Review: Bob Diamond Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a firm founded by Bob Diamond called Tax Sale Attorney. Is this course the real deal? Find out in this review.

I’m delighted you completed your research before deciding to trust this firm. As you can see, even though the internet has become more accessible, many people still opt to believe online gurus’ promises and claims.

This isn’t to argue that people who have been fooled are to blame your decisions. It’s not their fault, after all. Gurus are natural manipulators who have been trained to say what they think others want to hear.

This is exactly how these people make money, as awful as it may seem. They use terms like “financial freedom” and “becoming your own boss” to advertise a product, service, or training program.

Those buzzwords are usually what attract individuals and convince them that low-quality products and services have potential to make them successful. They discover they’ve been deceived when they go to make the transaction.

After researching and writing about these gurus, I’m much more wary of scams. I’ve picked up on a lot of their tactics, and I’ve become much more skeptical of these “self-made entrepreneurs” I come across online.

Before you decide to commit to this, you should read this review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with the company in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Quick Details – Review

  • Name: Diamond Law Center
  • Niche: Overages (Real Estate)
  • Owner: Bob Diamond
  • Recommended?: This is not a business model that could work for everyone, unfortunately. The demand is also not enough to build a business around, if you ask me.

What is All About? Review - Logo

Rebranded as the Diamond Law Center is a law and professional services company. The firm is committed to people’s rights preservation and protection, as well as educating investors and property owners.

The enormous rise in foreclosures and blight of lost homes that occurred as a consequence of the economic crisis from 2008 to 2012 was one of the most alarming occurrences in the real estate industry.

The firm has educated personnel to assist in the identification of persons who are owed refunds of excess cash collected by the government, as well as mortgage firms throughout the foreclosure and subsequent sale process.

I think the main reason why you found this company is because you are looking for experts in the field.

The founders and members of this company have spent the past several years assisting individuals in the “overage discovery” profession in order to recover money for homeowners and commercial property owners.

What services does the firm offer?

Those who work in this industry acquire government documents and begin the skip tracing process by investing money in seeking people who owe money. The finders work relentlessly to find individuals who owe money by phoning, emailing, and contacting relatives, in the hopes of eventually finding the proper person who is owed that money.

Surprisingly, in most counties, the government just writes a letter to the last known address of these missing property owners, sometimes publishes a listing in a newspaper. That is usually the extent of their efforts.

According to one county official, the government has a budget that helps them find individuals who owe taxes. On the other hand though, there is no dedicated funding to help locate people who the government owes money to.

After a while, the money “escheats” to the government, which means they get to retain it indefinitely after a given period of time.

As a result, in many circumstances, time is crucial. You should not hesitate to contact a company that can assist you in ensuring that you are the rightful person and obtaining the funds on your behalf while also protecting your rights.

This may require the firm to file a lawsuit against the government in order to collect your funds. For the case of Diamond Law Center, you will never be required to pay anything up front.

The company operates operates on a “contingency” basis, which implies that they are only compensated if they are successful.

Diamond Law Center is committed to providing successful real estate investment knowledge and methods, as well as legal requirements and recommendations to their clients.

What are Overages?

Overages are monies kept by the government that they don’t want you to know about. Rather of letting the public know about their existence, they want to keep the money for themselves and earn interest on them.

However, it turns out that those monies are really the property of individuals who lost their houses due to their inability to pay their mortgages. Their houses are seized by banks and auctioned off.

There is an overage when someone chooses to purchase a property for a higher price than what is owed to the bank. That money is meant to go back to the property’s prior owner, but it seldom happens.

Instead, the bank keeps that money and invests it to earn interest. The bank then hopes no one shows up to claim it.

Typically, the prior owner of the property is unaware that they are entitled to that sum. This is how firms like this takes advantage of this.

Who is Bob Diamond? Review - Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond is the guy is behind Diamond Law Center. He has been working on tax sales ever since the 80s. This means that he has the expertise to be doing this.

He is a practicing attorney, the author of three books on foreclosure investment, a successful real estate developer, and an active investor, according to his website.

Apart than that, nothing much is known about him. The fact that he is a lawyer is the sole publicly available certification that establishes his legitimacy.

He has a YouTube channel where he talks about real estate and taxes. His opinions on the subject, though, aren’t really made public.

Bob is also the creator of a program called Overages Blueprint.

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What is Overages Blueprint?

In this section of the review, let us talk about the course that Bob Diamond has created. Review - Bob Diamond 2

Overages Blueprint is an online course that discusses a novel and uncommon technique to make some money. It discusses a “loophole” and how you might profit from this little-known “government scandal.”

Some folks may be turned off by the phrase “government scandal,” and believe that this niche is completely unlawful. However, the developers of this course can guarantee you that doing so is perfectly legal, and that you will not be breaching any laws.

Essentially, it’s about exploiting a loophole in the government’s ability to auction off any repossessed homes when certain taxpayers fail to pay their real estate taxes.

This business model does not need any licenses, skills, or even experience, according to the designer of the course. All you need is a phone, a laptop, and an internet connection apart from the “secret formula” presented in this course.

What is the “secret formula”?

Some states have laws that allow the original property owner to keep the excess earnings. However, the majority of them are either unaware of the procedure or unwilling to go through the hassle.

This course will show you how to go about doing that and, in essence, assisting your clients in reclaiming their money from the government.

You’ll be paid a commission, often known as a “finder’s fee,” after they’ve completed their task. This normally accounts for 30-40% of the recovered funds.

Because about 15,000 individuals lose their homes every week, the creator of the course says that this business model is lucrative. And they suggest that if you can get into that market, making $1,000 an hour isn’t out of the question.

They further said that this business model may succeed because, as I previously said, most individuals are either unaware of this gap or are too humiliated to fix it and move on.

There are a number of reasons why this business strategy isn’t appropriate for everyone. Furthermore, you may be disappointed when you discover that making money from this isn’t as simple as the training claims.

How much does the course cost?

A one-time cost of $1,497 is required to get access to Overages Blueprint. You may also pay $597 in three payments to get access to the course.

The online course is, without a doubt, on the expensive side. Some may argue that you get what you pay for, and that the course’s quality is excellent.

However, I continue to have reservations about this business model’s suitability for anybody.

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Pros and Cons of

In this section of the review, we will be looking at some pros and cons which can help you decide whether it is worth getting in the business.


For the most part, the course and its author are authentic. They won’t just run away with your money. They will educate you all you need to know about sales taxes.

This business model, according to the designer of this course, isn’t saturated, and you’ll only have to compete with a small number of people. As a result, you’ll have a consistent income.


To begin with, not every state allows you to recover tax overpayments. You may face legal ramifications if you try to do yourself.

After you’ve completed the necessary steps for your tax sale overages, your customers will often have to wait up to four months to get their funds. Obviously, this is a lengthy process, and there’s a risk you won’t be able to get the excess taxes at all.

As previously said, there’s a risk you won’t get anything at all. If this is the case, you will not only squander your effort, but also a significant amount of your time.

Finally, neither the course nor the business strategy are very user-friendly. If you have a background in state legislation and real estate, I believe you’ll be able to assimilate this business concept.

However, for the ordinary person looking for a simple side hustle, this may be rather difficult.

It’s also worth mentioning that cold-calling folks who have lost their houses to foreclosure may rapidly become uncomfortable. What are the possibilities that they would even work with you if they take your call?

For instance, if I was aware of this tax loophole, I could just apply for it. As a result, I may or may not need the assistance of a third party to do such responsibilities on my behalf.

Final Verdict – Review

Before I end this review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

The business idea of aiding individuals in claiming tax overages seems to me to be a profitable endeavor. It isn’t very saturated, and your earning potential is pretty significant and worth the effoty.

However, it may be tough for you to discover customers that are eager to use your services. This is because they are likely to take the process to their own hands, once they are aware of their rights to the overage excess funds. As a result, they will be able to retain all of that money.

Unless some individuals despise the arduous nature of the task involved, that is only when your services will be required.

Nonetheless, this is not a business strategy that I would suggest to everyone. The poor profit return, along with the 50/50 probability of receiving tax overages for your customers, as well as the course’s intricacy, is a major turn-off for me.

It’s much better if you select a business opportunity that may not only provide you with larger profits more often, but also one that is less complex while yet providing you with higher earnings potential.

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