SV Academy Review: Worth It Or Not?

Today, we’re going to talk about the SV Academy program. Will this be a good investment for you? Let’s find out in this SV Academy review.

The current pandemic situation has been pretty hard for many of us. Not only is everyone struggling to cope with the so-called “new normal”, but unemployment has become so rampant today.

Especially with several industries shutting down. To be honest, no one is safe from this condition. You may even be considered lucky enough if you’re not affected by it.

in response, the government has issued various aids aid, like stimulus checks for qualified people, etc. But those aids are limited, and people will still need a sustainable source of income for their various needs.

Thankfully, there’s still hope. Various entities are presenting opportunities for you to take so you can earn money.

But of course, some of you may be hesitant to grab that chance immediately due to various legitimacy factors. And this is what this SV Academy review is here for

So before you decide to join this education program, it’s imperative that you read this SV Academy review first. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this is worth the time and money for you, or not.

As a disclaimer, this is a fully independent SV Academy review, based on my own observation and honest opinion. Furthermore, I’m not affiliated with SV Academy or any of its personnel, so you won’t be expecting any affiliate links of this here.

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SV Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: SV Academy
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Training Program
  • Niche: Job Training
  • Owners: Joel Scott, Rahim Fazal
  • Price: $10,000
  • Recommended?: I would highly recommend taking this training program if you want to have a job and start a career in the tech industry. But most people would surely prefer building their own online business and escape the 9-5 grind, so it may not be everyone’s preference.

What Is The SV Academy?

SV Academy

The SV Academy is an online business development training program. Its aim is to empower its students with the knowledge and skills that they’ll need to launch their careers in the sales or tech industry.

Just like any other online course, it consists of live classes (held online), assignments, and even guidance from coaches and mentors who are experts in the field. You’ll also be put into role-playing scenarios to give you an almost real-life experience once you’re on the actual field.

Once you’ve successfully completed the training program, the support doesn’t end there. SV Academy will prepare and guide students for full-time jobs, matching them with prospective employers with whom their goals, personality, and skills fit nicely.

Basically, the SV Academy aims to help hard-working Americans break into the tech industry and become part of a life-long community of high performers. A great part of this program is that you don’t need any prerequisite skills, business experience, or a perfect GPA in order to enroll here.

All you need to have is the determination and the hard-working mindset to start and finish this program. If you’re someone who’s interested in getting a job and building a career in the sales or tech industry, then the SV Academy is a good investment for you.

Keep in mind, however, that the tech industry is quite intensive and even competitive. Training programs like SV Academy can indeed give you an edge in this industry. However, you still need to put up with a lot of hard work and a strong will to even last here, given its intense competitiveness.

And if you’re able to put with that, it’s much better if you get a training program that helps you build a business, online or not.

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The People Behind SV Academy

The SV Academy is founded by a team of two people. They are Joel Scott and Rahim Fazal.

They also serve as the company CEO.

SV Academy - Joel Scott & Rahim Fazal

Both of them have found great success in the tech industry.

Rahim Fazal is also the co-founder of Involver, Inc., a provider of social media management software, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools to help businesses manage their marketing efforts on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter. etc.) On July 10, 2012, the company was acquired by Oracle.

Joel Scott, on the other hand, has also found success as a tech executive in Silicon Valley. He has also served as a director and legal affairs of Brocade Communications Systems, a company that offers data center networking solutions that enable organizations to manage information assets.

SV Academy is also backed by several big company names in the tech industry, which include the following:

SV Academy Backers

Aside from this, DV Academy has also partnered with around 450 leading SaaS companies in order to diversify their ranks. Some of these companies include big names like Gainsight, Udemy, Box, Palo Alto Networks, Handshake, Talend, Alation, and InsideView.

Is SV Academy Legitimate?

The short answer is yes. SV Academy is definitely a legitimate training program that’s backed by some of the big names in the tech industry. Being accepted into a training program like this will definitely increase your chances of landing a job in the tech or sales industry.

And if your performance within the program is good enough, it can also help you land a higher position.

SV Academy - Hired

And to add further to its legitimacy, Fast Company named SV Academy the second-most innovative education company in the world in 2020. Its fellowship program has also delivered real-time results in record time.

There are some downsides about this program that makes it not suitable for just about everyone, however. One of its downsides is that, of course, you have to get accepted into the SV Academy training program.

Which, for some people, may not be such an easy feat.

It’s true that any prerequisite skills, business experience, or a perfect GPA aren’t needed to apply to this program. However, having those would surely increase your chances of getting accepted. And considering the number of applicants that this program admits regularly, there will surely be some intense competition for that coveted slot.

It’s also worth noting that those with previous sales experience or a bachelor’s degree are known to have a greater chance of being accepted into the SV Academy. But the strongest factor in getting accepted here is how willing are you to work hard to finish this program, and why are you interested to work in the tech sector.

While this can be daunting for many, this is actually a necessity. As big companies are basically investing here in SV Academy, most of these companies only want nothing but the most determined individuals to include in their workforce.

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How Does SV Academy Work?

SV Academy - Call Center

The SV Academy training program offers two courses. Both of these courses consist of instructor-led live classes, assignments, and role-playing training that simulate actual work conditions.

The difference between these two courses is their curriculum focus.  One is more oriented towards sales, while the other is geared towards customer service. But overall, both of these courses will help you prepare for getting a job in the tech industry.

Tech Sales

SV Academy’s tech sales program will teach you about sales fundamentals in the tech industry. Its aim is to teach you all of the skills you need in order to become a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

Being a sales development representative means that you’ll be responsible for the outreach and prospecting of potential customers. You won’t be responsible for closing any sales. Rather, you’re going to connect with as many leads as possible and determine if they’re qualified customers.

This program will level up your written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills. And since it’s based on sales, you’re also going to be trained on how you can get more leads for your company, while carefully analyzing each of them.

Customer Success

The customer success program prepares you to land and succeed in a new tech role as a customer success associate.

A customer success associate fulfills the role of customer support for the company. Basically, you’ll be handling any concerns and inquiries from the customers about the products from your company, and will do their best to help them. Or in the event where a particular concern needs further escalation, transfer the concern to the proper channel.

Hence, the training curriculum will focus more on how you can deal with customers, proper verbal communication skills, and learning empathy.

Training Schedules

SV Academy also gives you the option of choosing between two class schedules. Thus, whether you want to go through this training program as soon as possible, or if you have other responsibilities to handle, there’s a perfect schedule for you.

  • Full-Time – The full-time schedule requires 40 hours per week of online instruction for the first four weeks of pre-hire training, and 20 hours per week of online education for the first 12 weeks of pre-hire training. To put this into perspective, this means you need to attend this program for eight hours of classes and asynchronous work each day during the workweek.
  • Part-Time – The part-time schedule only requires 20 hours of work per week. It’s also designed to be completed during the evenings and weekends, so this is a good choice if you want to take this training program, but have other responsibilities to attend to.

How Much Is The SV Academy Training Program?

The total cost for enrolling in the SV Academy is around $10,000. While it is quite a steep price for an online course, they also give you two payment options for this.

The first one is the upfront payment. You can pay the full $10,000 tuition fee if you don’t want to worry about any debts or salary deductions once you applied for work.

The second option is the “Deferred Tuition” payment plan. And it works like this.

First, you are charged a $100 commitment fee. This is just to ensure your commitment to staying on the SV Academy from start to finish.

During the training, you’re not going to pay any tuition at all. Not even a cent. Once you graduate from the program and get a job, that is the time that you’ll have to start paying tuition.

To be able to do it, you will pay a portion of your earnings through monthly interest-free payments. With this option, you will basically pay 18 monthly installments of $555.

This is only applicable if the job you landed gives you an income of more than $45,000. If you have a salary decrease or you stop working for any reason, this fee will be paused.

Keep in mind that you also have the option to request a waiver of your commitment fee anytime once you’re in the program.

Regardless of the option, however, the tuition fee for this training program, means not really anyone can afford to join here. Furthermore, the job that you’re going to acquire after you finish this program is, for all intents and purposes, still a 9-5 type of job.

It may be a good investment for some people who want to start or advance their careers in the tech industry, however.

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Pros And Cons Of SV Academy


  • The training is comprehensive and very high quality. You’re going to learn all the skills you need to know if you want to get into the corporate tech world.
  • The mentors are supportive, and the same goes for the community itself. They’re not just going to stop once you’re done with the program and you got the job. Rather, they’ll support you with occasional mentoring until you become a regular.
  • With their partnerships with different big-name companies, you can be sure that you’ll get a higher chance of getting hired for a job in the tech industry.
  • You’ll be able to forge a wide network of business-minded people that can help you in the future.


  • It’s rather expensive for an online training program.
  • Despite their claims, it’s not that easy to be qualified for this program.
  • You’re going to have to put up with even more hard work and dedication to succeed here. Which may not be worth it for some people.
  • While the prospect of working in the tech industry is something worth trying for, keep in mind that this is still a form of a 9-5 day job. Only with a higher salary, yet increased workload.

Alternatives To SV Academy?

SV Academy - Meetings

The only viable alternative to SV Academy, if you want to get a job in the tech industry, is CourseCareers.

It’s billed as a cheaper alternative to SV Academy, yet still retaining the same level of education quality. It also claims that it’s more accessible to anyone who wants to join, though any other drawbacks or hidden charges are still unknown at this time.

Despite everything, it’s still much better if you invest your money in something that helps you build a profitable online business from almost nothing.

SV Academy Review: Final Thoughts

Let me share with you some of my final thoughts to close off my SV Academy review.

To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with working in the tech industry. It’s actually one of the most prestigious and high-paying industries of today. Especially since the tech sector is growing and booming as time passes.

And an online course like SV Academy can really help increase your chances of landing a job there. It’s also quite beneficial if you’re just starting out.

But unless you really want to work in the tech sector for a very long time, I don’t think this is really worth it.

Because, isn’t it our goal to earn a good amount of money, while you’re taking control of your time?

Beastpreneur Final Thoughts

Isn’t it better if you can achieve that perfect work-life balance and be able to do the things you love, and be with the ones you love? While you’re still earning a good amount of money?

The tech industry is an extremely competitive and demanding workplace, to be honest. And while having a career in the tech sector sounds like an amazing idea, it’s not really worth it if you can’t do the things you love.

And if you’re able to put with that, you might as well just something that lets you build your own online business and help you make a good amount of money.

Fortunately, I’m also here to offer you something that has worked for me quite well. If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this SV Academy review.

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