Southbank Investment Research Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Southbank Investment Research. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

The more that I write about the investment and trading strategies niche, the more that I begin to understand what kind of products and services are prevalent in this particular industry. I have written quite a number of reviews for niches like ecommerce or digital marketing. For the most part, those two are relatively easier to get into compared to investing and trading. That’s not to say that you can just waltz in and start running a ecommerce shop from scratch. It’s just that you sort of know what you might get into when you enter those particular niches. There is still a level of knowledge that you need in order to be successful in it.

But when it comes to investment and trading, I’m still pretty much new to the scene. I have reviewed a couple of different products and services that are focused on this niche. Though, it feels that I am just scratching the surface when it comes to what you might find in this particular industry. Or maybe I’m just assuming that there would be more. Either way, I still haven’t fully been immersed in this particular industry. So there’s still a lot to learn from it.

One of the things that surprised me when I started to reviewed a lot of these creators and platforms is that there are quite a number of them that primarily offer newsletters. Most websites that you sign into probably have some form of a newsletter. Usually, they use those newsletters as part of their marketing strategy. Somehow, a lot of people still click on the images and links on those newsletters. And it would often lead to those businesses earning money because people inevitably purchased the products featured.

But when it comes to learning about what’s been happening in all of the different industries that you can invest in, opinions from certain personalities cost top dollar. I was really surprised when I found out how much certain newsletters cost. Like, people pay that much just to read a wall of text? How? And are those newsletters even worth it?

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Southbank Investment Research Review: Quick Details

Who Founded Southbank Investment Research?

Southbank Investment Research was founded by Bill Bonner. If that name seems familiar to you, you probably might have read my review of Rogue Economics. Bill Bonner founded a lot of different publication companies in his lifestyle. But all of them started with Agora. In case you didn’t know, Bill Bonner started out writing a newsletter about living overseas. That was when he got to writing about finance. Who would’ve thought that living overseas involved finance?

A few decades later, Bill Bonner and his son Will Bonner co-founder an investment research firm called Bonner and Partners. Similar to Agora, Bill Bonner wrote the flagship newsletter for that company. In the early 2000s, Bill bought the British financial magazine Money Week through Agora. Bill was a frequent contributor to that magazine, unsurprisingly.

Then at some point, most of the companies that Bill was running went through some rebrands. Bonner and Partners spun off into two companies: Rogue Economics and Brownstone Research. Money Week on the other hand changed its name to Southbank Investment Research. The rights to Money Week was sold back to Dennis Publishing around the time when they turned to Southbank Investment Research.

Bill Bonner is no longer directly involved with either Rogue Economics or Southbank Investment Research. But it seems that it is still part of The Agora network of publications. I honestly didn’t expect that a guy like Bill would be involved with a ton of the companies that I review. Though I probably should have expected that there would be some conglomerates in the publishing industry. That happens a lot, unfortunately.

At the time of writing, Paolo Cabrelli is the current publisher for Southbank Investment Research. Based on what I could find, Paolo has been involved with Southbank Investment Research during the days when it was still called Money Week.

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What Is Southbank Investment Research?

Southbank Investment Research is a financial research marketing firm. Similar to Rogue Economics and Brownstone Research, they offer different publications and newsletters about the world of finance.

There are two primary publications that Southbank Investment Research offers. First is Fortune & Freedom. When I was researching for this, I was really surprised to find out that the founder of Fortune & Freedom was Nigel Farage. Yes, that Nigel Farage. In case you didn’t know he is, he was a former broadcaster turned political who lead the UK Independence Party or UKIP from 2016 to 2018 and was the leader of the Brexit Party from 2019 to 2021. He was previous contributor to one of Southbank’s newsletters “The Fleet Streeter Letter.”

Most of what’s available from Fortune & Freedom is on their website. It doesn’t seem that any of their articles are locked behind a paywall. You could easily read most of their opinion pieces on the website.

The other publication that they offer is Exponential Investor. This particular publication is geared more towards cryptocurrencies, the energy sector and the tech industry. It does seem that Exponential Investor has been folded into Fortune & Freedom since the start of 2023. The website for it, including all of the previous articles, is up online. But it has been update with any new content since January.

What Else Does Southbank Investment Research Offer?

Southbank Investment Research contributor and former politician Nigel Farage

Aside from Fortune & Freedom, Southbank Investment Research offers a wide array of different newsletters. All of the newsletters that they offer are, unfortunately, locked behind a paywall. You will have to call them in order to get any information with regards to its pricing. Though, you should expect that most of the might would cost a few hundred pounds or so. If you want an idea, the cheapest newsletter that both Rogue Economics and Brownstone Research offers is priced at $149 for a yearly subscription. The most expensive newsletter that those two publication companies/research firms offer costs $5,000 for a year subscription.

There are a total of nine different newsletters that Southbank Investment Research offers, as well as a subscription service that gives you access to their entire library of current and upcoming publications.

The list of the newsletters is as follows: “Daily Profit Alert” from Adrian Buthee, “Microcap Breakouts” from Sam Volkering and Eion Treacy (who was previously a contributor for Rogue Economics), “Reflex Trader” from Eion Treacy, “Revolutionary Trend Investor” from Sam Volkering and James Allen, “Small Cap Investigator” from Sam Volkering and James Allen, “Southbank Wealth Advantage” from John Butler, “Strategic Energy Alert” from James Allen, “The Fleet Street Letter” from Nigel Farage, Nickolai Hubble and Eioi Tracey, and “Trigger Point Trader” from Eion Tracey.

Considering how many of those newsletters are from the same few contributors, it’s kind of amazing that they are able to talk about investing and trading in so many different ways. But as I have mentioned, you can only see the contents of those newsletters if you pay access for them.

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Final Verdict – Southbank Investment Research Review

While I appreciate the wide array of newsletters and publications that Southbank Investment Research provides, I do not highly recommend them for everyone. If you couldn’t already tell, the newsletters are targeted towards those that are already investing in the market. It’s not really something that everybody can easily get into.

There is a high barrier of entry when it comes to investing and trading. You’re going to spend a decent amount of money in the hopes that you will make a return. And while that is possible, you can’t guarantee that it will always be the case. Just know that investing and trading has a lot of risks involved.

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That’s it for my review of Southbank Investment Research. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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