The Blueprint Training Review – Ryan Stewart Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as The Blueprint Training. Is it legit? Find out in this The Blueprint Training review.

The Blueprint Training is extremely useful for search engine optimization (SEO) businesses and SEO consultants who want to increase their productivity and efficiency as well as their revenue.

Before you invest a significant amount of money in something, you presumably do what I do and read opinions offered by third parties.

This review will conduct an in-depth investigation into each module, providing an in-depth explanation of what you may anticipate receiving and answering a number of frequently asked questions regarding the necessary content.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this The Blueprint Training review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with The Blueprint Training in any shape or form whatsoever.

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The Blueprint Training Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Blueprint Training
  • Owner: Ryan Stewart
  • Website:
  • Socials: Twitter
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: SEO
  • Recommended?: I will not recommend this if you are not running an already existing business.

What is The Blueprint Training?

The Blueprint Training Review - Logo

The Blueprint Training is an extensive search engine optimization (SEO) training program that is designed for SEO businesses as well as individual SEO specialists.

The program’s primary objective is to teach participants how to deliver measurable outcomes to their customers.

Each of the lessons in each segment are accompanied with video tutorials, readings, links, and files; the menu for the module makes it possible to access all of these supplemental materials.

There are presently 14 categories available for you to choose from when deciding which components of the course you would like to purchase.

If you want the complete Blueprint experience and want to save money at the same time, it is advised that you take the entire course, even if it is not needed.

At the moment, continuing to be a member of the Slack group and having access to the training materials does not on a regular basis cost anything. At the moment, an additional two modules are being developed for the course, and the content of the course itself is evolving on a regular basis.

Considering that most of the courses I review end up having content that is out of date or stale, seeing such dedication is extremely impressive.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) education, The Blueprint Training is considered by many to be the industry standard. If you are new to search engine optimization (SEO) or if you plan to create a small number of websites with the intention of renting them out, this may not be the best option for you.

In spite of the challenging level at which Ryan instructs, he sprinkles the course with useful materials that might help less experienced members of the team compete on an equal footing with more seasoned ones.

Who is Ryan Stewart?

The Blueprint Training Review - Ryan Stewart

Following his time spent working as an analytics consultant for Deloitte, Ryan Stewart established the search engine optimization (SEO) company WEBRIS in the year 2015.

From its beginnings as a search engine optimization (SEO) business, the company eventually expanded into the creation of its own own proprietary software as well as a collection of instructional resources as time went on.

The Blueprint Training is one of these top-tier online tools that are available.

The Blueprint Training Overview

Because this is a “live course,” it is possible that new information will be added at a later time. This is something that you should keep in mind.

Module 1: Link Building Overview [25 Minutes]

An overview of connection construction, including its importance and practical uses. If you’re familiar with link building, this lesson won’t teach you much, but it’s great for SEO beginners.

However, this lesson was well-presented. This class also covers link construction. This helps SEO beginners and business owners that want to improve their link builder management operations.

Module 1.1: Onboarding [16 Minutes]

This module has everything you need to integrate SEO clients quickly. Since academic programs rarely touch this, it was welcome.

The onboarding process shapes any relationship. Ryan effectively addresses this issue by encouraging listeners to properly gather client information, set acceptable expectations, and accomplish speedy success to establish credibility.

Module 1.2: Kickoff Data Analysis [25 Minutes]

The module includes video tutorials on customer reports. You’ll discover how to maximize the report’s customer value and compile all the data using this. Hire someone or do it yourself.

Ryan explains how to interpret such data and use it in outreach and link-building. He also addresses how to properly convey your findings to clients and identifies critical facts you may bring to their attention.

It’s impossible to guess.

Empirical evidence underpins this.

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My Favorite Program

Module 1.3: Competitive Analysis [46 Minutes]

The analytical section went further than I expected. The Blueprint Training goes beyond competitive analysis by studying every on- and off-page component in an Excel spreadsheet.

I know it’s not attractive, but I was impressed with the thoroughness in learning about the competition. Blueprint Training distinguishes between manual and automated methods.

The course shows how to turn this data into complete reports that enhance data-driven decision making and show customers that you know the business well.

Module 1.4: Project Management [1.6 Hours]

Ryan loves systems and procedures. He details how to disassemble and rebuild these workflows and frameworks, which is essential for technical SEO management.

The Blueprint Training courses help you keep on track with so many changing parts. You’ll be able to confidently allocate duties knowing what needs to happen and who is responsible for implementing a certain SEO strategy element.

I found this section helpful, and I think anyone interested in SEO firm structure would too.

The Blueprint Training offers many time-management and efficiency techniques. Important for huge expansion. I think this separates $10,000-per-month companies from $100,000-per-month agencies.

Module 2: Building Your Team [30 Minutes]

This module helps establish teams. Remember that Ryan started alone and that this is voluntary.

I enjoy The Blueprint Training because it covers SEO firm management from both the customer and supplier viewpoints. This section discusses finding reliable content writers, outreach managers, and link prospectors, making outsourcing easier.

Module: 2.1: Website Quality Report [2 Hours]

Ryan and his team created the website quality report to assess a site’s quality beyond technical SEO.

Ryan and his colleagues didn’t invent website quality, but their report and data analysis are new.

Based on multiple criteria, this report suggests future moves. Deciding whether to index the page, not index it, update its content, or improve its backlinks. Each task has detailed instructions.

I won’t say more, but it’s cool. It leverages various APIs to compile data into a massive Google Sheet. I’m seriously impressed by the build quality and component arrangement.

You’re right—this is complicated. No need to fret. This report aggregates all this data and indicates what has to be done each page, which is remarkable. In my experience, no other device can do this. The Website Quality Report provides more information than Ubersuggest’s clean, straightforward suggestion area.

In Module 2.1, you’ll discover how an analyst polishes this report for presentation. It describes each stage in detail. Even if you sell SEO to small businesses, this level of clarity, data, and results can help you acquire higher-paying enterprise clients.

Module: 2.2: Technical SEO Audit [2 hours]

Advanced SEO auditing is explained here. I’m talking about an audit you’d give a $100,000,000-a-year company. This mini-course has nearly 2 hours of video.

This may seem like a lot of work if you’re used to running a basic SEO tool, getting an automatic report, and calling it a day. With such high-quality data and sales, you might charge five times more for one-off projects and local, low-budget SEO clients.

One film is an hour-long SEO technical site inspection report. Client advice and data visualization are shown. It’s gorgeous and initially frightening.

For those just interested in corporate reporting, this Technical SEO module is sold separately.

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My Favorite Program

Module 2.3: Keyword Research Existing Pages [2.5 Hours]

This guide explains keyword research properly. The Blueprint’s keyword analysis is two-stage. One for existing pages and one for new ones, incorporating keyword research. This level of precision is essential for keyword strategy and ranking strategy.

The following videos explain how to detect primary and secondary keywords, map keyword intent, and create a report for analysis and visualization.

That was simply a taster for a topic that could take another two and a half hours to read—just for keywords you already have pages for.

Module 2.4: Target Pages [22 Minutes]

Target pages are underlined for improvement. Picking the “low hanging fruit” first accelerates progress. This involves finding average-performing pages and figuring out how to swiftly boost their rankings with SEO.

Selecting target pages lets you build baselines for your customers, showing them their current rating and allowing you to show speedy results in a shorter time.

Module 2.5: On Page Analysis [1.9 Hours]

On-page SEO analysis and page rank improvement are covered here. Blueprint Training covers every area of on-page optimization, from meta descriptions to body text best practices.

The Blueprint course is my favorite because it outlines why and what has to be changed. This teaches you what to do and why.

Module 3: Website Link Evaluation [46 Minutes]

You’ve finished half the training modules. Launching your campaign is the third module.

Ryan’s agency monitors active links and manages campaigns in the Blueprint Training. It’s hard to think Ryan would provide so much of his personal company information for free in this training.

Many classes and “gurus” discuss tactics and maybe strategy. They don’t discuss event preparation and execution. It’s far from true. This data can support a real business.

Module 3.1: Content Audit [1.5 Hours]

Here are several ways to improve poor writing. Many of these later courses’ reporting and research may have been done earlier in the program. If you cut corners or don’t do your research, you’ll hurt yourself.

Ryan quickly addresses information quality and how to proceed. You may need to delete some pages or 301 redirect them to more substantial content, depending on variables from your earlier audits.

Here, you’ll find both bad and outdated content.

Content changes are covered in the Blueprint Course. Due to industry change, some disciplines, like SEO, need more frequent adjustments. If you make these changes, social shares will increase, which Google likes.

Module 3.2: Keyword Research Gap Analysis [18 Minutes]

This is my next keyword research step. I knew the benefits of utilizing tools like Ahrefs and keeping tabs on the competition, but this method compares your data to your competitors’ to find weak regions from which you might grab keywords.

Module 4: Creating Outreach Email [10 Minutes]

This section will help you become an industry expert and write an efficient outreach email for your customer. You can do this to start your backlink acquisition strategy.

Module 4.1: Link Building Basics & Methods [3 Hours]

A comprehensive guide to ethical link building. We don’t use PBNs or spam email newsletters. This is the proper way to construct links. The Blueprint Training teaches how to reach out and where to contact for high-quality backlinks.

I used many of these methods to find C-suite executive email addresses. These strategies need careful planning, yet they produce a strong, relevant backlink profile.

These responsibilities can be outsourced or assigned to a team member. Delegation is covered. This segment takes three hours. Unpacking and performing this are important. But this is the most ethical way to get backlinks.

Module 5: Link Building Methods & Outreach [5 Hours]

The last three hours sum up everything. It’s the cash cow. More than 9 ways for creating high-quality, topic-relevant backlinks are covered here.

“Write an email to the blogger and offer them my free template” isn’t one of these tips. These turnkey solutions can be handled internally or outsourced.

Each of the roughly nine techniques is broken down into its essential elements, first covering how to find an opportunity and then how to pursue it.

Each method is demonstrated with instances from Ryan’s organization, and other resources are offered for further study.

A 10-hour study of high-quality backlinks is possible. Your client’s website will soar to the top of the SERP and stay there through future Google algorithm updates.

New hires or employees may benefit from these lessons. The backlinking portion is detailed enough to quickly train a new employee with no prior knowledge of backlinks to become an expert at backlink outreach for your company.

No dishonesty is needed.

Module 5.1: Monthly SEO Reporting [38 Minutes]

You’ll learn how to create customized monthly reports for clients in Section 5.1 of The Blueprint.

Ryan recommends using an API to load data into a Google Sheet and then running a script to populate it. It’s not interesting, but it’s crucial to keeping your customers informed, satisfied, and up-to-date.

Final Verdict – The Blueprint Training Review

Search engine optimization (SEO) firms and professionals that want to hone their craft and provide quantifiable outcomes for customers may find value in The Blueprint Training. From on-page optimization and link building to technical SEO audits and keyword research, the course covers it all.

Having previously worked as an analytics consultant for Deloitte, WEBRIS creator and The Blueprint Training teacher Ryan Stewart adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training.

In order to assist participants create efficient SEO strategies, the program provides them with helpful insights and resources such as video courses, readings, and tools. The all-encompassing approach to running an SEO company that prioritizes project management, team building, and client onboarding is appealing.

If you’re just getting started with SEO or are searching for a crash course, The Blueprint Training may not be for you. The program may be better suited to seasoned SEO practitioners or those who are currently operating successful SEO firms due to its degree of intricacy and depth.

The passion of the course designers is shown in the program’s dynamic material and the promise to update information regularly; yet, this may cause some components of the training to become antiquated over time.

Before deciding to engage in The Blueprint Training, prospective students should evaluate their current skill set, professional aspirations, and financial resources. Those who are serious about learning more about SEO and are on the lookout for cutting-edge techniques to implement in their own enterprises or consulting practices may benefit the most from this book.

The best SEO training program for any given person will depend on their particular requirements, so they should do their homework and consider all of their choices before settling on one.

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