Super Affiliate Network Review(10% OFF) – BY A REAL MEMBER!

Hello and welcome to my super affiliate network review.In this review we are going in-depth on this.And YES I am a real member of super affiliate network.

I will also tell you how to get SAN for $100 discount.

I want to clear one thing that this review has nothing to do with super affiliate network owner.

These are my personal opinions and I want to give all answers about this company to you in this review.

Now talking about super affiliate network.

I usually do not want to review products that I promote.Because you can tell that these kinds of reviews are always biased.

It’s the main reason I was not willing to write this review.

However I try to remain as positive and unbiased in this review as possible.And,of course,rest is up to you.

So,why did I decide to write this review?Yes,that is a very good question that everybody reading this can have in mind.

Well,here is my answer.

There is not a single review on google by a real member of a super affiliate network.

I have read all reviews on google and think that they are incomplete and do not give you the right direction and information too.

Who are they reviewing super affiliate network?LOL

Don’t get me wrong here.

I am trying to say what is the credibility of the people reviewing super affiliate network when they did not even tested it?

How can someone write a positive or negative review on products that they did not even tried?

If you are new to beastpreneur,then you probably don’t know that I do not review any online product without testing it myself.

Same goes with a super affiliate network.

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Super Affiliate Network Review

Super affiliate network was founded by misha wilson in 2015.It is an affiliate marketing training course.

The course that has all the things that a beginner needs to get success with affiliate marketing.

As I know affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

Not one of the best ways to make money online,the best way to make money online.

So,you can say that a super affiliate network is an online training course that teaches people to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Even if you are a beginner and have zero experience in this field.

There are few products which you can say are upsells of super affiliate networks.

We are going to talk about upsells of super affiliate network later in this review.

Super affiliate networks focus on each and every thing that a person needs to succeed in the online industry.

You can say it’s the fastest way to make money online.

Super affiliate network covers,email marketing,solo ads,Facebook ads and marketing training.

Well later we will talk about the reality of super affiliate network reviews on google.

I will talk about the first three and will talk about the concerns,pros and cons they said to you guys.

Whether the cons are true or they are just trying to pitch you their products?Stay with me till the end.

Misha Wilson Review

Let?s talk about the founder of the super affiliate network,Misha Wilson.

Misha Wilson is the youngest and fastest growing traffic expert.

He made one millions dollars with affiliate marketing last year.

He is the master of converting cold traffic into paying clients and customers.You can take my example.

I was sold straight after watching his webinar and believe this was the best decision I made till date.

So,what do you guys look for before joining any company online?

For me it?s the credibility of the person who owns the company.And I want to learn from the best.

Best means the person who is already crushing in the industry I want to go in.

The dude made over one million in a year and is growing day by day.

You can say that he is not a random person online trying to scam you with fake income claims.

By the way he got a facebook group of super affiliate network and the community always trying to help each other there.

Usually anybody can ask whatever they want to know.

This is a great platform to keep yourself on touch with like minded people.

You can read more in-depth details of Misha Wilson here.

Some google review saying that SAN is a pyramid scheme.

Here I am going to prove that it is not true.The guy truly wants people to succeed in online business.

He is so concerned about his members and always available for help.

I just wrote an article on 4 steps for dummies to succeed in affiliate marketing.Hope you like that!

Super Affiliate Network Products

You know internet marketing.How it works and what is the thing value?

Probably not if you are a beginner.

Let me tell you this thing.

The prices of the online products increase gradually as the value increases.

This same goes with super affiliate networks.

They have products less priced to expensive.But as I said earlier that you have to lose some to gain some.

Including me and lots of members it is still the best investments they made online.

As,super affiliate network is the only training course that I took,which emphasizes mindset.And after going all in this course I realized how important it is for any kind of business.

Whether it’s? online or offline.Before talking about the products one by one I want to clear one thing with you.

Most of the people,including me in this review,say that super affiliate network is an affiliate marketing course which focuses? only on affiliate marketing.

Yes it is true but there is one more thing I want to tell you here.People who enroll in super affiliate network saw success in other businesses too.

Just like this lady,Lots of people picked the idea of how online marketing works and implemented it on other business models and that worked like hell.

Now,let?s talk about the products of super affiliate networks..

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1 – Profit Boosting Bootcamp($1)

This is a seven dollar product which consists of 15 modules of 3 weeks.This means that you need to complete one video a day.

This is absolutely a goldmine for newbie in affiliate marketing.I personally was very impressed by the value that profit boosting bootcamp.

You will learn a lot of cool stuff while going through it.

In profit boosting bootcamp they will cover a wide range of topics.These are..

  • Psychology
  • Mindset
  • List Building
  • Automation
  • How to SELL
  • ONE on ONE Coaching
  • Weekly webinars
  • Email marketing(My FAV)

After completing each and every module you will get a quiz.You have to answer all the questions in order to unlock other modules.

This is because they want you to learn each step in detail.

If you buy a profit boosting bootcamp,you will be given your own coach.

The coach will be there always for you.

If you have any trouble or want to know what to do next.He is always there for you.

Yes,he will also try to upsell you SAN produce.But it?s totally up to you.They are not too pushy with it.

So,the main pick of profit boosting bootcamp is..

  • Learn how to build an affiliate marketing business where 90% of the strategies are involved in setting it the right way.While everything is done for you.
  • How to build an online business which gives you time and financial freedom.
  • Work from anywhere in the world just with your mobile and internet connection.
  • Learn how to get traffic to your affiliate links.How to get leads and convert them to sales.All the advanced techniques are included in this product.

If somehow you do not want to continue with a super affiliate network,they will give your money back to you.

Yes,they have a 30 days money back guarantee with each of their products.


However SAN coaches try to upsell you a few products with higher values.

Before talking about the upsells,I want to talk about.

But before talking about upsell,let me clear you one thing.

There is no doubt that these products are worth each and every cent.

Who I am to say this?Well a Real member of a super affiliate network.

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Super Affiliate Network Upsells

Let’s talk about the upsells of super affiliate networks in detail.

While going through profit boosting bootcamp,coaches try to sell you different products of SAN.

The super affiliate network monthly.

Super Affiliate Network Monthly

It will cost you $37/month.But if you skip the profit boosting bootcamp then it will be $47/month.

The choice is total yours.But I recommend you to go with a profit boosting boot camp.Because it is pretty beginner friendly.

So,what will you get for the monthly membership?

In this one time special offer you will have access to a newsletter of videos.

Where you will get access to MISHA MILSON special videos.

He will tell you what’s? working for him at the moment.

So,you can copy the idea and implement it in your business.COOL?

The SOLO AD Success Formula

This product includes 11 modules where you learn solo ads.

Each module is very well defined and beginner friendly.In this you will learn how to generate leads and sales using solo ads.

They recommend some of the vendors that can give you high value and profitable solo ads.

People having success with each product of a super affiliate network.You can just choose one of them and be consistent with it.

That?s it!

The price of solo ad success formula is $297 one time.

In solo ad success formula you will learn how to convert solo ads leads into sales using email marketing.

They will give you their three steps formula to write ad copy that converts.

This ad copy can be used in FB Ads,email marketing and other ads.

They will also teach you how to test different solo ad vendors to recognize which one of them is sending you high value traffic and which one is sending garbage.

You will also learn some advanced skills to track your customers and make profits out of them.

The Super Affiliate Inner Circle

This will again cost you $297.

This will give you access to profit boosting bootcamp and advisor along with monthly and weekly coaching with team members.

In this you have access to the inner circle where you will discover the secrets of the highest earners of the super affiliate network and what is actually working for them at the moment.


Monthly immersion coaching with one of the SAN corporate team members.

Access to the solo ad success formula 2.0

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The IM Profit Formula

This is the book written by Misha wilson himself.This book is free and you just have to pay for shipping.

Shipping charges will be $7.

It will include very amazing bonuses.

In it you will learn how to launch your first high profitable affiliate marketing business.

How to hack laws and see successful ads which are working for people and make tons of sales out of it.

You will get access to the funnels where you will learn how to get 300-400 leads a day.

Learn how to sell high ticket affiliate products $2000,without you personally having to sell them.

The simple formula that will keep you away from the shiny object syndrome and how to road your way to huge success.

Now we are going to the high ticket stuff.

The Super Affiliate Network Pro Mentorship

This is their pro membership and it is a one time purchase.The price of their pro membership is $2497 one time fee.

This is a complete in-depth training.After paying $2497 you will get access to all the products that we talked about.CRAZY?Right.?

Moreover you will get access to..

  • Authority Hacking
  • Weekly pro Coaching
  • Systematic profits
  • Magnetic Selling Machine
  • Push button swipe file
  • Monthly immersion coaching
  • Solo ad success formula
  • Solo ad success formula 2.0
  • Inner circle

They have a private group for all the super affiliate network pro members.

Where you will get more bonuses and special tips and tricks from Misha Wilson.

So,the question is do it worth to give it a shot.Will $2497 worth time and investment.

Well YES.

Every penny.Including me and many other super affiliate network members have very great success with super affiliate networks.

If you are serious about making money online and setting up an affiliate marketing business from home then this is for you.

Just go for it.


Maui Intensive Mentoring?

This is an extra offer.I personally did not experience it but listened to very good things about it.

Maui intensive mentoring will cost you $12497.WOWW

Yes,this is not a small amount of money.

I have not tasted it but you can.In it you will have 4 days at Maui in Misha Wilson home.This means direct mentoring from a millionaire.

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Money Back Guarantee

As I said that they have 30 days money back guarantee on each of their products.And yes they are not here to scam you.

Actually a community that actually wants people to win.Want them to achieve them success.

Pros And Cons

Like any other online affiliate marketing course,super affiliate network has its pros and cons.Let?s talk about them..


Let?s talk about pros

Profit Boosting Bootcamp

Well just for $1 you are going to get real world value.

I am really happy with the value super affiliate network give to people like us.I would say that they over delivered here.

I think it is a good shot to give just for $1.

Money back guarantee

Their money back guarantee is very good.

He also says that he will give you $100 just for wasting your time and will give $1000 in pro membership just for wasting your time.

Yes,it is a marketing tactic but it is true.You can read their money back guarantee here.

Detailed Course

I think the super affiliate network is a step by step course for newbies.

It is very detailed and each step is very detailed and I really liked the value that they gave in this online course.


And they treat their students like children.Like giving them homework and the thing and steps to follow in order to make money online.

Misha Wilson

Misha wilson is a legit person who is not there just to scam you online.

The person is a good teacher and has great success in affiliate marketing.Misha wilson is totally legit.

He is not a scam.

Misha wilson is a very good guy who always wants people to succeed and always over delivers.

People Getting Success

Now this system just works.That?s it.People are getting success with super affiliate network.

It is according to me very difficult to fail after getting an education from this course.

Why?Because the course is based on proven marketing strategies that worked for hundreds and thousands of people,including me,before you.


I have not read any of the complaints on BBB or any other platform.

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Now,let?s talk about the cons of a super affiliate network.

No Website?

Super affiliate networks do not teach student SEO.

They do not show us how to run a website and make money online.But here is the truth about SEO.Seo takes time guys.

Yes,you can make money with SEO.But it takes time.

From this website it took me 6 months to reach $19/month.

Yeah I am not kidding.It is true.Either spend money and get success with affiliate marketing fast or go with affiliate marketing.

Upsells are expensive

Super affiliate network upsells are expensive.

Now again if you do not want to invest money super affiliate networks are not for you.

This is because super affiliate network is the fastest way to get success on the internet.You know how affiliate marketing works?

Invest Money=Get Success with it fast.

Invest time=If you do not have money invest time.How much time,nobody knows.

Either invest time or invest money it is totally your choice.

Some more facts about Super Affiliate Network

Now some of the reviews on google say that it is a pyramid scheme.

Let me clear this.Super affiliate network is not a pyramid scheme and not multi-level-marketing company.

I reviewed pyramid and multi-level-marketing companies before like eight figure lifestyle,primerica,itworks,arbonne and Imarketslive.

It is totally up to you,either promote them or not.

As I said that SAN made some very good changes and I am really impressed by this.They updated their structure.

Like first it was pay to play system.Means that you have to buy the products before promoting them.Y

ou can earn commissions from the products that you bought.

Not more!

Now if you want to promote a super affiliate network.

Here is their commission structure.


You will get a commission after 30 days money back guarantee and minimum deposit is $100.

This is the structure for all the free members of the super affiliate network.

Profit Boosting Bootcamp = (70%)

SAN Monthly = (70%)

SAN inner circle = (70%)

Solo ad success formula = (70%)

Pro mentorship program = (40%)

Maui mentorship program = (33%)

All in coaching = (33%)

Super Affiliate Network A Scam?

No super affiliate network is not a scam.I have not found a single complaint about them on BBB.

It is totally legit and I think it is the best way to make money online in 2020 and moving forward.

I want to say that it is the best investment that I made online.

Super affiliate network is a very detailed affiliate marketing course which focuses on each aspect of online marketing.

I think it is? the best time to jump into it.

Why do I Recommend it to YOU?

Yes,that is a very good question.

Besides the value that you are getting in a super affiliate network,there is one more thing that I want you to understand.


Super affiliate network is a high ticket affiliate network program.This means that you can earn upto $1000 on a single sale.

Well,basically you can earn much more than that but it’s for the basic upsell.

This means that you need only one sale a day to make $30,000/month.

Now,let?s say you are building a website and start promoting clickbank products.

This is called low ticket affiliate marketing.In low ticket affiliate marketing,it will take ten sales a day to make even $100.

So,it is impossible for you to reach your goals with low ticket affiliate marketing.

That is why I highly recommend you to go with high ticket affiliate marketing.But where to learn this all.

For this you have first to learn affiliate marketing.And for that super affiliate network is one of the best places on the internet.

I highly recommend it for you.If you have any kind of questions ask me in comments.I will try my best to answer your every question.

Hope you like this very detailed super affiliate network review.


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