Store Formula Review – Legit or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Store Formula. Is it legit? Find out in this Store Formula review.

In spite of the fact that many so-called “gurus” have a tendency to portray drop shipping as an easy way to make money quickly, the actual rate of failure associated with this business model is quite high.

Jon Mac, much like other so-called experts in the field, asserts that he can reveal to you the secret to success in eCommerce, but is this really the case?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Store Formula review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Store Formula in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Store Formula Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Store Formula
  • Owner: Jon Mac
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Online course
  • Niche: Dropshipping
  • Recommended?: Dropshipping is not really a profitable venture anymore. I would recommend that you not go into it, as the competition is quite tough now.

What is Store Formula?

Store Formula Review - Logo

You can learn how to dropship products with the use of an online course like Store Formula.

It brings together Dropshipping and CommerceHQ into one convenient package. In addition to Shopify, which is one of the most prominent platforms for online stores, Jon Mac, who made the course, is the creator of CommerceHQ, which is an alternative to Shopify.

Video walkthroughs are used to instruct students throughout the course. There is a total of 53 lessons, and the combined time for all of them is 9 hours and 17 minutes.

Week 1: Build (Length: 2 Hours 37 Minutes)

This week is dedicated to teaching you how to set up your store on CommerceHQ, which is different from Shopify in that regard.

Week 2: Select (Length: 2 Hours 17 Minutes)

The courses for this week will teach you how to search for and choose items that are suitable for dropshipping.

Week 3: Launch (Length: 1 Hour 55 Minutes)

Jon is going to walk you through the process of creating Facebook advertising that will generate visitors to your website this week.

Week 4: Outsource (Length: 1Hours 29 Minutes)

In the last week of the class, you will learn how to delegate some of your work to virtual assistants. This will be beneficial once your store has achieved a certain level of success.

Despite the high cost, the length of the material covered in the course is rather brief. It is only concerned with advertisements on Facebook. As a result, you won’t learn about any other free traffic strategies in this course.


The cost of participation in the class is $997. The fact that the material covered in the class is in no way exhaustive leads me to believe that the cost is excessive. It doesn’t go into much into beyond the fundamentals of dropshipping.

Additionally, a portion of the material is extremely theoretical and lacks any sort of practical application.

Given the price tag, you would anticipate a more comprehensive explanation and demonstration of each step in more depth.

But unfortunately, the Store Formula is not capable of living up to this fair expectation.

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Who is Jon Mac?

Store Formula Review - Jon Mac
An internet marketer by the name of Jon Mac has developed number of different online courses, platforms, and publications, some of which include Freedom Formula and CommerceHQ.
He asserts that the act of genuinely making difference in the lives of his pupils is the source of his passion and motivation.
However, that is most likely merely sales pitch to get people interested in purchasing his courses.
When compared to other people who are considered to be experts in dropshipping, Jon Mac does not have as many subscribers or followers on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

What is Dropshipping?

One of the businesses that you may begin with a little initial investment and the contribution of some equity earned through toil is dropshipping. When you initially begin to see signs of success, you could decide to expand your business by investing more money in marketing and expanding your brand name.

It’s not a terrible idea to get your foot in the door of the business world by starting a dropshipping company as your first venture. Customers will be able to make purchases from you, and you will be able to set the prices of the items they buy while simultaneously promoting your very own brand.

You are not obligated to make any payments for the goods until it has been first sold to a particular buyer. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will be able to build a reputable brand for your company.

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment technique wherein, rather of keeping stock on hand, merchants obtain things from third-party suppliers on an as-needed basis, in response to consumer orders.

After that, direct shipping is used to get the products to the final consumer. The vendor can now avoid meeting the buyer in person.

The management of a retail store shouldn’t have to work too hard to fulfill orders and ship products. The store has no responsibility to maintain items in stock, buy large quantities of goods, or complete any orders placed by customers.

Instead, the third-party supplier will send the goods on the retailer’s behalf.

Dropshipping can be advantageous to startups since it requires less capital outlay to run than more traditional forms of commerce.

This program closely resembles Dropshipping Titans, League of Ecom, and Lunar Ecom.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an attractive business model for anybody considering about launching an online store or for those who currently have an online store but want to expand their product selection.

But there are certain negatives to dropshipping to think about, just like there are with other techniques. The adage that “convenience and flexibility come at a price” relates to this pattern of behavior.

Low profitability

One of the biggest challenges of running a company in the dropshipping industry is the poor margins that come with doing business there due to the abundance of competitors. Due to the low cost of starting a business and the high volume of potential competitors, several firms in the same industry will sprout up, all hoping to attract customers by offering incredibly low prices.

With such a little initial investment, they have the financial freedom to operate with razor-thin profit margins. If you run a Shopify store in addition to dropshipping on Amazon, your profit margin on Amazon sales will plummet.

You can set yourself apart from the competition if you take advantage of the fact that your rivals’ websites are probably of low quality and their customer service is probably nonexistent.

Despite this, buyers will continue to check the prices of your competitors. This increase in competitive intensity will have an immediate and detrimental effect on the market’s potential profit margins.

Complicated inventory system

Keeping track of what’s in stock and what’s gone is a breeze when you stock all of your own items. However, when dropshipping, it is possible that the inventory in each warehouse you source from will change frequently if that warehouse is also responsible for fulfilling orders placed by other businesses.

Several apps available on today’s cellphones make syncing with suppliers a breeze. So, with only a couple of mouse clicks, dropshippers may “pass along” orders to a supplier, and the latter should be able to see exactly how much stock the former has at any given time.

However, that can also mean that your customers can place orders even when the items they want is no longer in stock.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Store Formula

It’s not true that John Mac is a scam artist; his courses do include some useful information. But is it truly worth the money that it costs? To tell you the truth, the information provided in the course is not sufficient to assist you in establishing a prosperous dropshipping business.

According to Jon, the training has resulted in the creation of “thousands of successful pupils, 32 billionaires, and 256 6-figure earners.”

However, due to the fact that testimonials and student ratings are so readily altered and fabricated, there is no way to validate this information.

Additionally, Jon would most likely try to convince you to use his own platform, CommerceHQ, despite the fact that Shopify is a superior option.

Shopify is the platform of choice for the vast majority of dropshippers, and for good reason. Due to the fact that CommerceHQ is still in its early stages, there is not much user feedback available online.

There are only 4 reviews that can be found on Trustpilot, and they have an average rating of barely 3 stars.

As a result, I cannot suggest the dropshipping training offered by Jon Mac.

Store Formula Pros and Cons


  • Email ticketing systems provide acceptable levels of support.
  • The training is, on occasion, subject to revisions and enhancements.
  • This includes one year of hosting for up to six stores on CommerceHQ; however, after the first year, a monthly fee of $299 will be required.


  • The cost of the class is quite high.
  • Only Facebook advertisements, which may be rather pricey for beginners, are taught by Jon.
  • The majority of the instructional resources may be accessed for free on the internet.
  • The material covered in the course is not in-depth enough for the price.

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