Spark By Clickbank Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Spark by Clickbank. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

As somebody who has written a ton of reviews, it gets hard to find an angle on a certain product or service. It’s one of those struggles when you review very similar things over and over again. Most of the programs that I have reviewed basically blur together nowadays.

There have been instances where I reviewed something completely different. It was a nice change of pace. But it rarely happens whenever I do these reviews. I don’t mind that I have to review products that exist in the same niche. It’s just that it’s difficult to find different ways to say the same thing.

The good thing about it is that I have a baseline of what to look out for when it comes to these services. I am able to see if there’s any difference between all of these products. One product might work for some people but another one doesn’t. Which is weird, considering that the content rarely differs from each product. The approach to how they teach those lessons is what makes the difference.

So when I heard that Clickbank decided to start their own online course on affiliate marketing, I was intrigued. A lot of the affiliate marketing courses I’ve seen often use the Clickbank platform. So seeing them try their hand in doing an online course was kind of exciting.

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Spark By Clickbank Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Spark By Clickbank
  • Founder: ClickBank
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Affiliate marketing
  • Recommendation: It’s great to have a course being provided by a platform that most affiliate marketers use. You’re definitely going to get a lot more ways of utilizing the tools that they have to earn money through affiliate marketing. But the cost of a subscription for the training program might be a lot to some people who are just starting out.

What Is ClickBank?

A screenshot of the Clickbank homepage

There isn’t a lot of information that you can find about how ClickBank was founded. The company was founded by Dr. Timothy Barber and Eileen Langan Barber in 1998. They had another company called Keynetics prior to that. That is pretty much the extent about its origins.

Basically, ClickBank is one of the most well-known affiliate marketing and e-commerce platforms online. Like I said earlier, ClickBank has been used by so many different affiliate marketers out there. It wouldn’t still be here if people weren’t use the services that they provide.

They provide different services to both sellers and affiliates. I’m still a bit confused by how their system works. But it just does. The seller partners with ClickBank to host listings for products on their platform. And then ClickBank offers its affiliates commissions for marketing products to their respective audience. That’s basically the extent of it.

Since then, ClickBank has just grown into what it is now. It apparently has paid more than $5 billion in commissions through its affiliate program. That’s a lot of money within 25 years. So you can definitely see why a lot of people sign up to their affiliate programs.

Most affiliate marketers have used a lot of the tools that ClickBank provides including their sales funnel pages. If you’ve ever come across any kind of sales funnel for another online course, chances are that ClickBank is the one that hosts that.

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What Is Spark By ClickBank?

Spark is ClickBank’s online training platform. It shouldn’t be surprising that a place like ClickBank would get into the online training game. They have the expertise to do well. Why wouldn’t they? Almost every affiliate marketer uses ClickBank. I know that I have mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again.

There are a total of six courses that you can take within the Spark By ClickBank platform. The first three courses go through the basics of the Spark platform as well as ClickBank’s affiliate marketing program. You will also learn how to generate traffic through different methods. This particular course contains more than 10 hours worth of video lessons. It’s definitely the longest of the three beginner courses.

The second set of courses dive deeper into Facebook’s ad platform, e-mail marketing and copywriting. All of these courses work hand in hand with each other. If you have good copywriting skills, you can attract more customers to click on the link on your Facebook ad or on your newsletter. Being able to write well is such an underrated skill to have.

Both of these course sets can be bought individually for $37 and $87 a month, respectively. You can choose to purchase a bundle that contains both courses for a monthly fee worth $97. The Spark by ClickBank website has a detailed breakdown of  bonuses you’ll get in each bundle. It’s definitely cheaper to buy the bundle, obviously.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A screenshot of a video featuring Spark by Clickbank director Ben Harris

Now that we have talked about Spark platform, let’s go ahead and talk about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is form of marketing where you get paid by promoting a product or service on your own platform. Most content creators and even online publications use affiliate marketing in some form. That’s why you would often see creators have discount codes or referral links for certain services and products in their videos or posts. Every time somebody uses that link or that code, the affiliate earns commissions for every purchase made.

That’s why a lot of people join affiliate programs for e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify and ClickBank. They know that they can earn a decent amount of money every time somebody buys a product using the link that they provide. That’s the major thing you have to be aware of.

If somebody buys a product through normal means online, the one parties getting money out of it are the seller and the platform. But when they use a specific link that’s tied to a certain affiliate, the affiliate takes a commission for the purchase made. Sometimes commissions will vary depend on the platform and the product. But they usually get paid out relatively quickly.

You can see how much income potential you may have. Especially if you’ve built a large enough audience online. Without an audience to advertise, you can’t really earn money through affiliate marketing. That’s why you need to build the necessary skills to get people to notice you.

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Final Verdict – Spark By ClickBank Review

Spark by ClickBank is definitely one of the better places to learn about the basics of affiliate marketing. They offer a lot more updated material compared to some of the other affiliate marketing programs that I have reviewed. It makes sense that ClickBank would know exactly what they’re talking about.

I can’t say that I highly recommend that the training program that they offer. But it is a valuable resource for those that can afford. That’s really the point I want to get across. You will need a bit of your time and money in order to make this work. If you’re able to finish the courses within a month, then you probably have a good chance of recouping the cost that you paid for the courses.

There’s definitely a lot of potential income that you could have when it comes to affiliate marketing. But just know that it takes a long time to build an audience that you can market products to. While the course does help you have the appropriate skills and knowledge to do well in affiliate marketing, your success in it still depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. You can’t expect to earn money without putting in the work. That’s not how marketing works at all.

It’s definitely nice to have a platform like ClickBank put in the resources to make something like Spark work. There are a handful of other affiliate marketing training programs out there that aren’t really worth the money you pay. At least this time around, the material you’re learning comes straight from the source.

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