Super Affiliate System Review – 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy It!

Hello and welcome to super affiliate system review.

Who does not want to wake up with a $460 check?

Yes,this is what you are going to learn in this course.High ticket affiliate marketing with paid facebook ads.

I recently reviewed commission hero,which is almost 80% similar to John Crestani?s course.

Both Robby Blanchard and John Crestani are well known in the affiliate marketing world and got 300k+ subscribers on their youtube channel.

The thing I like about John Cretani?s youtube channel is that he regularly churns out content that helps people,whether you are a newbie in affiliate marketing or not.

But the question is whether you should buy a super affiliate system or not?

Plus I will tell you how to get this course for 6% OFF!

We will go in depth about what you are going to get inside the system,plus 10 reasons to buy a super affiliate system.

After reading those 10 reasons,I believe you will reach your final decision,whether to buy super affiliate system or not.

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Super Affiliate System Review

super affiliate system review

Now,the super affiliate system is not the first course from John Crestani.

Previously he launched many courses.Internet Jetset rebranded as a super affiliate system.

Or you can say that internet jetset is the old name of a super affiliate system.

John Crestani claims that this is the best course of affiliate marketing on the planet.

Is it true or not,we are going to find out in this article.

The course costs $997 which is a very fair price I think.

Before talking about John Cretstani I want to tell you one thing that there are mixed reviews about super affiliate systems on the internet.

The one who says that it is a scam is promoting their own products.

The ones that are saying don?t buy it are most likely wealthy affiliates.

I hate their strategy to promote themselves by degrading other products.

I saw that the owners of wealthy affiliates are running ads with the tagline ?don?t buy super affiliate system?.

It’s very unethical.

The other side of positive reviews are the ones that are promoting John Crestani?s course.

But this is going to be an honest and BS review of a super affiliate system.You will also agree with me after reading the whole article.

John Crestani Review

Well ever heard a term digital nomad?

John Crestani is the real digital nomad.He traveled the world while making big dollars in affiliate marketing.

John earned multiple millions in affiliate marketing in a span of one year.

Interviewed by a lot of TV Channels,also featured on forbes..

Talked in front of hundreds and thousands of people about making money online.

He claims that he earned upto $65,000,00 in one month.

The claim seems to be very legit because he is a credible person.

In my personal opinion he is the most successful affiliate marketer on youtube.

John Crestani?s youtube following is very large.Almost 271,000 subscribers while writing this review.

Most of the videos on his channel are very interesting and informational.

Moreover,this guy knows how to sell.

Not keeping that knowledge and skills to himself,instead he is sharing these all skills in his course super affiliate system.

As I said that old name of super affiliate system is internet jetset,here is another information for you.

Price of an internet jetset was only 47 bucks one time fee,but John rebranded it to super affiliate system 3.0 with a much higher price.

If You Want To Buy It With 3 Payment Plan..

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Inside Super Affiliate System

First of all before telling you the content inside the super affiliate system.I want to say one thing that this course is from scratch.

John says that his course can make anyone from a total newbie to full time affiliate marketer in six weeks.

In these six weeks you are going to learn everything about affiliate marketing.

The course consists of six modules and each module is fueled with awesome content.

They have a good structure for their students.Means if you for any reason forget live webinar they will notify you about it.

Either by emails or messenger bots.The live training timings are 3PST.

Six Modules


First Module

In the first module you will get all the basics of affiliate marketing.

John Crestani will guide you through all the steps that one must require for becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

One thing that I want to tell you and it is must for you to know that.In this he will show you how to set up your account on affiliate marketing platform,CLICKBANK.

If you do not know that clickbank is banned in most asian countries.So for this you do not have to worry at all you can go with JVZoo,Share sale,Maxbounty or Warriorplus.

They are all like clickbank too.

After this he will tell you how to set up landing pages,funnels or websites if needed.

I think a website is not needed if you walk on the foot of John Crestani.

Funnels and landing pages are the most important ones.In this module he will also tell you how to set up facebook ads manager.

Here what you will get..

  • Goal Setting
  • Join Affiliate Networks
  • Setup your site
  • How to setup presell page
  • Setup fb ads

Second Module

Some mindset videos here..

  • Winning entrepreneur mindset
  • Niche Research
  • How to choose a winning product,that will convert to
  • How to select ad network
  • Researching different niches online
  • Effective marketing tips
  • Understanding buyer intent.

Now,I am not a big fan of mindset.

I want someone to teach me what is working.Not just keep telling me don?t give up.

You got this and Blah Blah.

That is the reason I am very happy with super affiliate system,like most of affiliate marketing courses,his motivational video part is 1%.I have reviewed project life mastery,included 50-60% motivational videos.

Third Module

In this module he will be talking about the marketing skills.

Marketing skills means how to run ads.How to write good copy.

Writing a good copy on facebook ads is very important for facebook ads.

Eye catching words that convert and make sales.For this I will recommend copywriting secrets.

It is the book that I took for learning copywriting.

John Crestani does not emphasize on this but I think it’s an important part of facebook ads.

This module is known as John 17 step formula.

Fourth Module

In the fourth module you are going to learn about fb and google ads.

Why not learn from the best.John Crestani knows this s***.

?The only reason I see further than others is because I sit on the shoulders of masters?. – NEWTON.

John Crestani made millions of dollars through facebook ads.

In this you are going to learn how to target your best possible audience.

Keeping track of your facebook ads and much more!

How to track your ad spend and keep your ROI as minimum as possible.

Here is what you are going to learn..

  • Fb Ads
  • Fb Ad compliance
  • Important factors and metrics in fb advertising
  • Part one and two on google ads
  • Guest super affiliate Brian will teach you fb ads

Fifth Module

This module is all about different ad platforms,like natove and youtube ads.John will teach you how to get traffic to your affiliate products by paid media channel.You will get a complete breakthrough of these things..

  • How To setup native ads
  • Setup youtube ads
  • Setup MGID native ads
  • How to setup outbrain native ads
  • Guest coach Tim Burd will give you some useful tips on fb ads
  • How to setup voluum DSP native ads

Sixth Module

Outsourcing and scaling your affiliate marketing business.In this you will learn how to scale ads and outsource partners from upwork for your business.

Main points..

  • Utilize survey funnels
  • Solar cass study which made $240k
  • Scaling campaigns from $1k to $20k
  • How to effectively use media buyers
  • Student loan consolidation case study.

Now,let?s talk about things I liked and things which I disliked in the Super affiliate system.

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Things I Disliked In Super Affiliate System

To be very honest with you,I tried really hard to find things which I will dislike in the super affiliate system,but did not find it.

This is because there is nothing to talk about,the course is value packed and well priced.

I have reviewed another course called legendary marketer which costs $2500,but SAS makes sense to me.

There are a few things which I thought to mention here in dislike session,but later came to know that they also have space for their students in these things?

Here are two or three things that were in my mind..

1 – Only Paid Fb Ads Training – Yes,I was thinking to mention that the super affiliate system only focuses on paid fb ads marketing but before writing this review,I watched John crestani webinar and came to know that truth is opposite to this.

They will also teach you free organic traffic methods.

For example driving traffic from pinterest,quora,instagram,twitter,fb,google and youtube etc.

2 – Additional Cost – Another thing was that after joining a super affiliate system,students needed to invest in paid fb ads but later came to know that he is giving free $1250 ad credit to his students.

As an online marketer I know the worth of this bonus.

We will talk about it,but first let?s talk about things which I liked in super affiliate system.

Things I Liked In Super Affiliate System

Here are the things which I liked in Super Affiliate Network..


Owner of the super affiliate system is John Crestani.

Now,John Crestani is the real deal.The guy is really good at what he teaches.

Not some random gurus online who are just making money by teaching you how to make money.

Yes,John Crestani makes millions online.I saw somewhere he claims to make $17 million dollars with affiliate marketing.

I have watched his background story.In which he says that he wasted 4 years trying making money online and never succeeded.

Even got panic attacks and suicidal thoughts but recovered from those fatel times.

Now,his aim is to help others,to teach them,mentor them and more importantly taught them why he failed for 4 years making money online.

Legit Marketing Strategies

In the Super Affiliate System,he teaches people legit ways to make money online and ethical marketing.

The marketing that you are going to learn inside John Crestani?s course is proven and anyone can make money with it.

All you have to do is willing to do the work.That?s it.

One thing I want to clear here,you may be thinking that after joining his course you will be able to make $100k in the first month.

It is impossible,you have to work your ass off to reach even $10k/month.

This was A goal when I joined super affiliate system.

Fastest Way To Make Money Online

This is the fastest way to make money online.

Yes you read it right.It is absolutely the best possible way to make quick money running paid ads.

Now,here is one point I want to tell you.

Investing In Traffic(Paid Ads)?

Free Traffic(Google,fb,insta etc..)

Now if you want to grow your organic traffic,it will take time.It took me 8 months to make my first sale with affiliate marketing.

Yes you read it right.It took me time to build my organic traffic.

Not with paid ads,if you invest money today,you will make money today.

That’s IT!

That is why I think that paid ads are a skill.

A skill that can help you scale your business to infinite.Now,who is the best person to learn from?


If you do not know 88 million people saw John Crestani ads till date and these numbers growing day by day.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

John Crestani teaches high ticket affiliate marketing and I am a big believer of this business.

I love high ticket affiliate marketing.

You have two options.

1 – Sell $10 product to 100,1000 people and make $1000,$10,000

2 – Sell $1000 product to only 10 and make $10k.

Obviously the second one makes much sense.And that is why John crestani is a successful affiliate marketer.

Not John Crestani,every online marketer like me,saw success quickly because we jumped straight away to high ticket affiliate marketing.

Not John Crestani,every online marketer like me,saw success quickly because we jumped straight away to high ticket affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the recent successes.

super affiliate system scam

Now,let?s talk about reasons to join SAS.

10 Reasons To Join Super Affiliate System

Now,here are 10 reasons why you should join a super affiliate system.

I am telling you this because of the bonuses that they offer in super affiliate systems.

The bonuses are no brainer to me and I think that everyone should look into it..

1 – When you succeed your entry is free – What this means is that if you make $10k in sale after purchasing super affiliate system,John crestani will give you the amount you invested in his course.

Which is of course $1000.This means that you are getting course for free.

Many of his students reached that $10k sales mark and he gave them their $1k back.This means that the owner is paying us for our wins.

2 – Free Traffic – You will learn free traffic too.

In this John Crestani will teach you how to drive traffic to your affiliate link,if you purchase SAS.

He will walk you through some very big marketing platforms such as pinterest,quora,instagram and google.

I have read most of the reviews on google saying that they are not teaching SEO.

In Fact they are teaching,but not completely focused on SEO.

3 – $1250 Free Ad Credit – Now this is the real deal to me.In fact best bonus a person can have.

In this John Crestani gives you $1250 for free.

This is also real money.I know the worth of this which super affiliate system is investing in students.

I know that I can use these $1250 to run ads for almost 4,5 months.

Yes,4,5 months of running fb ads on completely someone else?s credit.Insane right?

4 – Make High Ticket Commissions – If somehow you are not making money after getting into a super affiliate system,he is giving you the opportunity to work directly with him to make your money back.

What this means is that you will only need 2 sales to get your investment back.


5 – Case Study – Case studies of his students on how they make $50k/month.And from SCRATCH.

6 – Extra login for your friends and family members.This means that you can share your course with anybody you want to.

7 – One on One Call With John Crestani – Call on your business strategy with a $17 million guy!

There are three more bonuses.

8 – Done For You AD Copy – If you are an affiliate marketer,then you may know the importance of this.It is a huge help while running fb ads.Writting AD Copy is a rare skill now a days.And when a guy that is making $17 millions with paid fb ads help you out to go through this process,BOOM!

9 – Email Swipes – You just have to copy emails and send it to your leads,again and again and again.That’s it.

10 – VIDEOS,CASE SUDY,FOLLOWUPS – Followup sales by John will be credited to you.There are videos and case studies to show your clients before selling SAS.

Bonus From Me!

If you decide to join super affiliate system through my link,I have a special bonus for you.I will give $50 from my pocket.So,it will be a win win for both of us.

Just let me know in the comments or email me usually pay with payoener.Make sure to have a payoneer account before emailing me.

Is the Super Affiliate System A Scam?

No,the super affiliate system is not a scam,it’s legit 100%.

It is a complete course which will teach you marketing and how to make $10k/month with high ticket affiliate marketing.

Fear of losing your money?It is obvious and you might be thinking,what if I can’t make my money back after investing in it.

Yes,somebody reading this can have this fear,but remember it will only take 2 sales to make your money back.

And the system is on proven marketing strategies on how to make money.

Now,if you want to make money with affiliate marketing then I recommend to give it a try.

It is one of the best affiliate marketing course out there I REVIEWED.

That?s it for today?s review,if you want to purchase SAS,go to the link below.


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