SmartWriterr creates copy and content and in ANY language. This is a revolutionary feature you will not find anywhere else.
  • Get access to over 300+ “done-for-you” copy templates that will save you time even more time, help you quickly create winners faster, and ultimately get you better results.
  • Agency License included so you can create copy and content for clients and get PAID, charge whatever you want, and keep the profits for yourself.
  • If you’re an online marketer, entrepreneur, or freelancer/agency, this will help you improve your copy quality, create more creatives with less effort, save time, and help scale things up more quickly.


  • The features are overhyped and may cause high expectations to some buyers (and end up being disappointed).
  • It’s a template-based content software, NOT an “AI-based script writer”. You won’t be able to get new content every time you use this software. If you need new fresh content, you have to come up with one yourself still.
  • The SmartSpeech feature doesn’t sound human-like at all. It’s more robotic and monotonous.
  • The SmartDesigner feature is very basic. It doesn’t have the capabilities to match better graphics designing tools.
  • Script templates from the so-called “Unlimited Edition” are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. They simply do not work.
  • There’s NO customer service available on the app itself. Yes. You read it right. If you try filing a ticket for customer service, it’s simply not working.

A video has been shown explaining why Smartwriterr can fail to meet some expectations. You can view it below:

Smartwriterr Review: Final Verdict

In my own opinion, it’s really hard to say if I should recommend purchasing Smartwriterr or not. It may be a good tool for beginner affiliate marketers who are struggling with new content to add to their website. Furthermore, it may also be a good investment for experienced ones who need to come up with content on a regular schedule.

Smartwriterr may not be a scam, but I have to say, it may fail the expectations of many users dramatically. It’s would’ve been a much better product if the sales page didn’t market it as some super-advanced money-making software that uses some advanced technology to create content. At the very least, it doesn’t make people have high expectations of the product.

Therefore, I don’t recommend this software, especially for its price point. For your content needs, you’re much better off purchasing high-quality PLR content and editing it to make it unique.

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