Stock Gumshoe Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about Stock Gumshoe. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

When it comes to investment strategy-related newsletters, there are a lot of them to choose from. You can have your choice to any one of them because there is a wide variety of it out there. Granted, a lot of them are coming from these companies that fall under the umbrella of a much larger company. It was surprising to have learned, from the research that I do for these reviews, that a big chunk of the newsletters that I have reviewed so far were under this well-known name in the industry.

It is interesting to see how a lot these publication companies and research firms price the newsletters that they offer to its customers. Some of them are free. But they don’t really contain a lot of insights that you might get if you choose to go with the paid ones. The difference with the free and paid newsletters are like night and day. It’s understandable why newsletters coming from a firm like Rogue Economics often plug the paid ones at the end of the free ones. You have to rope them in at some point. It’s normal marketing strategy that a lot of companies use. So it’s not like they’re being deceptive. They just know that they’ve cultivated an audience that might be interested in paying for something that has value to them.

But sometimes it’s insane to think that some of newsletters from the aforementioned firm costs thousands of dollars for an annual subscription. I was aware that they had some valuable insights about where the market is currently heading. But I didn’t think that it would cost $4,000 dollars to read those insights.

So whenever I see certain companies offer their insights for way less than what some of the bigger companies charge for theirs, I am always interested to see how they stack up to the competition. Surely, there must something that a company like Stock Gumshoe does that’s well worth the money that you paid them. But we’ll get to that in the review.

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Stock Gumshoe Review: Quick Details

Who Is Travis Johnson?

Stock Gumshoe founder Travis Johnson

If you have ready any of my past reviews, this is often the part where I would write about the people who created the online training program or founded the company that I am reviewing. This is pretty standard to all of my reviews. It gives the readers, as such as yourself, an idea of who these people are. Because, for the most part, somebody had the idea to create this particular product or service. Sure, they had inspiration from other people to do so. But that’s a normal thing that happens when you have some level of confidence in the thing that you are making.

Unfortunately, there often comes a time where there’s not a lot of information that you could find about the people who made whatever is it that I am reviewing. That time is now. There’s not a lot that you could about Travis Johnson online. I mean, if you search for his name on a search engine, you’re likely going to get results for a former defensive end with the same name. He’s the more well-known one. Or at least he’s the one who has a lot more easily searchable information.

Based on a post on the Stock Gumshoe website from 2015, Travis was an individual investor prior to him starting his website. Apparently, he had worked as a direct marketer before, often helping out raising money for charity. He was also a educator as well, on the track to getting tenure before he decided to kind of shift towards running Stock Gumshoe. Travis already had some level of experience running a blog prior to working fulltime on Stock Gumshoe. It seemed that he was always interested in writing about his thoughts about all the investing strategy newsletters that were already out by then. And there were a handful of them by then.

It wasn’t until 2007 when he went all in on doing this as a career. He had started the blog while he was still living in Washington D.C. But after a while he and his family moved to Massachusetts. And that’s extent of the information that you could find about Travis Johnson.

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What Is Stock Gumshoe?

In essence, Stock Gumshoe is a website where you can read insights about what is happening in the stock market. There’s not really much else to go there. If you think about, it’s pretty much a blog with a lot of jargon mixed into it. Not saying that that’s a bad thing. But that’s pretty much what you’re going to get from Travis and his contributors.

The website is built on the premise that a lot of the other companies that offer their own investment strategy newsletters often tease out these stocks that could be the next great investment. But they never really tell you exactly what it is. Not until you pay for a subscription to their premium newsletters first. It’s a pretty standard marketing tactic. A lot of other niches uses a marketing funnel to kind of get you to become a patron for their products and/or services. They give you something that might interest you. And all they’re going to do is to wait until someone decides to actually pay to have more of that product. That’s why certain businesses offer samples of their products.

The problem is that a lot of the premium newsletters costs thousands of dollars for an annual subscription. And those are just for the ones who put their pricing up top instead of hiding it behind another page on a website. Or worse, you have to call them to ask for pricing. This is a lot more common for those that fall under the umbrella of these big research firm conglomerate. I’ve already mentioned one of them at the top of the review.

Stock Gumshoe creator Travis Johnson

What Does Stock Gumshoe Offer?

With Stock Gumshoe, their objective is to give you an idea of what kind of companies these larger firms are teasing in their newsletters and tell you exactly what they are. At least they try to give you an idea of why those companies are something that you could invest in. They actually spend time checking their movement in the market to see if they’re actually worth the hype that these premium newsletters are giving them.

You could easily sign up for a profile on their website so that you could get their newsletter delivered to your inbox. It also gives you the ability to comment on the articles on the website. Not a lot of other newsletters offer their subscribers the ability to comment on those articles. So it’s nice to see that you could get access to most of the stuff on the Stock Gumshoe website without having to pay for anything.

That’s not to say that Stock Gumshoe doesn’t offer their own subscription service. Far from it.  But compared to how much other newsletters cost, it’s definitely a bit more affordable. There are two different options that Stock Gumshoe offers for their Irregulars subscription service. The first is their standard tier which costs $7.99 for a monthly subscription, $79 for an annual subscription or $399 for lifetime access. Then there’s the Plus+ Ad-Free tier which costs $11 for a monthly subscription, $119 for an annual subscription or $599 for lifetime access.

What you’re getting from either of the paid tiers are as follows: you get summaries of Travis Johnson’s articles, Friday Files commentary every week, access to Travis’ “Real Money” and “$100K Lock Box” portfolios that include analysis and frequent updates. You also get frequent email updates whenever Travis buys or sells a stock. There’s also the ability to start your own discussion thread on the forum.

The Plus+ Ad-Free tier has all of those inclusions but it has the added benefit of being able to browse through the website without any kind of ad. Somehow, the ad-free experience also applies to the newsletters that you get in your inbox. You also get those newsletters earlier than those that are are under the free or standard tiers.

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Final Verdict – Stock Gumshoe Review

If you are somebody wants to have some of level of understanding of stock trading or investing, the newsletter that Travis Johnson offers through Stock Gumshoe is well worth your time. They actually fulfill on their premise that they would look into all of their investment strategy newsletters out and tell you exactly what kind of stocks these newsletters keep on teasing. There are actual articles on their website that reference some of the newsletters that I have made reviews of.

And most of these articles are free to view on their website. Their subscription service isn’t even bad at all. Nobody’s really forcing you to actually subscribe to it. But the pricing for it is definitely way more affordable than the newsletters that they mention in their articles. It’s a good introduction into how people approach stock trading and investing. Even if you have no plans of actually becoming an investor, it’s a good resource nonetheless.

Inevitably you’re going to spend a decent amount of money when you get into stock trading and investing. There are also going to be risks that are involved with it. It’s possible to mitigate some of them. But it’s always going to be there.

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That’s it for my review of Stock Gumshoe. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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