Blue Sky Amazon Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an Amazon training course known as Blue Sky Amazon. Is Blue Sky Amazon legit? Find out in this Blue Sky Amazon course review.

Starting your own business seems like a better way to earn money than having to work for a company. However, not many are capable of starting a business, as you need more than just initiative to begin: capital.

And unfortunately, not a lot of people have the needed capital, even if they have great business ideas. This is why even if they want to quit their jobs, they are left with no choice.

However, if you are looking for a way to make extra money, then a side hustle will probably work for you. Just like the name states, you can work on it on the side while keeping your job. Sounds tempting, right?

Well, even if you manage to find one you want to start, there is no guarantee that you will earn as much money as you think you will. After all, it is still a gamble.

This is why before you think about starting a business or a side hustle, you need to learn the essentials first. This brings us online courses, like this one.

The question is, will this course work for you? Is it worth the money you will be paying for it? I suggest that you read until the end to find out.

Before you decide to pay for this service, you should read this Blue Sky Amazon course review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is Blue Sky Amazon?

Blue Sky Amazon Course Review - Blue Sky Amazon intro

Blue Sky Amazon is a course that will teach you how to sell products on Amazon. It is a course created by Sophie Howard, who owns a successful Amazon store.

The course will teach you how the Amazon FBA business model works, and will be provide you with training in order to make your store more potentially successful.

The course focuses on how to create products that could sell well, how to hire a team to assist you on the business, and how sales funnels can help you out.

I do not think that this course is good for beginners, as there are a lot of technical terms and concepts in here. I suggest that you at least know the basics of how selling on Amazon works before taking this course.

If you know how Amazon FBA works, then this is probably a course that could help you out.

Courses like these exist because a lot of times, newbie sellers who get on Amazon have no idea how it works. They have the false assumptions that it is the same as selling on Facebook marketplace.

This course may be able to help you out, but it does not guarantee that you will succeed.

Does Blue Sky Amazon Work?

Well, I will be answering you main question in this section of the Blue Sky Amazon course review.

It does not seem like this course is a scam, at least from what I found out on my research. Also, Sophie is also pretty legit, and she has real experience selling on Amazon. She has managed to build a lot of 7-figure businesses, so she is definitely not a scammer.

Take note that what you will be learning in this course are the same strategies that Sophie used in order to be successful. However, it is not guaranteed that the methods will work for you.

Think of it this way. You will be taught strategies that could help you out, but what if the niche you plan to get into is not the right place to apply them?

Also, I am pretty sure that you and Sophie share different circumstances. This means that even if you apply the strategies exactly as she told you to, you may not be able to be as successful as she is.

This course is designed to guide you as much as possible.

Blue Sky Amazon Cost

The cost of the course is around $5k. Well, I already expected that, as most courses I have found actually cost more. Unfortunately, even though the course is comprehensive, I know that not a lot of people can afford it.

I get that Sophie wants to make money, but this is a quite overpriced. If she really wanted to share her knowledge to more people, then maybe she should consider dropping the price a bit.

I highly encourage you to take a beginner course if you know nothing about the business model. Make sure that you know how things work before investing in a more advanced and more expensive course like this one.

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Who is Sophie Howard?

Blue Sky Amazon Course Review - Blue Sky Amazon creator

Sophie Howard is the one who created the course. She is from the UK.

She started her Amazon FBA business in 2014, where she is stuck at home as she needs to look after her baby. In the short span of 18 months, she was able to establish a 7-figure business just by selling tea and related products.

Sophie has gained the title of “The Amazon Selling Queen”. She has also created another brand known as Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

She has published a book in 2016 named Amazon Jetstream Income. It features her experiences as a seller, and she also promises that she can help the readers launch a successful business on Amazon. Some pretty bold promises, if you ask me.

Blue Sky Amazon Overview

The course is composed of two parts. There is Product University, and Amazon Navigator.

There are 14 modules in total which aims to teach you all you need to know as a seller in Amazon. The focus is on how to market your store with in-demand products and building a team you can trust.

I think this course can help you out if you already have an idea as to how the Amazon FBA business model works. I will be discussing it in this part of the Blue Sky Amazon course review.

Product University Overview

Module 1: Foundation

This module will teach you about the basic foundations of the course. It includes the following lessons:

  • Sophie’s resume
  • Developing a positive mindset to succeed in your business
  • Making plans for the year
  • Knowing pros and cons of other business models

There is also some discussions which can show you how to make a sales funnel. Sophie will show you first-hand how she does this, and how you can use this to market your Amazon store.

You can learn a lot of good techniques in this module, but since this is an introductory chapter, it is not structured properly. I suggest you take notes.

Module 2 – Product Selection Strategy

This module will show you how to select products to sell for your store. Unlike other courses which will tell you to choose products that you can sell as quickly as possible, Sophie has another strategy.

She thinks that having a high MOQ (minimum order quantity) can help you out, since it will create a higher entry barrier. This means that you will encounter less competitors than usual.

Basically, she aims to teach you how to select and create products which you can rely on for a long period of time.

Module 3 – Basics of Sales Funnels

In this module, Sophie will be giving you an overview of sales funnels and some examples of sales funnels. She will also give you a rundown of how creating one is.

She will also give you a demo where she sets up a funnel and a Facebook ad in order to drive traffic to your store.

This part can help you a lot since you probably have no idea how sales funnels work and how they can help out with your business.

Module 4 – Hiring a Virtual Assistant

This module can show you the best place where you can hire a virtual assistant. This focuses on the tasks you can outsource so you need not do all the work by yourself.

Sophie explains the tasks she outsourced to VAs and the difficulty in looking for one. She will also discuss how she manages her team.

Module 5 – Behind the Scenes: Selling on Amazon

Sophie will tell you how she started selling on Amazon on this module. In here, you will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of starting an Amazon store.

She then discusses how you can set up your account, including acquiring your business license and using tools in order to research good keywords for you to utilize.

There is also a demonstration here which shows you how to create the perfect product listing, and how to use Amazon PPC (Pay-per-Click) when launching products for the first time.

With that said, this module covers everything you need to know about Amazon FBA, which can be helpful for beginners.

Module 6: Forgotten Product Sourcing Places

In this part, Sophie discusses different places where you can source unique products for your store. These include markets, bazaars, and local classifieds.

You can indeed find a lot of unique things in there, which can give you inspiration about product ideas.

Amazon Navigator Overview

Module 1: Welcome

On your first months in the business, it is natural to feel lost and overwhelmed. After all, I am pretty sure that all these information you are learning are new to you, as you probably haven’t done this before.

According to Sophie, it is natural to feel this way. However, a positive mindset can help alleviate your fears, at least for a little.

She encourages that learners set goals that are possible to reach on your first year. With that in mind, you should learn your limits in order to set more realistic goals. This way, you would not feel so overwhelmed about the whole thing.

The module also includes some fundamentals of FBA, like calculating Amazon fees, cost of products, and net profits. You will also learn about how you can acquire your business license, and how you can sign up for a professional seller account in Amazon.

Module 2: Branding

I think this module is pretty unique to this course. In here, Sophie will share the branding strategy which helped her build a successful Amazon stores. The strategy in question has apparently helped her products stand out against similar ones, and she was able to charge higher margins.

You will be learning straight from her how you can make your products stand out in a way that could generate higher values. It is branding done right.

This course stands out from many other FBA courses, as it can teach you how you can build your brand from the ground up, and how to build a brand that is hard to compete with.

Module 3: Finding Perfect Products

What is a perfect product, anyway?

For Sophie, the perfect product is something that can be sold for a long time. This is what brought her success in the first place.

She discusses how you can find unique products that are not easily available in online platforms. Basically, she will tell you where you can source good quality products that would please your target audience.

She also reveals that she has worked with people overseas to source products, showing her dedication to the business strategy.

Module 4: Listings Done Right

In this module, you will be learning how to make the perfect product listing. Not only should a product listing include the basics like description, product name, and pictures, but it should also catch the attention of your potential customers.

You will be learning how to create appealing titles, how to create great offers that are pretty hard to resist, how to write a good product description, and how to do keyword research.

Sophie emphasizes that product descriptions should be appealing to the general public, especially to millennials, as they are regular online shoppers.

Module 5: Shipping and Labeling

This module will discuss shipping and labeling products. Sophie will teach you some techniques which could streamline the otherwise tedious process.

She provides alternatives and easy solutions to common shipping problems that are faced by Amazon sellers. Other than that, you will also learn how to effectively ship your products to an Amazon warehouse.

Module 6: Promoting Your Store

This module will teach you how you can properly advertise your products in order to reach more people. The more people you reach, the more customers you make.

Sophie discusses some proven market strategies that she has used in the past, along with how you can monitor the performance of your store. She will also lecture you about how you can set up coupon codes in order to entice customers to choose your store.

Module 7 – Maintaining Your Account

In order to know if your store is doing well, you need to monitor your store’s performance and finances. You also have to stay control of your business at all times.

This module will teach you how to generate your store’s business reports through the help of Seller Central. You will also be learning about how you can optimize your customer support process and how to properly process payments from international customers.

If you want your business to succeed, I suggest that you look through your sales reports, payment reports, inventory reports, and your overall FBA business report.

Keep track of all this data and metrics as regularly as you can. That way, you will know what your best-selling products are, and make decisions from there.

Module 8 – Scaling Beyond Amazon and Hiring VA’s

The final module will teach you what tasks you can outsource by hiring VAs. Running a store is way too much work, and some menial tasks can be tedious. This is why it is suggested that you hire a team to help you out.

Sophie also encourages that you expand your business beyond what Amazon is providing for you.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Amazon FBA

Blue Sky Amazon Course Review - FBA

In this section of the Blue Sky Amazon course review, I will be revealing why I don’t think that FBA is a good business for you.

High Capital Required

Before you can even start selling on Amazon, you need capital. This will cost you around $20k.

Also, it is impossible to start without knowing anything. You would not want to waste your capital, right? This is why courses like these exist: to teach you the fundamentals and the technical side of the business.

Sophie’s courses will cost you more than $3k, meaning that you should consider this course as an investment. If you are a beginner and you are still on the fence about FBA, then I suggest you take a beginner course instead.

Other than that, it can also take quite some time before you can find the perfect niche to get into, and the products you should sell. Inventory costs money, too. This means that you need to buy some stocks in order to figure out which products would be a hit.

This will cost you a lot of money. Think carefully before proceeding.

Complex Business Model

As you can see, FBA is more than listing products on your website and waiting for sales. It includes a lot of tasks, which could be quite tedious if you are working alone.

On a day-to-day basis, you would have to reach out to suppliers and shipping companies, comply with the rules that were set by Amazon, and various other tedious tasks. This is why you need a team.

If you are merely a newbie who just wants a side hustle and extra money, then this business model is definitely not for you.

Long Startup Time

Let’s say that you do not want to sell products that already exist in Amazon. You want a whole new product in order to build your own brand.

Unfortunately, before you can even produce some prototypes of the products you want, you need to pay your supplier money outright. Other than that, if you think the prototypes need alterations, that is another cost.

Setting up your store and running ads are also pretty tedious, and before you can even say that your store is fully set up, it could take you months. Months of no profit, just spending.

Price Wars

Sales are what attract people to shopping, as they believe that they are scoring great deals.

However, if one store decides to have a sale, this means that the other stores have to follow suit. If they don’t, then that store will get all the profits.

In order to keep your profits stable, this could mean that you would have to cut product costs. If you are producing the products by yourself or by a supplier, then this often results to poorer product quality.

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Things I Like in Blue Sky Amazon

Extensive Training Course

This course has all the makings of a good training course. It is comprehensive, and it will go into deep dives of how to do the processes you need to learn about. From how to set up your store to monitoring your finances, this course will teach you everything.

However, take note that even if you finish the course, you are not guaranteed to success. Your future is still on your own hands.

Things I Dislike in Blue Sky Amazon

Expensive Course

This course will cost you more than $3k, which is quite a big investment. I advise against buying it if you are still on the fence about starting an Amazon store. Also, that amount is quite a lot.

You cannot just chuck that amount over a course and then decide that you won’t need the knowledge anyway. That is a waste of both time and money.

Not for Beginners

I am sure that the course is not designed for newbies, as it is pretty technical. If you want to learn about the basics, then I suggest that you find a cheaper course designed for beginners.

Final Verdict – Blue Sky Amazon

Before I end this Blue Sky Amazon course review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I do not recommend this business model at all, as it is a lot of work. I mean, if you want to focus on this, then you have to quit your full-time job and focus on it entirely. It is not as simple as selling on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Selling on Amazon requires a lot of time and effort. You have tasks you need to do everyday. All of those tasks cannot be handled by one person, which is why it is strongly advised for sellers to recruit a team.

Even though you are not making any sales, you still have to continue paying for production costs and advertising. This business is simply not for people who do not have the capital for it.

It would not work as a side hustle. It would be hard to focus on this if you are working full-time.

This is why I have a good alternative for you. I know of a side hustle which does not require as much time as this one, and is guaranteed to earn you passive income. More details are available in the section below, so keep reading.

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