Crypto Crew University Review: Best Crypto School?

Today, we’re going to talk about Steve Courtney’s Crypto Crew University. Is this worth a try? Find out in this Crypto Crew University review.

Right now, we are in an era that many calls “The Crypto Boom”. This is due to the popularity of cryptocurrency and its related technology (blockchainNFT) as a whole.

Its popularity grew even further when the COVID-19 pandemic hit several countries. As thanks to crypto technology, it has helped even middle-class people earn money in some way.

However, there are still some people who are still hesitant about investing in anything related crypto. Because until now, some of them still couldn’t understand it, and how it’s a great investment.

The Crypto Crew University aims to change all that. They claim that, after you enroll in this program, you’ll be able to learn all about cryptocurrency, and how you can make a lot of money with it.

But before you spend any money on this, it would be best for you if you read this Crypto Crew University review first. So that you can judge for yourself if you’ll gain some benefit in taking this program or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased Crypto Crew University review, based solely on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links about this product here, as I’m not affiliated with Crypto Crew University and its personnel in any form.

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Crypto Crew University Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Crypto Crew University
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Education & Training Program
  • Niche: Cryptocurrency & Investments
  • Owner: Steve Courtney
  • Price: $14,594.00
  • Recommended?: For me, it’s not really worth it. For the cost, it’s much better if you just use it to invest in cryptocurrency by yourself. Besides, there are already numerous training materials about investing in cryptocurrency out there, and some of them can be accessed free of charge.

What Is The Crypto Crew University?

Crypto Crew University 1

Crypto Crew University is an online training program about cryptocurrency. It aims to assist its members in getting the most profits out of their crypto investments.

It consists of several online training courses, as well as a trading alert service.

The online courses serve to give students a complete education about cryptocurrency, and how you can get started in trading and investing. Each of their programs here is intended for beginner traders, though more experienced traders can also take some of the courses here in order to learn more trading strategies.

As for the trading alert service, its main function is to monitor the current movements and trends of the cryptocurrency market. Then, when a potentially profitable trade is spotted, whether it’s buying or selling, the program will signal its members for them to take action as soon as they can.

This is basically very similar to various stock trading alert services. The only difference is that it focuses on the cryptocurrency market.

Altogether, Crypto Crew University may be ideal for crypto-traders who would like to maximize their profits on the cryptocurrency market. While at the same time, keeping their risks and losses as minimal as possible.

Always remember, however, that investing in crypto is a highly unreliable way to earn money. It’s not really in this training program that’s the problem, but it’s in crypto itself.

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset. In fact, its volatility is even higher than other forms of securities like stocks and stock options. And this translates to an even riskier investment.

Since crypto is very vulnerable to sudden spikes and crashes, there’s still no guarantee that you can get consistent earnings in your cryptocurrency investments. In fact, one bad trade, and you’ll completely lose all your invested money.


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Crypto Crew University Personnel

Steve Courtney is the founder, and current CEO, of Crypto Crew University (CCU).

Crypto Crew University - Steve Courtney

Steve grew up in a family that struggled with money, and he claimed that this experience is what inspired him to help others earn money and live a comfortable life.

His experience with trading started when he was 16 years old. During that time, he’s been active in stock trading.

Several years later, he began his transition from stocks to crypto. It was during this time that he became inspired to create this program. Because he believed that many traders lose a lot of money due to their lack of experience, and a winning trading strategy.

Crypto Crew University is claimed to be the result of Steve Courtney’s extensive experience in the world of stocks and crypto trading, which spans 19+ years.

Aside from this, he’s also a modestly-known crypto influencer. He currently has his own YouTube channel, also named the Crypto Crew University, where he also discusses various topics related to cryptocurrency.

Crypto Crew University - YouTube Channel

At 217K subscribers, his channel can be considered moderately successful. However, many have claimed that most of his videos here do offer some good information regarding cryptocurrency trends. A few others, however, are claimed to be just clickbait to direct you to this training program.

What Can You Get From The Crypto Crew University?

Crypto Crew University contains a variety of products. Each of these products is then categorized and sold into what they call “bundles”

If you ever decide to invest in this program, there are two bundles that you can choose from, based on your needs.

  • Course Bundle (contains all of the educational courses this program offers. Also includes an alerts service for Steve’s own crypto trading strategy.)
  • Indicator Bundle (A comprehensive crypto alerts service based on various trading strategies.)

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside each bundle.

Course Bundle

Crypto Crew University - Course Bundle

The Course Bundle (also known as the New Gold Bundle), as the name suggests, contains all of the training courses offered by this program. Here, there are courses that are suitable for crypto traders of all levels (beginners to pros), as well as courses that cover a specific topic somewhat related to cryptocurrency (for example, stocks).

It also contains strategies that crypto day traders, swing traders, and long-term investors can apply in order for them to get the best profits. Most especially, it contains various strategies that Steve Courtney claims he uses himself.

Finally, the Course Bundle promo comes complete with a Steve’s Custom Hybrid Indicator. It is a trading alert service that leverages Steve Courtney’s own crypto trading strategy.

It observes the crypto market for any possible good trades, whether buying or selling, and sends an alert to users whenever it finds them, for them to take the same action.

Here’s everything that you’re going to get when you availed of the Course Bundle:

  • Steve’s Famous Hybrid Indicator – The alert service that uses Steve’s Hybrid Strategy to identify any good or bad trade in the crypto market today. And once found, alerts will be sent to users to give them proper suggestions on how to buy or sell for maximum earnings.
  • Beginner Courses
  • Intermediate Courses
  • Advanced Courses
  • Pro Courses
  • Stock & Crypto Courses
  • Steve’s Famous Hybrid Strategy – Teaches you on how to use Steve Courtney’s own hybrid strategy on crypto trading. It seems to be a combination of various trading strategies in the past, based on some user reports. More on this will be revealed later.
  • Steve’s NVT-HV Indicator – NVT stands for “Network Value to Transaction”, while HV stands for “Historical Volatility”. This is an alert service that claims to combine those two charts into one alerts service for traders.

Indicator Bundle

Crypto Crew University - Indicator Bundle

The Indicator Bundle is Crypto Crew University’s official trading alerts service.

It is often billed as a “done-for-you” service by its creators. As with these indicators, you won’t need to spend your time looking through numerous charts and calling out patterns because these will do it for now.

As with any stock trading alert service, it’s easy enough to use. Each of these indicators corresponds to a different trading strategy, and thus, they monitor different charts, patterns, etc.

Whenever a potentially profitable movement is spotted, these indicators will then send alerts to your PC or mobile phone to encourage these users to take action, whether it’s buying or selling particular crypto.

The Indicator Bundle has four main products on its offer:

  • DC MACD Indicator – This relies on a charting strategy involving both Donchian channels and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence).
  • 21 Club Indicator – This relies on the 21 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) trading strategy.
  • Steve’s Fib Ma Indicator – An alert service that relies on the Fibonacci and Moving Averages to give a rough prediction on the values of Bitcoin.
  • Steve’s Heat Worm Indicator – Helps improve your odds of identifying Bitcoins bottoms and market cycle tops based on historical data.

In addition to these alert services, the Course Bundle also includes various tutorials, like notes and demo videos, to help you on how to use these indicators. Using these indicators, they claim that you can unlock various cryptocurrency trading strategies that can outperform others such as HODL.

Curiously, this bundle doesn’t include the contents from Steve’s Custom Hybrid Indicator, as well as the NVT-HV Indicator.

How Much Does Crypto Crew University Cost?

Here are the individual prices of each of the bundles of Crypto Crew University. Note that these are the current pricing, and may be subject to change at any given time.

  • Course Bundle – $5,897
  • Steve’s Custom Hybrid Indicator – $4,897
  • Indicator Bundle – $3,800

Overall, the total cost of all these bundles is $14,594. However, if you purchase them all via the “All-In-One” bundle, you’ll also receive three additional bonuses.

Crypto Crew University - All In One

Regardless, for a cryptocurrency training program, these programs are very expensive. For that amount of money, you can already invest a healthy amount in bitcoin or any other cryptos out there, and you can get the training you needed from various free sources.

Unless you really intend to create a semi-fulltime income source by investing in crypto, then the Crypto Crew University may be of some help to you. But you should know, that this is a very bad idea.

Due to the nature of crypto as an investment, there’s always no guarantee that you can get consistent earnings with this kind of investment.

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Pros And Cons Of Crypto Crew University


  • The courses included in the Crypto Crew University are rather comprehensive and complete. And there’s something for all levels of traders, from beginners to veteran traders.
  • The indicators may help your trading life much easier. Instead of having to read through all of the trading charts and doing the analysis by yourself, the alert services included here may help do the work for you. So that you can just focus on buying and selling crypto.
  • The owner of this course seems to be legitimately successful in crypto.


  • It’s very expensive for an online course. The same training quality can be gotten from other free sources if you look hard enough.
  • There are no documented and legitimate success stories from anyone using this system.
  • A number of sources claim that the trading strategies presented here are either outdated or simply don’t work. It’s also not “game-changing”, as the course says.
  • Cryptocurrency trading is very risky. If you’re not careful, you can easily lose a lot of your money from your trades.
  • To earn a good amount of money in cryptocurrency trading, you have to invest a lot of money first.

So, Is Crypto Crew University Worth Investing In?

Crypto Crew University - Cryptocurrency Phone Trading

I’m going to say this straight away. Despite the comprehensive course content, I don’t think Crypto Crew University is a worthwhile investment.

It is a legitimate fact that cryptocurrency trading can help you earn a good amount of money. In fact, most investors right now prefer investing in crypto over others like stocks, real estate, etc.

And there are plenty of stories on people who have invested in crypto and got earnings in excess of more than 100%, or even much more.

However, if you’re thinking that you can earn money easily with this business model, then you may want to take a step back.

Cryptocurrency trading is not for the faint of heart at all. Similar to stocks trading, cryptocurrency is notorious for its volatility. The only difference about it is, cryptocurrency is much more volatile than stocks or other investments because it’s not backed by any commodity.

Its value is only determined when the cryptocurrency in question is still in demand. This is becoming less of an issue as the most prominent cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are achieving some level of stable value in the market today.

But there’s always a chance that their value can rise, or even drop drastically. And when it happens, it’s usually quite extreme.

Therefore, while there’s a good chance that you can get large profits from trading cryptocurrencies, there’s also a chance that the value can drop drastically, and you’ll lose quite a lot of your money.

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Not A Good Crypto Trading Strategy?

There’s also an interesting analysis regarding the feasibility of Steve Courtney’s crypto trading strategy that he teaches here at Crypto Crew University.

A post on Reddit seems to confirm this claim, and is further supported by comments from other traders.

Crypto Crew University Reddit Post

You can view how the strategy works here.

In my opinion, it really depends. Some traders may find the indicators and strategies here working for them. But most claim that they don’t work.

But in the end, no matter what crypto trading strategy you use, if it claims that it can give you guaranteed earnings, then it’s obvious that it doesn’t work as expected.

Because no trading strategy is perfect and there will be even more cases that, before you can earn, you’re going to lose a lot. Therefore, always be careful and don’t invest all of your money in crypto trading.

Alternatives To Crypto Crew University

Crypto Crew University - Cryptocurrency

To be honest, I don’t really recommend that you pay for any online course or training program, if you want to learn about cryptocurrency.

Because most of their educational material is already available from other free sources. You just have to look carefully or ask other experienced traders.

Alternatively, you can also invest and play an NFT game, or invest into an NFT platform, if you want to monetize any of your hobbies, like arts, gaming, etc.

But as a beginner, it’s much better if you just invest your money in a course that teaches you how you can build an online business from the start.

Crypto Crew University Review: Final Thoughts

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

I would like to share with you some final thoughts to close off this Crypto Crew University review.

Some people have reported that they’re earning a lot of money from investing in cryptocurrency. And honestly, they’re not lying.

Cryptocurrency investments are one good way to increase your profits, because of their extremely high value. However, as I always say here, it’s certainly not for the weak of heart due to their very unstable nature.

And if you’re not carefully monitoring it, you might even lose all your invested money.

All types of investments, whether it’s stocks or others are somewhat similar to gambling in a sense, but it’s evidently apparent here in crypto. But if you’re willing to accept the risk, investing in cryptocurrency could rake you in huge profits in the long run.

Meanwhile, gold is a good investment to have due to its stability in value. It’s no wonder that some people invest themselves in jewelry, not for fashion purposes, but also to protect their financial assets.

Programs like the Keystone Investors Club could benefit you in the long run if you want to start investing in cryptocurrency. Therefore, if such is your cup of tea, then this could be the program for you.

However, if you’re put off by the price, it’s alright. You don’t really need something like this.

Because for me, you should not rely upon crypto trading entirely and focus on building a sustainable business. In order to do that, you should find an opportunity that is legitimate and effective and is also transparent.

Fortunately, I’m also here to present you with such an opportunity. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Crypto Crew University review.

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