Smarty Builder Review: A Scam System Or Not?

Today, we’re going to talk about Smarty Builder. Can this help you set up your own online business? Let’s find out in this Smarty Builder review.

The first idea that most people will usually think about to make money online is, of course, online selling. And for a good reason.

Online selling is easier to start up than traditional selling. And with the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changing how we live our lives right now, online selling has since become even more essential due to various factors.

Of course, you will need products to sell, depending on the needs and trends of your potential customers. Especially when you plan to go full-time with your e-commerce business.

You can join an MLM company and get your products from there, but most of them are usually pyramid scams. Therefore, it’s much better to become an affiliate marketer for the products you want to sell.

Smarty Builder is a software app that promises to aid your venture into affiliate marketing. To do it, it allows you to build your own e-commerce site so you can start selling either physical or digital products of your choice.

The idea does sound good, but is the system reliable? Can MotoKart really help you earn money online, even without any marketing education beforehand?

Before you go ahead and buy this software, make sure you read this Smarty Builder review first.

AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Smarty Builder review. I’m not affiliated with Smarty Builder, or any other system, in any way.

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What Is Smarty Builder?

Smarty Builder is a software system that can effortlessly create an e-commerce website fit for your needs.

The user doesn’t need to have any technical or design skills to use Smarty Builder. Smarty Builder can create your own online store and add products to it, with just a few clicks.

Smarty Builder supports both digital and physical products and connects directly to Stripe and PayPal to avoid middlemen fees.

It also includes a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which includes chats, etc.

This is ideal for beginners as you can easily create digital downloadable products, all under one shareable link, while tracking sales and revenue inside the dashboard.

Finally, Smarty Builder is a cloud-based software. This means you can access it anytime, anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Who Created Smarty Builder?

Paul “Keeffy” OKeeffe is the main author of Smarty Builder.

Paul Okeeffe

There’s really not much to say about him, other than he’s a digital entrepreneur.

If you want to know more about him, you may visit his official website below.

Paul OKeeffe

In addition, you can watch this video about Paul talking about Smarty Builder, should you wish to find out more.

Inside Smarty Builder

Logging in your registration details for Smarty Builder will take you to its Dashboard.

Smarty Builder Review - Dashboard

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for you to add products to your online store, and even to keep track of your website’s performance.

You can also access your blog from here, change your payment options, shipping options, and even lets you change your domain name.

If you want to see a preview of your online store, click on the “View Store” button. This will take you to your online store.

Smarty Builder Review - Online Store

This is what your online store will look like to customers, without any customization, and products added.

Next, we’re going to take a look at the menu options presented in the dashboard, and what each one does.


Smarty Builder Review - Products

This is where you manage the products that you’re going to sell in your online store.

  • All Products – This is where you can view the existing products in your shop. You can do things like editing your product details or even deleting a product from your list altogether.
  • Add Products – If you want to add a new product to your online store, you can do so with this option. You can add many aspects of your product like its name, product image, price, product condition, and even the stock.
  • Categories – Here, you can form custom categories for your products. If you have products that you think can be grouped together due to certain factors, you can arrange them here.
  • Orders – This is where you can manage the status of the orders made for your products, both new and existing.


Smarty Builder Review - Stats

This section is where you can monitor the performance of your online website. Usually, website owners will monitor this every now and then to determine if their marketing campaign is effective or not.

  • Store Visits – This is where you can track all the visitors who have actually viewed your website. It shows different statistics, including their location, what browser and operating system they’re using, and the rate of visitors coming in.
  • Link Clicks – In this section, you can check how often a visitor visits a particular link on your online store. You can search any link via their slug, or just their full URL, and from there you can see how many people visit that link.


  • Shipping – Since most of your potential customers will surely come from places that are far away from your own location, this menu will let you add shipping guidelines to your online store. You can specify if the location in question offers free shipping, or you can charge a shipping fee, again for certain locations. Note that this only applies to physical products.
  • Blog – As the menu says, this is where you can manage your blog. You can either make a new content post, or you can edit existing posts.
  • Domains – If you have your own domain, you can use that to change the domain name of your online store. Smarty Builder also supports the HTTPS internet protocol (unlike most software apps of similar nature), so you can be assured of its security.

Smarty Builder Upgrades

Smarty Builder is an already usable software system by itself. However, if you want to improve your experience, you can purchase any of the upgrades listed below.

  • FrontEnd: Smarty Builder ($27) – This is the frontend app. Unlike other money-making systems, Smarty Builder doesn’t contain any “locked” features. Most of the features advertised are available right from the start.
  • Upgrade 1: Smart Funnels ($97) – Get access to 10 done-for-you resellers’ funnels, including complete reseller packages.
  • Upgrade 2: 100x Profit Accelerator ($147) – Not clearly defined on the sales page, but one can assume that it’s the “white label” package. This means you can replace Smarty Builder’s branding with your own, and re-sell it as your own product.
  • Upgrade 3: $300 A Day System Unlocked ($27) – Contains 40+ training videos on how to make $300 a day.

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Smarty Builder Review: Pros And Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Smarty Builder, that I found upon seeing the sales page of Smarty Builder and testing the software for myself.


Unlike most money-making software systems that I encountered in the past, Smarty Builder is completely different. Not in terms of its features, but in terms of functionality.

First off, the front-end software ACTUALLY WORKS. So far, I have not encountered any errors, major or minor, while I’m testing the software.

Additionally, the domain and hosting support the HTTPS protocol, which means your online store going to be quite secure.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the system’s non-reliance on upsells.

Unlike most money-making software systems, which only release a barely-working front-end app and release the other advertised features through upsells…

Smarty Builder gives you a complete and working website builder, with almost no errors, and most of the advertised features unlocked.

Most notable is the reseller license. While other money-making software systems offer these licenses as one-time offers at a rather high price, Smarty Builder already includes it in your subscription ABSOLUTELY FREE.

In fact, Smarty Builder only offers three OTOs, and each of them is completely optional. You may not even need them at all.

My Favorite Program


While building your online store and adding your products to sell is quite easy to do here in Smarty Builder, there are almost no customization options available when it comes to tweaking the look of your site.

Thus, you may end with a very basic and plain-looking online site that some visitors may find quite unappealing.

Additionally, it’s going to be quite difficult driving buyer traffic to your online store, or even any kind of traffic at all.

While Smarty Builder promises to drive buyer traffic to your website as one of its free features, the methods are unknown. Either it could be a false claim, or most of their traffic sources could be garbage traffic (thus making your online store even hard to rank on SEO).

Finally, the one-time offers presented in this software system are almost useless. Most of them don’t really add value.

Smarty Builder Review: Final Verdict

It’s quite hard to decide if I should recommend this software system to those who are new to e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Since the software itself works and it’s not hiding anything (besides the exaggerated claims).

And unlike other money-making systems like MotoKart and DeepLink, it doesn’t make any unrealistic promises.

At the very least, this software system can’t be classified as a scam, because you get a product that works.

But if you’re getting this software and you’re going to expect to make a huge income, then you may have to look elsewhere.

While you can build an online store with this, without any way to generate organic buyer traffic, this system is almost useless.

So to close this Smarty Builder review, I’d had to say…

It’s now completely up to you if you want to buy this money-making system or not. But do take note that, as far as website builders are concerned, there are certainly cheaper alternatives.

And if you’re a newcomer in affiliate marketing, stay away from this software. It’s not going to help you in anyway at all.

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