Social Sale Rep Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an online course known as Social Sale Rep. Is it legit? Find out in this Social Sale Rep review.

You are probably wondering whether it is possible to make money using social media. Well, judging by social media grew exponentially, it has become possible to monetize it.

Social Sale Rep is a website that claims to help you make anywhere from $25 to $35 an hour beginning immediately.

But do you feel comfortable relying on this website? Does it justify the investment of both your time and money?

Permit me to show you the facts by providing you with my review about said website.

There have been a lot other sites like this one popping up recently, all promising the same advantages.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Social Sale Rep review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Social Sale Rep in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Social Sale Rep Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Social Sale Rep
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  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Employment platform
  • Niche: Freelancing
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What is Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep Review - Logo

If you are looking for a career in the field of virtual help, Social Sale Rep is a good place to start your search. Create a successful career from home doing what you enjoy doing and getting paid well for it.

It’s best if you can find financial success in a field you’re passionate about. You’ll get the training you need to hit the ground running and start making money on your own.

They claim that it’s a simple and effective way to make extra money quickly. This course will teach you a number of valuable skills that will help you better manage your money and eventually achieve your financial objectives.

The training will show you how to find jobs online, how to sign up in freelance job sites, how to apply for jobs efficiently, and how to get income as much as possible.

You will also get advice on how to craft a compelling cover letter to accompany your application.

Social Sales Rep is a resource for finding work from home. They guarantee to reveal the secret to making thousands of dollars daily with no effort on your part.

Unlike the majority of internet company sales pages, Social Sale Rep appears legitimate at first glance. There are none of the typical red flags that would reveal a hoax.

According to the site’s description, it’s a meeting ground for business partners and social media experts.

What does a Social Sale Rep do?

Sales reps in the social media industry often promote their company’s wares and services using YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

In addition to making sales, social sales agents may also be tasked with creating content, networking, and overseeing promotional efforts.

But it isn’t the main focus of this program at all, despite what the name may imply.

Becoming a live chat facilitator is the goal. In other words, becoming a social sales representative is not the point.

So, you may become a live chat online assistant for other companies after going through basic training and gaining access to a database of available positions.

This program reminds me of programs offering to teach you freelancing gigs, like Drone Launch Academy, Brambila Method, and X-Factor Method.

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

Signing up for the platform does not guarantee you a job in a certain field of online work. I had to clear it up, since the word “rep” appears to be the primary source of misunderstanding.

The following procedures must be met before interacting with the system:

  • Be a Social Sale Rep.
  • Make a new account at ClickBank.
  • Select items to sell on the Social Sale Rep platform. I suggest zeroing in on a certain target segment when you’re just starting started with marketing.
  • Once you’ve decided on a product, you’ll be able to download your eBook. Your rebranded affiliate link will be included in the eBook.
  • Promote the eBook on your social media accounts.

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How Can You Make Money with Social Sale Rep?

It’s all about how you go about your business, but making money on the site is pretty easy to do.

In exchange for email addresses, you’ll be offering free eBooks. eBooks have become an increasingly important promotional tool for marketers and company owners. There are several ways an eBook can help a website expand its customer base.

As a result, many bloggers distribute them freely as a means of rapidly expanding their email subscriber bases.

In case your free eBooks bring your readers to the program, the potential for affiliate sales is limitless.

The eBooks you publish with Social Sale Rep will include your affiliate link to a suitable product, which is how you’ll earn money through the service.


The vast majority of legitimate programs offer cost-free entry into the world of online work.

Investing in a Social Sale Rep account is more than just a way to generate money on social media. In addition, you will be provided with guidance, resources, software, and cutting-edge technology.

You will likely be pleasantly delighted to learn that Social Sale Rep only costs $27. Once you’ve paid the first price, there are no more charges for using the software.

If you wish to make more use of the system, an upgrade is available for $37.

Yet, even without the rest of the package, the basic product is sufficient.

How Do You Get a Job on Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep Review - Freelancing

Several opportunities will open up to you after you’ve received the proper education and training for it.

Job Database

Using the link, you may go directly to the front page of the employment database. Freelance and administrative support jobs are researched daily on the most popular job boards.

You may use the database to search for any and all jobs you could require. As your education progresses, you’ll see the enormous time and money savings this provides. To learn more about the employment database, you can purchase the Book.

Filtering jobs

There are three primary criteria you may use to refine your job search to find the ideal opportunity for you. Here are the three filters:

Experience level

You should not apply to jobs that are out of your skill set, but it is to your benefit that you won’t be able to train for the professions you really desire. There are three types of expertise that may be used to narrow down job postings:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

You may choose the novice level, which may pay less at first, then move on to the intermediate level once you’ve honed your talents, and finally, the advanced level, which pays very well.

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Job sites

You can use the filters to locate career resources. Simply navigate to the search bar and look for the one that piques your curiosity. It’s a good idea to test out a few distinct job boards because each one has its own unique layout and set of tools.


Select the platform that best suits your needs. Maybe you’re interested in social media account management for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. A drop-down list of available positions will appear when you pick an account.

Selecting jobs

Once you find a position that interests you, you can immediately begin the application process by clicking the “Apply” button. Purchase the eBook if you want to find out more about picking a career.

Is Social Sale Rep a Scam?

Although there are red flags about Social Sale Rep throughout this study, it is not a fraud. You can trust this platform since it delivers as advertised. That is to say, they will assist you in becoming an online worker and provide the necessary training.

The fact that they make such a big deal about these jobs, yet all you get when you join up is a list of free websites and dead links to jobs, really annoys me.

This alone makes me suspicious of Social Sale Rep as a business model.

The lack of a contact page or any names or other identifying information on the official website is another red flag that makes me suspicious that Social Sale Rep is a fraud.

While this is typical for ClickBank offerings, it’s still worth noting.

The good news is that the Social Sales Rep provides a return option.

Therefore, you will have sixty 60 days to make a request if you are dissatisfied with the material. ClickBank typically processes refunds within five business days.

In spite of these positives, I do not endorse Social Sale Rep since I believe it is a morally questionable business.

My advice is to stay away from Social Sale Rep. Much more is required if you want to be successful on the internet. Although I can’t say with certainty that Social Sale Rep is a fraud, I can’t endorse it either.

There is no significant money to be made with this program, but it may help you learn the basics of searching for work online, which is always useful.

Nothing but generic instruction, a database of made-up jobs, and the option to buy additional worse software.

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