Tamara Lowe Reviews – Scam Or Legit?

Tamara Lowe Reviews – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing Tamara Lowe. Is she legit? Find out in this Tamara Lowe review.

This review carefully evaluates Tamara Lowe’s consulting skills, emphasizing her contribution to helping individuals generate income. It will look into both positive and negative aspects of her programs, allowing readers to determine their suitability.

The review examines Lowe’s finance background and skills, spotlighting positive elements such as her track record and innovative approaches, while also recognizing potential drawbacks. Its goal is to provide guidance to individuals in the financial education field, offering insights into Lowe’s expertise for readers to make informed decisions according to their specific goals.

Come with me on this journey as we find out if Tamara Lowe and her program are worth considering.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tamara Lowe in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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Tamara Lowe Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Tamara Lowe 
  • Program: Kingdom Builders Academy
  • Website: https://www.tamaralowe.com/about-tamara/
  • Socials: LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
  • Type: Online Training, Books, eBooks
  • Niche: Social Media Marketing, Book Writing
  • Recommendation: There is lack of testimonials from satisfied clients and the absence of transparent information on training fees raise concerns about Tamara Lowe’s programs.

Who is Tamara Lowe?

Tamara Lowe Reviews - Scam Or Legit?

Tamara Lowe life narrative is one of triumph over adversity. Growing up in challenging circumstances in New Orleans, she faced drug addiction and dropped out of school. A pivotal moment triggered a profound transformation, propelling Tamara to overcome addiction, achieve her high school equivalency diploma, and pursue higher education. Motivated by her personal journey, she committed herself to assisting those grappling with similar challenges.

She is now an accomplished figure in speaking and consulting, renowned for her achievements. She has impacted over 4 million people in 75 countries and is recognized not just as a speaker and consultant but also as a successful author, businesswoman, and educator. Tamara’s entrepreneurial success is evident in founding Get Motivated Business Seminars, growing it into a $100 million enterprise over two decades, and establishing Kingdom Builders Academy, empowering over 100,000 individuals. Engaged in philanthropy through WishGivers, she supports critically ill children from military families.

Her media presence includes appearances on major platforms and features in esteemed publications. Tamara has professional connections with six U.S. presidents and international leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev. Collaborating with celebrities and figures such as Colin Powell, Goldie Hawn, and Mother Teresa, Tamara’s inspiring message resonates despite personal challenges. 

She conducts seminars, each features a direct, non-religious presentation of the gospel, earning recognition as “the Superbowl of Success” by The Washington Post and hailed as “the motivational Dream Team” by Time Magazine. Acknowledged by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for their ability to inspire higher performance, Tamara Lowe’s life story goes beyond personal redemption, showcasing a commitment to positively influence countless lives through motivational initiatives. Her seminars, renowned for their transformative impact on personal and professional development, persist in inspiring and empowering individuals nationwide.

Currently residing in Palm Beach, Florida, she extends her impact to academia, serving as a visiting professor at Harvard and contributing to the training of cadets at West Point. Tamara Lowe’s diverse journey reflects her dedication to empowerment, education, and global positive impact.

Tamara Lowe’s Kingdom Builders Academy

Tamara Lowe Reviews - Scam Or Legit?

Tamara Lowe is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Builders Academy, a training program that helps people discover their mission and start or improve their businesses. The focus is on empowering individuals to build businesses that make money and have a positive impact on the world. The academy uses a strong curriculum, personal coaching, and strategic expertise to support personal and professional growth, aiming to help create businesses that contribute positively to society.

Tamara Lowe confidently shares her knowledge on navigating the book publishing process, emphasizing her ability to guide individuals toward achieving bestseller status. Her teachings focus on simplifying the difficulties of the publishing world, providing practical advice and strategies for aspiring authors. Using a thorough approach, Tamara offers step by step guidance not only on crafting compelling books but also on effectively navigating the publishing industry.

In addition, for entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their business strategies, Tamara claims expertise in rapidly increasing customer numbers and cash flow in less than 30 days. Her method involves harnessing the potential of social media, impactful webinars, engaging teleseminars, and effective video content.

Through sharing insights in these critical areas, Tamara aims to empower business owners with actionable strategies to boost their online presence, attract a broader customer base, and achieve significant growth in customer numbers and cash flow. This holistic approach aligns with her dedication to providing practical and effective guidance across various aspects of personal and professional development.

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My Favorite Program

What will you get from joining Kingdom Builders Academy’s Bootcamp?

Within the Kingdom Builders Academy’s Bootcamp, they assert the ability to equip individuals with:

  • The skills to kickstart their profitable business or ministry. 
  • The comprehensive program covers a spectrum of essential aspects, including guiding participants on how to initiate a lucrative venture, providing insights on writing and developing their book, and assisting in building a strong and impactful brand. 
  • Additionally, the Bootcamp explores the avenue of creating passive income streams on the internet, imparting strategies and knowledge to create revenue streams that require minimal ongoing effort.
  • This program also includes access to a Private Members Community named Kingdom Builders. This exclusive community serves as a supportive and collaborative space where individuals can connect, share experiences, and seek guidance from like-minded peers on their entrepreneurial and personal development journeys. 
  • Moreover, participants gain a unique advantage with direct access to Tamara Lowe herself through LIVE interactive Q&A Coaching Calls. This direct interaction with Tamara offers a personalized touch, allowing individuals to pose questions, seek advice, and receive real-time insights from an industry expert and successful entrepreneur. 

The Kingdom Builders Academy’s Bootcamp, with its multifaceted approach and personalized engagement claims to empower individuals in establishing and growing their ventures while fostering a sense of community and mentorship.

Her new Book ‘On Purpose’

In her latest book, Tamara asserts that she imparts her top strategy for achieving rapid success in any business endeavor. The book promises to unveil the quickest route to failure when initiating a business, steering readers away from the costliest mistakes that entrepreneurs commonly make. Tamara emphasizes teaching the indispensable element that entrepreneurs must possess for success. 

In addition, readers are encouraged to grasp the fundamentals, the ABCs, to craft a business model that ensures a consistent and enduring income stream month after month and year after year.

The book aims to shed light on why industry “gurus” often keep individuals ‘on the hook’ and exposes common myths that entrepreneurs tend to buy into during their business-building journey.

Tamara’s teachings further encompass the crucial do’s and don’ts for launching a successful business within a 90-day timeframe. Overall, the book attempt to provide practical insights and actionable advice for individuals seeking success in the realm of entrepreneurship.

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My Favorite Program


Tamara Lowe Reviews - Scam Or Legit?

On their website, Tamara’s latest book, ‘On Purpose,’ is being promoted as a limited time free offer, with a suggested regular price of $39.99. While the website highlights the complimentary nature of the book, it does not specify the associated fees for the accompanying trainings.

For those interested in obtaining further details about the training programs, there is a requirement to reach out to their support team. This can be done by completing a form available on the website, initiating the process to inquire about additional information, costs, and any other specifics related to the training offerings.

The approach encourages potential participants to connect with the support team to gain a clearer understanding of the associated terms and benefits of the training programs offered alongside the free book.

Final Verdict – Tamara Lowe Review

Tamara Lowe’s Kingdom Builders Academy presents itself as a global community for Christian entrepreneurs and ministry leaders across 124 nations. However, there is a noticeable absence of testimonials and reviews from individuals who have undergone their training programs, raising questions about the program’s effectiveness. Additionally, the lack of transparent information on the fees for the training bootcamp creates a potential concern for prospective participants, as clarity on pricing is crucial for reputable educational offerings.

Furthermore, there is a lack of concrete evidence supporting Tamara’s claim of being a best-selling author, which may impact the credibility of the academy. It is advisable for individuals’ considering investment in Kingdom Builders Academy programs to approach with caution, conducting thorough research and seeking additional information for a more informed decision.

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