Start and Scale Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Start and Scale. Is it legit? Find out in this Start and Scale review.

Venturing into eCommerce sounds easy enough, but if you look at it thoroughly, you will notice that it may not be easy.

After all, you would have to focus on many facets of the business so that it can be successful.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Start and Scale review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Start and Scale in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Start and Scale Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Start and Scale
  • Founder: Gretta Van Riel
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommendation: I would not recommend that you get into eCommerce, as it is not really a good business for new business.

What is Start and Scale?

Start and Scale Review - Logo

The Start and Scale course is an ideal choice for those venturing into eCommerce. For a stronger chance at success, having an initial capital ranging between $5,000 to $10,000 is recommended.

However, this starting fund doesn’t necessitate immediate expenditure. Many private-label products offer accessible entry points, often requiring minimum orders of just 100 units. Furthermore, expanding your inventory becomes feasible once sales start rolling in.

A joint effort between Foundr and Gretta Van Riel, this program has garnered global recognition, boasting an enrollment exceeding 23,000 paid members. Its widespread acclaim solidifies its position as the premier eCommerce course on a global scale.

Who is Gretta Van Riel?

Start and Scale Review - Gretta Van Riel

Gretta Van Riel, a prolific young entrepreneur based in Australia, has left an indelible mark on the eCommerce landscape, having successfully founded numerous brands, including SkinnyMe Tea, the 5th, Dropbottle, and more. Gretta’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $5 million.

Her stellar achievements extend to being the recipient of the Shopify Build A Business Award, an esteemed accolade reserved for a Shopify Store achieving the highest-grossing sales within a six-month timeframe. This recognition unequivocally establishes Gretta Van Riel as a highly accomplished and successful eCommerce business proprietor.

A noteworthy milestone in Gretta’s journey is her ability to generate a staggering $600,000 in a mere six months with her inaugural eCommerce venture—an exceptional feat by any measure. This rapid success stands as a testament to her entrepreneurial acumen and strategic prowess.

Subsequently, Gretta Van Riel replicated this distinctive framework for four additional brands, seamlessly transforming each into a multi-million dollar success story.

This remarkable ability to replicate success underscores Gretta’s exceptional skill in navigating and thriving within the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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What is Foundr?

Foundr stands out as an exceptional online resource dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business proprietors to achieve success in the online realm.

Founded by Nathan Chan, this platform has been meticulously crafted from the ground up, devoid of external investments. Within the Foundr domain, a treasure trove of invaluable strategies and insights is readily available, generously shared by Nathan himself and other accomplished entrepreneurs.

Beyond captivating interviews with renowned figures in the entrepreneurship sphere, Foundr enriches its repository with narratives detailing the journeys of entrepreneurs who have not only achieved seven-figure successes but have scaled their ventures to astonishing 100-figure heights.

The breadth of coverage spans the entire entrepreneurial spectrum, addressing the initial hurdles encountered when launching a business and navigating through the intricate challenges to eventual triumphs. Foundr, with its wealth of content and diverse perspectives, serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial odysseys.

Start and Scale Overview

Gretta Van Riel, the mastermind behind Start and Scale, unveils a treasure trove of eCommerce triumphs, revealing invaluable secrets essential for launching an online store dedicated to physical products.

This comprehensive course offers a detailed roadmap, guiding individuals through each crucial step necessary to establish a successful eCommerce venture.

Module 1 initiates the journey by imparting invaluable wisdom on identifying a profitable product idea. Gretta introduces her unique product idea validation process, ensuring the product’s demand within the market. Building upon this, Module 2 delves into Gretta’s branding expertise, offering insights on crafting a trustworthy and recognizable eCommerce brand that endures.

The course moves forward in Module 3, unraveling the intricacies of bringing a product to life by aiding in design and identifying reliable manufacturers. Module 4 delves into financial strategies, elucidating methods to maintain a profitable business and manage finances effectively.

Gretta’s emphasis on audience-building emerges in Module 5, advocating for a pre-launch audience strategy to circumvent stagnant launches. She details the art of audience cultivation on social media, facilitating sales from day one of the launch. Module 6 explores Gretta’s million-dollar influencer marketing blueprint, leveraging her expertise in harnessing influencer power to promote products and enhance brand recognition.

In Module 7, a focus on operational excellence becomes evident, streamlining logistics and business operations. This comprehensive approach covers payment setup, logistics, and customer support to ensure smooth business operations. The course culminates with Module 8, delving into advanced sales and marketing techniques essential for scaling an eCommerce brand to a seven-figure entity, consolidating the knowledge gained throughout the journey.

Start and Scale transcends typical eCommerce courses, providing a holistic understanding of eCommerce, encompassing everything from product ideation to operational intricacies, ensuring a well-rounded education in building a thriving online business.

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Is Start and Scale Legit?

Undoubtedly, Start and Scale stands as a legitimate and credible course in the realm of eCommerce. It’s essential to acknowledge that not every student embarking on the Start and Scale journey achieves immediate success, which is entirely normal.

The trajectory to success in eCommerce, akin to any other business endeavor, demands a blend of hard work, creativity, and perseverance. It’s comparable to the reality that not every graduate from a prestigious business school attains wealth automatically.

The road to building a flourishing brand requires dedication and often involves facing challenges. Unfortunately, some individuals may prematurely abandon their efforts, not realizing the potential that lies beyond initial obstacles.

While success is not guaranteed, undertaking the Start and Scale course significantly enhances your prospects of becoming a success story in the eCommerce landscape.

Gretta van Riel’s groundbreaking marketing concepts have catalyzed transformations for numerous entrepreneurs, leading to the revitalization of existing businesses or the achievement of remarkable results from the ground up. Embracing Gretta’s marketing strategies through this course provides invaluable insights, equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to launch and sustain a lucrative online business.

In contrast, initiating an online business without a foundation in proven marketing strategies exposes individuals to heightened risks.

The significance of acquiring knowledge in established techniques and strategies becomes evident, underscoring the importance of undertaking a course like Start and Scale to navigate the complexities of the online business landscape successfully.

Final Verdict – Start and Scale Review

As I conclude this Start and Scale review, it’s crucial to approach it with a skeptical eye. While the program may boast a seemingly impressive collaboration between Foundr and Gretta Van Riel, promising a pathway to eCommerce success, the reality isn’t always as rosy.

While delving into the extensive modules and praising the achievements of Gretta Van Riel, one can’t help but wonder if this is merely a well-crafted narrative aimed at luring aspiring entrepreneurs into a web of grand promises. The emphasis on an initial capital ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 raises questions about inclusivity and accessibility, leaving those with limited funds to question if success is reserved for the financially privileged.

The collaboration between Foundr and Gretta is lauded, with an enrollment surpassing 23,000 paid members, but one must question if quantity equates to quality. The global recognition doesn’t necessarily guarantee the efficacy of the course, and success stories, while impressive, might be outliers rather than the norm.

Gretta Van Riel’s achievements, from her Shopify award to the rapid success of her first eCommerce venture, paint a compelling picture. However, it’s essential to decipher if these achievements are the outcome of her marketing prowess or the effectiveness of the Start and Scale course itself.

Foundr, presented as an exceptional online resource, adds credibility to the narrative. Still, the question lingers—does this platform genuinely offer a diverse and comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs, or is it just another online repository of curated success stories that may not be replicable for everyone?

As for the course overview, the roadmap laid out in modules appears promising, but the emphasis on following Gretta’s exact methods may not resonate with every individual’s unique journey. The assertion that the course transcends typical eCommerce offerings might be an overstatement, as success in eCommerce is often contingent on various factors beyond a structured curriculum.

In the realm of legitimacy, the line blurs. Undoubtedly, not every student achieves immediate success, and the acknowledgment of this fact is commendable. Yet, the language used to describe the journey seems more like a sales pitch than a genuine acknowledgment of the challenges one might face.

While Start and Scale may provide insights, approaching it with caution and considering alternatives is prudent. The road to success in eCommerce is nuanced, and success stories are often multifaceted. Whether this course is a game-changer or a well-marketed endeavor remains a personal interpretation—one that aspiring entrepreneurs should approach with discernment.

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