Sunny Lenarduzzi – Authority Accelerator And Youtube for Bosses Review


Here I am with another course review called Authority Accelerator and Youtube for Bosses by Sunny Lenarduzzi.

I am going to talk about Sunny Lenarduzzi and her course in detail,but first let’s talk about my personal experience with making money online.And I promise you,it will be relatable to you.

So,I started in 2017,searched a lot of free youtube stuff to gain some knowledge,but I was not getting what was needed the most.

GUIDANCE..and more importantly, DAILY ACTION PLAN!

So what happened is I keep on gaining knowledge and knowledge and bought few stuff online which fortunately helped me in making money.

I thought that now I am making money,I should make my own course.But the case was never the same.Because the amount of money I was making kept on increasing.

One k 2k three ks and so on…

Here is when I realized one thing,which I think is important for you to realize too,that with the passage of time, more and more people are coming online and which is not making this industry saturated but increasing the potential of earning for people like us.

In simple words,the online industry is evolving and which is increasing the potential of earning for us.

I know,I know,gotcha.. you are here to know about Sunny Lenarduzzi.What a name..end part sounds like puzzi.


Her courses,what are their price.or are they even worth it or not?We will talk all about this during this Review.

Now let’s talk about Sunny Lenarduzzi.

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Sunny Lenarduzzi Review

Sunny Lenarduzzi course

Sunny Lenarpuzzi Lenarduzzi* is creator of YouTube for Bosses and Authority Accelerator.And she is going to teach you how to build a profitable online business without all the guess work.You only have to follow what she does.

Not including naughty things here!

And I hope she never teaches you how to scratch itch of your ass for $6000.Yup,the price of Authority Accelerator by Sunny Lenarduzzi is $6000.Youtube for Bosses is a mini crash course for which she charges $600.Just one zero less…huh

But the background of Sunny Lenarduzzi was never easy and fun.

Grab Onions

She struggled a lot throughout her life..which I respect.

Few years back,she knows nothing about this online industry.But she wanted to do something and knew the potential of this industry.During the hustle,she published a p**n site.


At first,she published a magazine,which flipped or failed for some reasons.Those reasons are still unknown according to some sources.and I will update/refresh this article after getting them.

She FAILED,but failure defines a person’s character.

I am not afraid of failing,I am afraid of failing and not standing up again ~ The Great Muhammad Ali

Sunny Lenarduzzi stand again,and once again start her hustle.This time,she bought some online course where she learned to start her own social marketing media agency.But as I know,SELLING is a proper skill and can’t be done by every other person.She FAILED again):

~ Successful person was once a failure,who just tried one more time.

Another quote,seems like a quote site rather than reviewing.

And I can resonate this quote to myself too.

After this she started a youtube channel.A youtube channel which somehow got people’s attention and got lots of eyes.

Listen,getting 528k subscribers is not a Joke!

The girl got all credibility and famous as well.Youtube is tough now a days and getting 528k subscribers is simply GENIUS.

Now,the idea of teaching others came to her mind.And more often she monitize her videos to her course.Yup,one can say that most of the sales of her course is coming organically,means from the people who are her subscribers or searching her on youtube.

Some of them are through paid traffic.But just some of them.

What’s inside Youtube for Bosses and Authority Accelerator?

Bombs,missiles,guns,grenades and much more.For only $6000,Bigger bang for your bucks 

Hah Joking..

What is Sunny Lenarduzzi is teaching in her both courses?

Answer : A skill!

Question : What Skill?

Answer : How to make your own course and sell it to others,just like he is doing to you.

Question : Isn’t Authority Accelerator or youtube for Bosses a pyramid scheme then?

Answer : Maybe!

I have reviewed another course called course from scratch,which was also doing the same thing.Danielle Leslie was the creator of that course another famous youtuber.

The thing which I emphasized most here is following:

Listen : Are you listening or reading?.


Read : Selling a course requires a skill.Let’s say you have a skill.

Let’s say you have a skill.

Now,how will you sell it?Instantly Fu***** here.Gone,the business which she taught you.

Remember, Sunny Lenarduzzi has an audience and credibility.People listens her.No one knows you sadly(excluding your Mom,Dad)

So,it is obvious that it is going to be very hard for you to sell a single course.Or else waste $5k-$10k on advertising,if you can afford to lost it.Becaiae ads now a days are like crytpo currency/nft.

My Favorite Program

She will also teach you youtube strategies but that is all luck.I know guys working on youtube making videos for years with no luck 

She suggest you to charge minimum $500 for your course.

And for the first few sales,you have to beg people.Honestly,she teaches you to hit people instagrams,linkedin to sell your stuff,Funny.

Why I don’t Recommend Sunny Lenarduzzi courses?

Been in the industry ,I know this isn’t the way that things work.Instead let them beg you to buy your course.As,during the Review I suggested you my #1 recommendation and people literally beg to enroll in it.We don’t beg them.Because when you beg people to buy your stuff.They don’t.They DON’T full stop

Sunny Lenarduzzi is not a scam artist,she is legit.But I don’t know why whenever I am mentioning her name,it kept reminding me of a famous po**star named Sunny Leone.Currently #1 ranked in Asia.

Back to the topic..

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