The Daily Traders Review – $197 + Your Luck!

Today, we are going to talk about The Daily Traders. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I am always surprised when I find out that people younger than me have started their own business. Sometimes I assume that those kinds of people come from a wealthy family. How else would you be able to start a business from scratch? Sure, there are people who took out a lot of loans just to start a business. But it’s always a fun surprise when you learn that people are creating their own businesses at just 18 years old.

Not every young person does it. It seems that this really only applies to those who create these online training programs. But it’s still amazes me that they had the idea of running their own business on their terms. Like, somehow, they just decided that they wanted to start earning money for themselves. Which is definitely not a bad choice.

What’s most surprising to me is hearing about young people starting their careers as stock traders. It’s definitely one of those careers that you really need to study up on. Especially since you’re spending actual money in order to trade stocks or currencies. There have been quite the number of different online training programs that teach you the basics of stock trading. Some have been good. While others, not so much. Most of the the time, they fall towards the latter.

So when I heard about Mark Thomas’s The Daily Traders, I was obviously very curious about it. What kind of expertise would a twenty-something year old have to offer to people who may want to start out in trading? Or is it just another scam?

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The Daily Traders Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Daily Traders
  • Founder: Mark Thomas
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommendation: While it is possible to earn a lot of money from trading, it’s still pretty risky to do so. Unless you have a ton of money that you’re willing to lose, then you can probably go ahead and try your hand at stock trading. You can never really be sure where the market moves every single day. So you’re definitely going to have to get used to potentially losing money from it. It’s not going to be something where you can earn a ton of money in a day. It’s possible but not guaranteed.

Who Is Mark Thomas?

The Daily Traders Review - Mark Thomas Scam?

You couldn’t really find a lot of information about Mark Thomas online. It’s not at all surprising whenever this type of thing happens. Not everybody is willing to put out their life story if they want to. And we just have to accept that. But there are those types of people who pay a service to write press releases about them that you can find on seemingly legitimate websites. For the most part, those press releases look like actual articles. But they’re just puff pieces.

In a few of the videos on the official The Daily Traders YouTube channel, Mark Thomas mentions that his first foray into trading started with cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. When I heard that, I wasn’t the least bit surprised by it. It just seems like younger people tend to lean towards crypto for some reason. At that point in his life, Mark was still in high school. Somehow, he managed to do well enough in crypto trading for him to buy his very first car.

Then two years after he started crypto trading, he kind of graduated into stock trading. And that’s pretty much where Mark Thomas put a lot of his focus on. He had found a lot of success in stock trading. So he decided to teach people he knew, mostly his family and friends on how to do what he does. This part is kind of common with a lot of people who create these training programs. I guess the people he taught initially were doing well for themselves in stock trading that Mark decided to actually create his own program where he could teach a lot more people on how to trade.

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What Is The Daily Traders?

The Daily Traders is a company that Mark Thomas founded that’s meant to help people learn how to trade stocks. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s a mentorship program about stock trading. It’s nothing to write home about.

Compare to a lot of other mentorship programs out there, especially those that focus on stock trading, this particular program occurs inside a Discord server. For those of you unaware, Discord is this instant messaging platform where people can create their own servers. Think of it as just one big group chat. A lot of training and mentorship programs that I reviewed either have their own platform where you can talk with fellow studies or just created a Facebook group. On Facebook, it’s easier to comment on somebody’s post. That’s not the case with Discord.

Since it is a group chat, it will take a lot of scrolling to find context. Sure, you can make multiple channels within that one server. But a lot of conversations happen regularly. If a server has thousands of members in it, it can definitely get a bit chaotic. Which, is apt for an app named Discord.

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What Exactly Do You Get From Joining The Daily Traders?

The Daily Traders Review - Mark Thomas Scam?

In order to join the exclusive The Daily Traders Discord community, you will need to fill out a form on their website. It’s sort of common for a lot of onlne training and mentorship programs to have these kinds of forms. The one for The Daily Traders basically just asks you if you have any experience in trading.

A lot of the questions ask you how much money you are currently earning from your job. Or what your annual income is. I sort of get why they might ask that. But it might seem a bit invasive for a lot of people to disclose how much they earn. But you could definitely just give them a range.

Unfortunately, they don’t really mention anything regarding pricing for the mentorship program on the website. So you might assume that the program is free. But it definitely is not. From what I gathered, it costs a one-time fee worth $197 in order to join the mentorship program. The pricing for it is comparable with a lot of the other training and mentorship programs I have reviewed. But just because the price is on par with its competitor doesn’t mean that you’re getting the same experience out of it.

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Final Verdict – The Daily Traders Review

I don’t really recommend anyone to try out the mentorship program that Mark Thomas offers through The Daily Traders. There’s nothing about the particular program that seems worth all of the trouble. Even though Mark seemingly has a few years of trading  experience under his belt, there’s is no compelling reason for you to choose his services.

Stock trading isn’t really something that I would recommend to a lot of people. Especially because of the risks that trading has. Not to say that other things dont’ have risk in them. They do. But there’s just a lot more risk when it comes to trading. You should only be willing to spend money on trading if you’re willing to part with that amount of money.

The market is unpredictable. Even if you find success early on doesn’t mean that it’s going to be like that all the time. There will be times where you’re going to lose some money from your trades. It’s not something that I would recommend to a lot of people. Especially those that don’t really have the money to invest in stock trading.

There are probably a lot of better places to learn how to do stock trading than The Daily Traders. A lot of them are also easier to access and give you a lot more information that what you’re going to get from Mark Thomas.

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That’s it for my review of The Daily Traders. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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