T. Harv Eker Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about T.Harv Eker and his programs. Is he legit? More information has been gathered in the review below.

T. Harv Eker is a dynamic and influential figure in the realm of personal development and wealth-building. His teachings revolve around the profound impact of mindset on financial success, and he emphasizes the importance of transforming one’s beliefs and attitudes towards money.

His own journey from financial struggle to success adds authenticity to his message, and his passion for empowering others to achieve prosperity is evident in his work. Can he change your life for the better, too? Learn more on my review down below.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with T. Harv Eker nor with any of the programs that he offers. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work.

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T. Harv Eker Review: Quick Details

Name: Peak Potentials Training

Founder: T. Harv Eker

Website: https://www.harveker.com/

Socials: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Type: Training/Mentorship Program

Niche: Mindset

Recommendation: Mindset training can be incredibly beneficial for personal and professional growth. Developing a positive and empowered mindset can help you overcome obstacles, face challenges with resilience and unlock your full potential, and having the right coach can fast track all of it.

T. Harv Eker Overview

T. Harv Eker

T.Harv Eker was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He’s a Canadian author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, and his journey to success is shaped by his experiences and insights into the psychology of financial abundance. With his engaging speaking style, he has become a prominent figure in the self-help and wealth-building community, inspiring individuals worldwide to transform their relationship with money and achieve greater financial success.

He explored the connection between mindset and financial success with his bestselling book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, which also paved the way to him becoming well-known in all parts of the world. He’s also the founder of Peak Potentials training, a company that offers seminars and workshops focused on personal development and financial mastery.

Harv’s teachings emphasize the impact of thoughts and beliefs on one’s financial well-being. He advocates for a shift in mindset and the adoption of empowering beliefs to pave the way for wealth creation.

In terms of his social media engagement, Harv has a significant following in Instagram with over 300K followers and 59K subscribers on YouTube, where he shares tips, guides, insights on how to achieve freedom first, then wealth follows. 

About Peak Potentials Training

Peak Potentials Training is a company that specializes in personal development and wealth-building seminars. It offers various workshops and programs designed to help you transform your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and achieve financial success.

The programs provided are known for their interactive and immersive nature, incorporation experiential learning, coaching and practical exercises to facilitate personal growth. You will be guided through strategies and techniques aimed at breaking through mental barriers and unlocking your potential for success.

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My Favorite Program

T. Harv Eker’s Programs

Million Dollar Business Secrets

Million Dollar Business Secrets

This signature program of T. Harv Eker reveals the critical strategies that allow a handful of elite business owners to get incredibly wealthy. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to business or already have an existing one. This program includes 4 modules inside.

Module 1: Guerrilla Wealth Tactics

Module 2: The Secret of Effective Negotiations

Module 3: Ultimate Marketing Strategies

Module 4: How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds

The program costs $997, with 3 bonus gifts:

  • Access to a 90-minute LIVE “Tough Love” Mentoring Call
  • Declaration card and screensaver
  • A professionally designed workbook

Secrets of the Multimillionaire Trainer

If you want to be a coach yourself, T. Harv will teach you strategies to be just that in his Secrets of the Multimillionaire Trainer program. Choosing the best topic, overcoming stage fright, how to advertise your expertise, create your own training, and everything in between will all be discussed in the 7 modules included.

Module 1: Becoming an Infopreneur

Module 2: Choosing Your Ultimate Topic

Module 3: Crafting Your Introduction

Module 4: Powerful Presentations

Module 5: Marketing From The Stage

Module 6: The Funnel Marketing System

Module 7: The Simplest Way to Success Action Formula and Your 30-Minute Presentation

All at the cost of a one time payment of five grand, with a 30-day money back guarantee. He believes that the program will pay for itself once you’ve mastered everything that he will teach you in this program, who knows?

Step Up And Lead

In this program, T. Harv and his team will teach you how to run your business successfully. Effective leadership sets the tone for the entire organization, inspiring a shared vision and fostering a positive work culture. 

A great leader not only guides the team toward common goals but also motivates and empowers individuals, unlocking their full potential. For the cost of $177 a month, you’ll have access to this program’s three part module and a bonus feature of having access to their brand new Rich Life Club, a place where you can interact with T. Harv himself, live coaching and ask questions included.

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My Favorite Program

Life Makeover Coaching

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. Sounds about right, no? In the life Makeover Coaching program, you’ll achieve clairvoyance on the things that you want, charge more motivation and energy towards achieving that goal, remove all the “what ifs” in your head and be able to device a plan of action that will help you move forward in getting what you want. 

They will help you think clearly, straight and out of the box, will give you accountability to everything that you do, and celebrate with every win that you achieve, big or small.

For $597, you’ll be mentored not just one, or two, but 4 whole months by T. Harv Eker himself. 

The Wealth Marketer

The Wealthy Marketer

This program will guide you through the intricacies of becoming the best marketer in your niche. An established fool-proof system that can be applied to any business and be used over and over again.

It includes 6 modules:

Module 1: Introduction and the Wealthy Marketing Mind

Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Target Market

Module 3: The Message

Module 4: The Medium

Module 5: Maximizing Marketing

Module 6: Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets

It costs $997 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to assure you that if the methods included in this program don’t benefit you in any way, you’ll be able to walk away with your money. 

Get Rich Doing What You Love

Nothing beats the feeling of being successful while doing the things that you love, or you are passionate about. But sometimes, it is the mindset of the people that contradicts this belief. 

This program will train you and your mind to remove all the boundaries, set goals that will make you happy, and everything in between, all included in the 4-modules that this program offers.

Module 1: Clearing and Self-Forgiveness

Module 2: Self-Discovery And Discovering Your Mission

Module 3: Creating Your Vision

Module 4: Vision vs. Story

For $797, you’ll have access to these modules, plus a 1-month free access to their Rich Life Club, that includes over 100 videos and reports, exclusive to members only. If you want to extend your membership for the Club, you’ll be able to do so for only $79 (good for 5 months).

Secrets of Inner Power

Secrets of Inner Power

The most powerful mindset course that T. Harv Eker has come up with in contribution for the self-help industry. It involves techniques to identify and change limiting beliefs, cultivate a growth mindset and enhance self-awareness. Which can then lead to increased confidence, improved decision-making and a more positive outlook in life. 

It consists of 7 modules good for 7 weeks, costs a one-time payment of $1495 and backed by a full 45-day money-back guarantee if ever nothing has changed within you after completing all of the contents of the program.

Free Training

If all of the prices indicated above overwhelms you or you just want to test the waters first to decide whether T. Harv Eker can be a great coach for you or not, he offers 3 different free training videos that you can get access to inside his own website. 

Pros and Cons


  • All programs that T. Harv Eker offers practical strategies and exercises, offering you actionable steps to implement in your daily lives.
  • Everything is already tried and tested by the man himself, curated to be able to teach young and experienced folks, while skipping common pitfalls.
  • T. Harv breaks down any complex concepts into a more comprehensible, easy to understand explanation.


  • The costs of the programs T. Harv Eker offers are no joke. It might be a limiting factor for some people willing to take his guidance.
  • Like any other gurus in the self-help industry, T. Harv Eker has been denounced that his success is tied to effective marketing and sales techniques, while its contents are underwhelming.

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My Favorite Program


T. Harv Eker is definitely not a scam. He and his programs have made a significant impact on the landscape of personal development and wealth-building. His emphasis on the power of the mindset and his practical strategies for financial success resonate with a diverse audience seeking positive change.

The training and mentorship program will provide you with valuable tools, insights, and a supportive community that extends beyond mere motivation. Just like in any other programs out there about self-help, invest in yourself first, and success follows through. 

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