Ted McGrath Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about Ted McGrath and his courses. Is he legit? Learn more in this extensive review.

In the dynamic realm of personal development and entrepreneurial prowess, few names resonate with as much impact as Ted McGrath. An architect of transformation, he has carved a niche for himself as a visionary speaker, renowned coach and mastermind behind some of the most groundbreaking programs in the self-help space.

This review includes the dissection of the key elements that have propelled Ted into the limelight and have garnered a devoted following. From the stages of global TEDx events to the intimate settings of his coaching sessions, his influence is palpable, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those who have embraced his teachings.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Ted McGrath nor with any of the courses that he’s offering. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

But before I start …

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Ted McGrath Review: Quick Details

Name: Ted McGrath

Website: https://tedmcgrathbrands.com/

Socials: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Type: Training Programs

Niche: Self-Help Industry

Recommendation: The subjective nature of personal development effectiveness and the potential financial commitment required for participation in such programs/courses are aspects that you might want to consider.

Who is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath

Ted McGrarth is a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, coach, dedicated to helping people unlock their full potential in the realm of communication and personal development. With a passion for empowering others, he has become a sought-after figure in the world of public speaking, known for his dynamic presentations and transformative coaching programs.

Over the years, Ted has inspired countless individuals, ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs to individuals seeking personal growth to enhance their communication skills, build confidence and elevate their ability to connect with others. His approach combines motivational elements with practical strategies to empower people to take action in their lives and businesses.

As a respected thought leader, he continues to leave a lasting impact on those who seek to not only speak with influence but also to express their authentic selves in a compelling and impactful way. Through workshops, speaking engagements and coaching initiatives, Ted remains dedicated to helping people like you break through barriers and become more effective communicators.

Ted McGrath on TEDx

One of the speaking engagements that he’s been doing is actively engaging in TEDx events. These talks have provided a platform for him to share his ideas, experiences and insights. Also interacting on various social platforms, including social media and his official website, where he shares content, resources and information about his program.

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My Favorite Program

Ted McGrath’s Courses

Ted McGrath offers a lot of courses and here are some of them.

Fast Client Formula

This course will help you be the new-born celebrity of your town, eventually in the whole wide world. You will be transformed to be:

  • The coach that wants to change a life
  • The speaker that wants to share his voice with the world
  • The expert that wants to make a bigger impact than a book
  • The service-based business owner that’s tired of trading time for dollars

You can and will be the catalyst of someone else’s growth, and what more can you ask for? That will be the best feeling ever. And as a budding coach, speaker or expert, they believe that you need 3 tools to get clients fast. 

And these tools and how to use them will be available once you buy the Fast Client Formula course that costs $497, backed by a 30-day money back guarantee if the training doesn’t deliver as it is supposed to do.

Never Ending Client System

Never Ending Client System

It doesn’t stop from getting clients fast, you also need to secure an unlimited stream of clients every month so that your business won’t run out of prospective clients. The Never Ending Client System will teach you ways on how to acquire clients from time to time without even relying on any online marketing tactics, except for one.

You only need to devise a successful webinar to attract a never ending stream of clients. Access to your webinar needs information like name, contact details, and most importantly, emails. Hosting a successful webinar will only spread your name like wildfire. Words of mouth is as successful as any other online marketing tactics out there.

And from there, it will just be a chain of events. Successful webinar gets satisfied clients, and satisfied clients will talk about your webinar to other people – an aspect of offline marketing. For $997, you’ll be able to gain access to this so-called foolproof method.

Book More Stages

As a budding speaker, one of your dreams is to fill your venue with genuine people that want and need whatever you have to offer, right? Not one, two, but many more events to share your knowledge all around the globe, and that’s what the Book More Stages Blueprint will teach you.

By enrolling in this course:

  • You’re sure to share an everlasting impact to your audiences
  • You can share your thoughts, insights, and expertise
  • You can live your dream
  • Yo can become a role model for your families and the community
  • You’ll have continuous cash flow by serving your clients
  • You’ll be able to host a jam-packed venue of live events

Training videos, worksheets, presentation strategies, templates, and everything in between will be available in this course for $497.

Sell From The Stage

This is the extension of the “Book More Stages” Blueprint. Once you’re booking more and more stages, it sometimes gets tiring attending live events here and there, so you might want to make your offers into a program, bundle them, and offer them to be taken at the comfort of their homes.

The course is for you if:

  • You speak from the stage and want to triple your closing ratio
  • You want to speak from the stage but you’re afraid to sell
  • You want to get booked on stages but think you might fail to close people
  • You lead seminars and still want to make sales pitches
  • You desire to transform people’s lives through speaking.

This course can cater both beginners and veteran speakers to enhance their skills, all at the cost of $497.

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My Favorite Program

Marketing Funnel Formula

Marketing Funnel Formula

The Marketing Funnel Formula includes 3 compressed modules, with a completion time of about 14 days in total. You’ll be given access to deep-dive training videos, funnel maps, checklists, and templates that allows you to launch an effective sales funnel in 14 days or less. 

It also includes bonus features like private one-on-one coaching sessions and a brief dive into Facebook Ads Training, all for $497.

Sales Videos That Sell

Sales videos serve as dynamic tools to captivate the audience, convey the value proposition and ultimately drive conversions. These videos have the potential to establish a personal connection between the entrepreneur and the audience, fostering trust and credibility. 

This is a deep dive video course with downloadable worksheets and frameworks to help you master your own sales videos and potentially double or triple your product sales, at the cost of $497 with multiple bonus features inside.

Objection Eliminator

Objections can have both positive and negative effects on a business owner. While it can present a moment to gain valuable insights, it can also lead to lost sales, damaged relationships and most importantly, business owner’s loss of confidence in themselves.

If you’re one of the business people who crumbles with just one or two objections, then the Objection Eliminator might be the right course for you. They’ll teach you to handle objections in a positive way, instead of feeling bad about them, since you can’t please all people.

Selling Full Throttle System

The jam-packed course includes all of the mini-courses that he can offer you.

  • Selling Full Throttle
  • The Limitless Confidence Formula
  • The Automated Webinar System
  • Free Ticket to Message to Millions Live
  • The Limitless Abundance Formula

Having and mastering all of these can potentially raise your sales 3x even while you’re sleeping and you can get all of these strategies and methods for $997, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t help you sell a dime.

Pros and Cons


  • Ted McGrath is world widely praised for his dynamic and engaging speaking style, making his content compelling and motivational.
  • Countless courses are available in his arsenal, covering a wide range of areas in the personal development and entrepreneurial space for you to choose from.
  • His participation in TEDx events adds credibility to his profile and signifies recognition in the broader public speaking and personal development community.


  • The cost of the courses available are not for everyone, limiting even those who are genuinely wanting to enroll.
  • The effectiveness of each of his courses are subjective, it depends on the individual’s capability to learn and adapt to Ted’s teaching style.

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My Favorite Program


Ted McGrath is not a scam. He became a prominent figure in the realms of personal development and entrepreneurship, with his engaging speaking style and versatile programs at his disposal. 

But always bear in mind that the journey towards personal and entrepreneurial growth is multifaceted, and the choice of a coach or mentor is a significant decision that should align with one’s values, goals, and learning capabilities.

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