The Copy Cure Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, we will be talking about the Copy Cure established by Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray. Are they legit? Learn more in my review down below.

The Copy Cure is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners improve their writing skills for marketing and communication purposes. Whether it’s crafting compelling sales copy, engaging emails, or persuasive content, the Copy Cure aims to teach effective copywriting techniques.

Is there real money with copywriting and will the Copy Cure help you gain skills to achieve such a feat? More information is gathered within this review so stay tuned. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with The Copy Cure nor with Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray. This is solely an unbiased review of their work.

But before I start …

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The Copy Cure Review: Quick Details

Name: The Copy Cure

Founder: Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray


Socials:  Instagram, X(Twitter), Facebook

Type: Training Program

Niche: Copywriting

Recommendation: Copywriting is a valuable skill in today’s digital age where effective communication is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. While it is a potent skill in the realm, it still does come with its share of challenges. 

What is The Copy Cure?

The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure is a comprehensive copywriting program that focuses on helping you improve your writing skills for business and marketing purposes. It’s a collaboration between Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray, both experienced in the field of entrepreneurship and writing.

The program covers various aspects of copywriting, providing insights and strategies to create compelling and persuasive content. This includes crafting effective sales copy, engaging email campaigns and other forms of written communication that can drive results for businesses. 

With The Copy Cure program, you can expect to learn techniques for connecting with your audience, conveying your message with clarity and impact, and ultimately, improving the effectiveness of your written content to drive business success. 

It’s a practical and hands-on approach to mastering the art of copywriting for entrepreneurs and marketers and it is both available in Marie Forleo’s website and Laura Belgray’s Talking Shrimp website.

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My Favorite Program

Who Are The Founders?

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a well-known entrepreneur, author and speaker. She is the founder of B-School, an online business school and the creator of MarieTV, a web series where she shares insights on business and life. Marie has gained popularity for her dynamic and energetic approach to coaching and mentoring, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing and personal development.

She believes that everything can be figured out. Nothing in this world is beyond your ability to experience, achieve, transform or transcend, hence the making of her #1 New York Times bestselling book “Everything is Figureoutable”. Marie Forleo is recognized for her ability to inspire and empower individuals to pursue their passions, build successful businesses and create a life they love. 

Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray is a copywriting expert, speaker and the founder of Talking Shrimp, a copywriting and content creation company. She is known for her witty and engaging writing style, which has made her a sought-after figure in the world of copywriting and marketing.

Laura has worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses to large brands, helping them create compelling and effective copy for their marketing materials. As one of the co-creator of The Copy Cure, she aimed to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to improve their writing skills for better communication and marketing results.

Her unique approach to copywriting, blending humor with persuasive techniques, has made her a respected figure in the industry. Laura is passionate about helping individuals and businesses communicate their messages in a way that resonates with their audience.

For Whom is The Copy Cure For?

The program is for you if:

  • You want to build a business without the requirement of having an MBA, a fat bank account and still not clear on where to start. They will give you a roadmap to your dream business.
  • You have ideas, creations and gifts to share with the world, but can’t seem to get people to pay attention.
  • You crave more freedom, flexibility and joy in your life to be able to escape your grueling day job. 

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My Favorite Program

What’s Inside The Copy Cure?

Inside The Copy Cure

In The Copy Cure training program, there are a range of topics to explore and learn, to help you enhance your copywriting skills. 

Copywriting Fundamentals

It is a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles of effective copywriting, including understanding the target audience, crafting compelling headlines and structuring persuasive messages.

Step-by-Step Video Trainings

Countless training videos curated and compiled by Marie and Laura, for you to learn and make examples of. 

  • Storytelling Techniques – to captivate and engage readers. This includes strategies for incorporating personal anecdotes and creating narratives that resonate.
  • Email Marketing – important guidelines on how to write impactful and engaging emails for marketing campaigns, newsletters and customer communication.
  • Sales Page Mastery – this includes techniques for creating high-converting sales pages, with the use of persuasive language, call to action, and overcoming objections.
  • Website Copywriting – it has tips for optimizing website content to effectively communicate a brand’s message, showcase products or services, and encourage user engagement.
  • Branding and Voice – Guidance on developing a unique brand voice and maintaining consistency across various communication channels.
  • Psychology of Persuasion – Marie and Laura will share you insights into the psychological principles that influence consumer behavior and how to leverage them ethically in copywriting
  • Editing and Refinement – they’ll let you in with their secret techniques and strategies for reviewing and refining copy to ensure clarity, coherence and impact.

Powerful Exercises

To make use of what you have learned in the training videos, they want you to finish powerful exercises that they have made ready for you to further enhance and master the skills needed to be a successful copywriter for your business.

It is the best way to hone each skill necessary and be able to focus on parts that you’re not most comfortable with. Constantly repeating them and making sure that you’ve done what the exercises want you to do is a testament that you’ve understood each and every detail stated in the training videos.

Done-For-You Templates

Done-for-you templates are valuable resources that can streamline your writing process and ensure a consistent and effective message. These templates provide a starting point or structure that you can customize to fit your specific needs. 

Templates included are as follows:

  • Email 
  • Sales Page 
  • Social Media Copy 
  • Landing Page 
  • Blog Post
  • Press Release
  • Thank You Page

To ensure that you would never go wrong in customizing for your own business.

Real Time Feedback & Critique Workshops

It includes workshops, peer reviews, and group discussions. 

  • Peer Review – each individual who joined the Copy Cure program has the opportunity to share their written assignments/exercises with their peers. Others in the program can provide feedback on aspects such as clarity, persuasiveness, and overall effectiveness.
  • Group Discussions – discussions with an active community involves sharing different approaches to a writing task, discussing challenges faced, and collectively brainstorming solutions which can greatly enhance one’s learning experience. 

Live Q&A Coaching Calls With Laura and Marie

Live Q&A coaching call sessions with Marie and Laura themselves, experts in the said field which can provide guidance on your work. Personalized feedback can offer valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.


  • 3-Day deep-dive bonus trainings to write faster and easier
  • 8 Behind-the-curtain masterclasses with world-class copywriters to help you broaden your perspective more and learn from best-of-the-best in the industry
  • You get lifetime access with past, current and future contents of The Copy Cure program

The Copy Cure is Sold Out

The Copy Cure program allegedly costs $1,499 one-time payment but for now, they’re currently sold out which is why they’re offering a free 7-day writing class for those who are interested. And with the build-up of their email list, it is said that you’ll get a spot for their next batch of enrollees when they open up again. 

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My Favorite Program

Is It Worth It?

Maria Forleo and Laura Belgray have both been exemplary and have made a name for themselves in the copywriting industry and it shows in their works. The Copy Cure program sure is not a scam, and has a great chance of you learning from the experts themselves.

One drawback is the cost, as it is not for everyone. But it seems like a fair price for lifetime access, as long as they keep on updating and giving new contents because as we all know, the online space is constantly evolving.

The program is also not intended for beginners, but for people who already have experience and want to enhance their skills in copywriting. You can still be part of it, but don’t expect the same result as others.

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