The ClickBank Kit Review: Should Anyone Use It?

This time, let’s talk about The ClickBank Kit. Will The ClickBank Kit help you out? Let’s take a look at this The ClickBank Kit review first.

Most people here should be familiar with ClickBank at this point. While it doesn’t enjoy the same amount of popularity as either Amazon or eBay, it still enjoys a fair amount of revenue. In fact, affiliate marketers seem to prefer this platform more than the others. That’s because ClickBank isn’t shy on helping their affiliate marketers in achieving their much-needed product visibility, as well as other potential revenue-generating opportunities.

The ClickBank Kit is just one of the growing list of lead generation tools to assist the affiliate marketer. The product’s main goal is to provide a good amount of lead generation, using ClickBank products as their platform. And in the end, these leads should convert into a huge amount of sales for you.

So, is The ClickBank Kit a good product for you? Will you really succeed in affiliate marketing using this software? Hopefully by reading this The ClickBank Kit review, you’ll be able to judge for yourself if you should get this app, or not…

DISCLAIMER: I am affiliated with neither The ClickBank Kit nor ClickBank itself in any way.

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ClickBank: A Brief Description

But before we go along with The ClickBank Kit review, let’s talk about ClickBank itself first.

ClickBank, while still behind others like Amazon and eBay in terms of popularity, still maintains a good amount of presence across the e-commerce world. And it’s all because of a large number of its affiliate marketers, with plenty more still joining.

ClickBank is also well-known for its “Spark” program, an educational platform for affiliate marketers. It allows newcomers and advanced marketers to expand their digital marketing knowledge and skills, and learn new strategies and innovations on affiliate marketing of today.

The ClickBank Kit Review - ClickBank Logo

ClickBank is founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber, and is currently based in Boise, Idaho. In 2016, it was 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

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All About The ClickBank Kit

Here are some of the main features of The ClickBank Kit.

  • 30 High-Ticket Commission E-Mails
  • Unique, DFY (Done-For-You) Lead Capture System
  • Includes Full Video Training System
  • BONUS: Traffic Training

Basically, what you’ll get as part of your purchase of The ClickBank Kit, are downloadable templates for 30 different marketing e-mails, each promoting a different ClickBank product, and a full lead capture system (complete with a squeeze page and a “Thank You” page), with which you can just import into your page builder.

The ClickBank Kit also features several tutorial videos explaining how to use the program, as well as a tutorial on how to get a good amount of buyer traffic.

According to the sales page, The ClickBank Kit contains e-mails promoting “10 of the hottest Clickbank products in the E-Business and E-Marketing” niche. These products come with high gravity and generous payouts.”. The list is included below.

Here’s also a video showing further information on The ClickBank Kit, from the developer himself:

Finally, as with the other products of the same utility, The ClickBank Kit also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re simply not satisfied with the product, then contact their customer service, and they’ll issue a full refund of the purchase price.

Who Made The ClickBank Kit?

The developer of The ClickBank Kit is Lee Murray, an internet marketer with expertise claims of over 13 years, as well as a dedicated researcher.

Some of his products include: Affiliate Psycho, Weight Loss Niche Domination, IM Niche Domination, Breakfast Embed, 60-Minute Empire, and many others.

The ClickBank Kit Review - Lee Murray

How The ClickBank Kit Works?

According to the sales page, here are the steps that you’ll need to do to use The ClickBank Kit.

The ClickBank Kit Review - 5 Realistic Steps

Its main feature is the 30 DFY commission e-mails, which promote a different product on ClickBank. 30 e-mails, because each e-mail is designed to be sent to a website subscriber everyday, in a span of one month.

The product also includes different tutorials for improving your buyer traffic, which you can watch to make you learn how to build your subscriber list. This, in turn, will help you earn even more commissions on ClickBank.

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Other “The ClickBank Kit” One-Time Offers

As with other lead-generating products, The ClickBank Kit also has a few one-time offers on its product page. These are purely optional, though, and only serve as add-ons to the main product.

  • Front-End – The Clickbank Kit: $12.95
  • OTO1 – High-Ticket Kit: $12.95 
  • OTO2 – The Recurring Income Kit: $12.95 
  • OTO3A – Email Club Lifetime: $67
  • OTO3B – Email Club Monthly: $10/Mo.
  • OTO4 – Enter The Niche Mega Pack: $47
  • OTO5 – Email Slick Mega Pack: $47
  • OTO6 – All Passiveclass Upgrades: $67
  • OTO7 – 100% Commission Bump: $97

Is The ClickBank Kit Effective?

Upon closer inspection, The ClickBank Kit has some similarities to a certain product, but without using any blackhat methods, and is less spammy. In theory, The ClickBank Kit can be used well for e-mail marketing.

However, aside from this The ClickBank Kit review, there seem to be no other independent reviews for this product as of this time. As most of the reviews present are coming from sponsored posts, which makes it difficult to determine if this product really is as good as it claims.

But seeing as most of these kinds of products promoted on WarriorPlus are outright scams, then you guess that this one is too.

So, is The ClickBank Kit a scam?

Well, not quite. But it may not be as good as it claims.

Because the effectiveness of software-generated content templates is still debatable. Some e-mail providers may flag those kinds of e-mail as spam/junk, which means your subscriber may not be able to even see what you’re marketing to them. This is further solidified when, if the product is as good as it claims to be, then a lot of people will buy it. And the chances of you having the same e-mail format that the other affiliate marketers have will only increase, thus, the spam e-mail alert.

Plus, there’s a risk that the ClickBank products offered in the e-mail you sent, could be scams in their own right. As you have no control over the products included in those e-mails, it means you may not be able to do a quality check on those products. In one wrong move, it could lead to the distrust of your potential customers.

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Alternative To The ClickBank Kit?

To be honest, using any kind of software for your affiliate marketing needs, in general, is a bad idea. The results are unreliable, and may only do you more harm than good.

However, that isn’t to say that one can’t succeed in e-mail marketing. And you don’t need any software to achieve those great results. All you need are a few reminders:

  • Make A Subscriber’s List: This is where the “Subscribe” button is helpful for your website. But take note. Visitors will only subscribe if they find your content (and the products you’re selling) entertaining and eye-catching. So build your subscriber’s list by creating engaging content. Make sure that your potential customers are the ones that’ll approach you for your product, instead of the other way around.
  • Make Your E-Mails Presentable: No one likes poorly-presented e-mail content. However, if your e-mail consists of flashy fonts and objects, readers may find it a bit unprofessional, and will just ignore it completely. Instead, try to make your lead capture e-mails as simple and clean as possible. also, try to personalize the content of your e-mails whenever you can (while still keeping it clean) so that your potential customers can connect to you more. This also reduces the chances that your e-mail may get flagged as junk.
  • Mobile Optimization: Make sure your e-mails are comfortably viewable on a mobile device. Nowadays, people spend their time on their mobile devices than on their computers, including checking their e-mail.
  • Have E-Mail Variety: Finally, remember that there are real people behind those e-mails. If you send them ads all the time, they’ll find you annoying. From time to time, give some value to your subscribers by sharing some of your own tips and insights on your selected field.

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The ClickBank Kit Review: Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s still up to you whether you’ll want to try out The ClickBank Kit’s features for yourself. And if it’s worth the investment for your own ClickBank marketing venture.

It may be a good tool for some, but don’t expect great results from it instantly. No amount of software can give you affiliate marketing success overnight. Instead of buying an app for it, it’s better to just spend it on online affiliate marketing courses instead.

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