Survey Club Review – Scam Or Legit?


Hello and welcome to the survey club review.

Survey club is a site that claims that you can make upto $5 within the first 5 minutes after enrolling with them.But whether it is true or not,we will review it here.

First of all I want to congratulate you for taking the time to read this review.I really appreciate your move.

So in this article I am going to talk about whether the survey club is a legit website.

And the second one is how much you can expect to earn with the survey club.

Well let? talk about whether survey club is worth your effort or not.

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What Is the Survey Club?

Survey club is a survey site which has been in the scene for more than 15 years now.The company was founded in 2005.

They do make lots of big claims as one of them is 16 million members across 105 countries.

These stats legit or scam?

Well,I mean it can be true and can be false.I can not say anything about it.

But as far as I know the biggest survey sites haven?t done this much active users as the survey club is claiming.

So,what you will get money for.

You will get money for testing products,doing online surveys,using coupons etc.

As,this site is saying that you can make money doing surveys,I want to make you understand one thing.

What are online surveys and how they work.

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How Online Surveys Work?

If any organization or companies around the world want to improve their ethical work they need to have feedback about their services,marketing campaigns and consumer preferences.

That?s why there are so many companies in the world that are like a bridge between customers and these organizations.

These companies like survey club make money by giving data to these organizations.

And survey sites give money to people like us to participate in these kinds of online surveys.

How Survey Club Works

Before talking about how the survey club works,I just want to tell you one thing that the survey club is not working for any kind of organizations.

Instead they are just a survey directory.

I am very surprised by seeing the number of likes facebook page of survey club has.11k?Hell yeah!

So,here is the complete breakdown on how the survey club works and what you have to do to make money with it.


1 – First go here and create a survey club review.

2 – Then you will get a demographic like this.

In this demographic they will tell you to fill your basic information.In this form you have to fill your basic information like income level,health issues and other pretty basic things.

This is because then they will give you your match survey.

3 – After this you will get surveys on the base of information you gave to them.

4  -Sign up with them and enter your email to confirm your account.

5 – Start taking the surveys you are qualified for.

This is the demographic profile you need to fill in the survey club.


After this they will show you various surveys to join.


It is totally up to you whether join these survey sites or not.

Some Facts About the Survey Club!

  • It is only available in the US,CANADA,UK and Australia.
  • If you are a kid.My man is feeling sad for you because it is banned for people under the age of 13 years.
  • Minimum deposit amount of the survey club is $20.Wait what?
  • You will get paid via paypal.

What will you get for joining them?

Here are the things that are listed on their websites that you will get after enrolling in their survey party.

1 – Latest and high paying surveys.

2 – Receive new research opportunities via emails.

3 – It’s totally free to join.

Earn money!

Now let?s talk about some of the ugly facts about the survey club that I really did not like.

Some Ugly Facts About Survey Club!

Let?s talk about ugly facts about this company.And these are the reasons from which I will recommend you to stay away from the survey club..

Just A Middleman!

It is a very funny thing for me.I do not know who the owner of this company is,but he looks smart to me.

Why?Because he is making money by recommending you to other money making sites.

This means that he is making money by affiliate marketing.

I have no concern of him aming money,but my concern is why somebody will trust a site that is redirecting you,redirecting you,redirecting you.

All they are doing is recommending you to other survey sites like,survey junkie,swagbucks,bigspot,click4surveys,goldopinions,surveymoneymachine,surveysay,takesurveyforcash etc.

Asyou can not make money from survey sites.

But you can make money from the redirects of survey sites.

I am not saying that the owner is trying to scam you,but I did not get the reason for joining the survey club.You can go by yourself.

Why do all this hardwork.Like create an account and fill all the information and waste your time?

Very Low Income Potential!

I was stunned by seeing their threshold amount.$20?I bet you that 99.99% of the people who join the survey club did not make this money.

This is because they have very low income potential.

You will make a few cents for taking a 30  minutes survey.I think we all deserve better than this?

So,one can say that you will not make any money from the survey club.

Why because their threshold amount is very huge.You have to work months and months to deposit your money back.

This is why I recommend you to stay away from this crap.

I have also read very negative reviews about survey clubs on the internet and here is the screenshot of one of them I got on BBB.


I am very upset with this site overall.Just for writing this review I wasted four hours.and came to know that the survey club is a scam.

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I will not recommend you to create an account on survey club.

There are lots of reasons for it.

One of the biggest reasons is that they seek your email in order to make an account there.Never do that.

This is because you will be spammed in the future with trash emails from survey clubs.

Also they will give your emails to solo ad vendors and they will sell it to others for money.

Hope you got my point here.

If you ever want to join any survey company than i will recommend you to join the one which will not ask you for your emails.

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Is Survey Club Legit?

Yes survey club is legit and is not a scam but there are few reasons that i did not recommend it to you.

First of all it seems to be impossible to make money online with a survey club.

Second is that they are just acting like a middleman.this means they are just redirecting you to other survey sites.

I did not get this logic.This is not the way you start an online businesS.

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