Stock Navigators Course Review (A Hard No For Me!)

Today, we’re going to take a look at Stock Navigators. Can this help you earn more money? Let’s see in this Stock Navigators course review.

A number of people right now are getting interested in investing and trading in the stock market. While there’s some misconception that it’s only for the “rich”, in truth, the majority of stock traders consist of middle-class young adults.

The reason for its popularity as an investment is because, unlike a bank savings account, stock investments can yield higher returns. And the fact that you can start in as little as a single dollar, means it’s also more accessible.

Of course, having money to spare in stock trading isn’t quite enough to get you started. It still requires the proper education, trading strategy, and even mindset.

Because the hard truth is, you’re not always a winner in stock trading. And if you can’t handle yourself on that, you’re going to be losing more money than you should.

And this is where the Stock Navigators program comes in. It claims that if you ever need to get educated on things related to stock trading and investments, then you should give this program a try.

But before you decide to jump into this program, it would be great if you read this Stock Navigators review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is the right direction for you, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully unbiased Stock Navigators review, based solely on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, you won’t find any affiliate links of this product here, as I’m not affiliated with Stock Navigators and its creators at all.

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Stock Navigators Course Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Stock Navigators
  • Website:
  • Type: Educational Program, Training Course
  • Niche: Stock Market
  • Owner(s): Tom Luong & Timothy Luong
  • Price: Ranges from $6,000 to $4,500
  • Recommended?: It depends. If you’re considering improving your knowledge of the stock market, as well as how to make the most money out of it, then this program is for you. However, most of the time, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars just for this kind of education.

What Is Stock Navigators?

Stock Navigators - Front Page

Prosper Trading Academy is a company that offers several online courses related to the subject of the stock market. Whether one wants to get into stocks trading or just want to improve their overall training knowledge, Stock Navigators has a suitable course for them.

There’s a course here that gives beginners a good introduction to the stock market itself, and how it works. Another online course here is suited for both beginners and advanced traders, and covers various strategies that you can apply when stock trading, no matter what kind of trader you are. Finally, Stock Navigators also offers a training course for options trading.

A lot of people today are getting involved in stock trading and investing. And for a good reason. Because it’s known that those who invest in stocks can get good returns depending on the market. There are even some reports that one can effectively double or even triple, the money they invested into stocks.

An online course like Stock Navigators can help individuals who wanted to try stock trading for themselves and also maximize their gains from it effectively losing their risks.

But as I always say, while you can make some money by trading in the stock market, you still have to calculate your risk. Especially in day trading where everything is happening so fast that you may not have enough time to react.

Even with these systems at your disposal, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll even be making a profit with this. If you’re not careful, you may even lose all the money you invested.

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The People Behind Stock Navigators

The Stock Navigators program is founded by Timothy Luong.

Stock Navigators - Timothy Luong & Tom Luong

Timothy learned the ways of the stock market and trading from his father, Tom Luong. In fact, it’s all thanks to his father that this program is even made at all.

According to the story, Tom Luong and his family moved from Vietnam to the United States with almost nothing with him. But through much perseverance, he eventually landed a career as a Systems Design Engineer in Silicon Valley, and from there, his success seems to be imminent.

His turning point on the stock market came when he began to learn how the stock market works, and he used the knowledge first to trade the stocks his company offered to him. But that was before the tech bubble burst. Overnight, Tom lost half of what he made over the last decade.

It was during this time that Tom thought, that in order to truly succeed in the stock market, he would have to study it extremely well. And so, after spending over $100,000 on education and over $30,000 on trading software, and through numerous trial and error…

He finally found the collection of methods that worked best together in a variety of market conditions. This is how Tom found his one-of-a-kind trading strategy that he uses to this day.

This strategy was also the basis of the Stock Navigators company. Timothy, his son, wanted to also learn how to make money in the stock market. So he began to study stock market strategies from his own father, even quitting a position on Wall Street to be able to dedicate himself to it.

And that leads to the chain of events that eventually inspired him to found the Stock Navigators training program.

Stock Navigators Course Review: Courses Overview

The Stock Navigators program consists of a total of three courses. Each course caters to a specific stock level expertise, so some courses may be suitable for beginners, while others may benefit advanced traders more.

If you’re going to take all of the online courses from Stock Navigators, it’ll take you a total of 3-6 months to complete them. Which is already plenty of time for you to grasp the lessons included effectively.

Here’s a list and a quick overview of the courses here.

Money Zone Trading

The Money Zone Trading is what you can call a gateway program to stock trading. Basically, this program helps you determine for yourself whether stock trading is suitable for your needs, and introduces you to the following things.

  • Building capital
  • The three types of trading
  • Stocks explained
  • How to use technical analysis to identify trends
  • Setting up your trading account
  • Managing risk
  • What to expect as you begin trading

You’ll also have access to a so-called “training bootcamp” that is hosted by Timothy Luong himself. This bootcamp will educate you on the most important things to consider when trading, and it includes live demos on charts and understanding how to reduce risk.

You’ll also learn here their so-called “Money Zone Method”, which is basically their own trading strategy. Finally, you’ll also be able to put your training here to the test, as they also have a “trading simulator” or sorts to practice your skills.

Stock Navigators - Money Zone Trading Challenge

Expert Trader

The Expert Trader is Stock Navigators’ flagship course. As such, this contains everything that you’ll need to learn about the stock market itself, and how you can earn money from it.

Stock market beginners can benefit from this. But this is primarily intended for advanced traders who wanted to get the most out of stock market trading.

Basically, most of the course content from the Money Zone Challenge is also included here. In addition to several more advanced lessons.

This online course lasts a total of 7 weeks.

Stock Navigators - Expert Trader

Options Accelerator

A stock option (or “option” for short) is a contract between two parties that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell underlying stocks at a predetermined price and within a specified time period. You can think of it as an “insurance” for your stock portfolio that protects you from losing your investment money, in case a certain stock’s price drops.

More importantly, you can also trade options in the same way you can trade stocks. And this online course will teach you everything you need to get started.

Take note that this Stock Navigators course is only available to those who also took the Expert Trader course. And for a good reason.

Because options trading is a little more complicated and advanced than regular stock trading.

Stock Navigators - Options Accelerator

Aside from the educational course material, both the Expert Trader and the Options Accelerator course include the following:

Premium Trading Room

The premium trading room provides you with a peek at how the creators of this course do their stock trades every morning. This can give you a good idea on some of their trading strategies and insights, and hopefully be able to replicate them.

You’ll have access to this feature for the first six months.

Q&A Sessions

Q&A sessions are also held in the evening for 3 days a week. This allows you to ask for assistance from the stock marketing trading coaches that this program has, and ask them several questions.

How Much Does Stock Navigators Cost?

The price for joining the Stock Navigators training program isn’t revealed at first. As with most courses of its type, you first have to book a call with them.

Based on what I found, however, the price can vary. Some say it’s around $6,000, while others say it’s in the 4k to 5k range. But whatever the final price is, it’s only a one-time payment.

As you can already tell, the course itself is rather expensive. And it doesn’t even take into account the amount of money that you’ll need to start stock trading. Which can easily range from a thousand dollars or more.

Does Stock Navigators Work?

Stock Navigators Trader

I’m pretty sure that the reason why you are here in this Stock Navigators course review is to answer this question: Will this also work for you?

The creators of this program did say that this program is based on trading strategies that have worked for them in the past. And that this could work for you as well if you put enough effort into it.

However, I am not really that 100% confident that you can make as much money as you like with this system.

Yes, ithas good quality content which can guide you regarding which stocks to invest in, but it does not guarantee your success as a stock trader. Because of its volatility, there is no way to know whether you will actually be making money or not.

And that is regardless of what strategy you learn on stock trading. Whether it’s something like the “Money Press method” or the “Shadow Blitz“, none of them can guarantee your success.

Even the courses of Stock Navigators state this, and that’s why risk management is also an important part of this training. Also, the consultation program of this is also another way to help you determine if stock trading is suitable for your goals or not.

Why I Don’t Recommend Stock Trading

Stock Trading

This section of the Stock Navigators course review will reveal why I do not think stock trading will work for you.

Once you’ve figured out how to trade, you can make a lot of money. However, as a rookie, I do not believe it is a decent side hustle.

You need to study a number of things before you can even start making money.

Very High Financial Risk

Trading necessitates financial commitment. If you don’t have any money you are okay with losing, then you shouldn’t able to invest. Also, keep in mind that stock trading is quite risky. You have the option of doubling or even tripling your money in one day or losing it all in the very same day.

This career, in my opinion, is best suited for those with a lot of money to lose. This is not an excellent opportunity to invest money in if you are barely scraping by to pay rent and utilities.


Allow me to expand on this idea. You must know when to take risks in order to become a great trader. However, it is easier said than done.

You should be aware of the various options available to you. A good transaction will make you money, whilst a bad one will cause you to lose everything.

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But Is Stock Navigators A Scam?

I don’t think Stock Navigators can qualify as a scam course, and that the Luong family are scammers.

After all, they seem to have a 95% “Excellent” rating on TrustPilot. This means plenty of people do trust this online course, and get their money’s worth from it.

However, as I don’t really recommend stock trading as a way to make money, you should still think twice, maybe even thrice, before you invest your money in this course.

Pros & Cons Of Stock Navigators


  • The educational quality of this online program is very high. You can easily grasp the concepts of the stock market here.
  • Very good customer service here. The coaches are effective at what they do, and they answer all consultations that you may have while training on this course. The community here is also very friendly.


  • The program itself is very expensive. And it doesn’t even take into account the initial investment that you’ll need to start trading.
  • Their refund policy is horrible. You only have three days to decide if this is worth your money or not.

Alternatives to Stock Navigators


In this section of the Stock Navigators course review, I’ll give you a few other options to consider.

Stock Navigators is a good program by itself, but I understand that not all people can afford something like this. Even more, since the capital needed for this business method is also expensive.

For this case, then you may try other, cheaper online courses or systems that can help you. The Oxford Club and Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities may be worth looking into for you.

If you’re going to be serious on stock market day trading, you can also avail of some tools to help you out with it. VantagePoint could be one of them.

But then again, as I said before, stock market trading is very hard and quite expensive, needing a huge amount of capital in order to get some good profits from it. For that reason, it may be much better if you just try something different instead…

Stock Navigators Course Review: Final Thoughts

Before I close off this Stock Navigators course review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

If you are attracted to the idea of stock trading as a side hustle to make money online, then Stock Navigators might be a course that’s worth it for you. And I can’t blame you for it.

But keep in mind the risks that are associated with day trading and the stock market itself. And keep in mind that, regardless of how good or expensive your course or newsletter service is for this purpose, it’s not a surefire way to succeed in trading.

My suggestion is to just learn a bit about the stock market and start out small, to build your experience. Don’t rely on stock trading too much to make money, but rather just invest in a few, and if possible, hold it for a long time (until the situation calls for it to be sold).

If you want my advice, there’s still a better way to make money online out there. And most of the time, it only involves little monetary capital, and some knowledge.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Stock Navigators course review.

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