Digital Payments Revolution Review – David and Patricia Carlin Scam?

Today we will be reviewing an online course known as The Digital Payments Revolution. Is The Digital Payments Revolution legit? Find out in this The Digital Payments Revolution review.

It is getting quite boring being stuck at home. During this time, I’m sure that you are feeling like you need something to do. Work is not really fun.

In fact, working during the pandemic has become more stressful than before. People are expected to quickly adapt to a work-from-home setting, but honestly, not everyone’s homes is meant to be an office.

With that in mind, you are probably thinking that maybe you should leave your job, but I advise against it. Too many people lost their jobs, and you are lucky that you get to keep yours.

Speaking of which, you may be thinking that hey, maybe you could be making more money. Working from home has opened up opportunities of side hustles which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

That is probably how you found The Digital Payments Revolution. I commend your smart choice of deciding to research it first before paying for it, as not a lot of people think about doing that.

Being able to make money with a side hustle is a wonderful idea. However, it requires you to learn some new skills, and it could be a challenge to learn new things on your own.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this The Digital Payments Revolution review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is The Digital Payments Revolution?

The Digital Payments Revolution is an online course created by Residual Payments. The creators of the course are David and Patricia Carlin. The course is more of a webinar, to be precise.

The Digital Payments Revolution Review - The Digital Payments Revolution creators

There is no training provided. Instead, what you will be getting is an overview on how the merchant service industry works.

I have reviewed quite a lot of online courses before about different business models. These included real estate, stock trading, and Airbnb. This is the first time I encountered a course of this nature.

The Merchant Service Business Model

According to my research, this is how the business model works.

The Digital Payments Revolution Review - The Digital Payments Revolution intro

If you decide to get into this business, you will belong in the Acquirer section.

Your main goal is to provide merchants with a way to process payments cheaper than other providers and a better customer service. This can be done with both physical stores and eCommerce stores.

With every payment you process, you earn a commission. This is really profitable, especially if you have a lot of clients using your service.

The major setback you will be facing is that you’d want to have a lot of clients as fast as possible. This will involve having to reach to different businesses, sending emails, and cold calling clients.

A Quick Warning

Before I proceed with talking about the modules included in the course, I would like to give you a few words of caution. This is not a full course; it is more of a collection of short videos teaching you the basics.

This course will not teach you about the business model. It will only advice you on the most basic stuff you need to know before proceeding.

It will not teach you how to set up your business, so I suggest you look at a more advanced course if you want a more specific training process.

Actually, the Carlins have already set up a sequel to this course, which is the more advanced training course. It is called Becoming a Highly Paid Agent.

The Digital Payments Revolution Overview

The course is composed of nine modules, with one video per module. Each video’s duration is around 20 minutes long.

Module 1: What to Expect

This module is quick introduction of what is included in the course and what the business is about.

Module 2: Meet Your Instructors

In this video, you meet your instructors: David and Patricia Carlin. They will tell you all about their background and the main reasons why they decided to create the course.

Module 3: What is Credit Card Processing

Just like the title states, you will be learning about how credit card payments are processed, and how you earn money through the process.

Module 4: Why This is A Lucrative Business

This module will teach you about how this business model can be lucrative. You will be shown estimates of how much you can make using the business model, and how inexpensive it is to start.

Module 5: Real Residual Income

There is residual income to be earned with this business, and this module will teach you about it. The Carlins actually have a 15-year-old account, which still earns them money to this day.

Module 6: The Size and Scope of This Opportunity

Just like the previous module, this will show you how lucrative the business is, and how much you can make through the coming years if you stay at the right track.

Module 7: Who is a Potential Customer

This module will elaborate to you the kind of customers you should pursue in order to succeed in the business.

Module 8: Getting Your First Account

In this part, the Carlins will explain in detail how you can get your first ever processing account.

Module 9: Your Next Steps

In the final module is the last step you should take before you start your business. You will be encouraged to sign up for a one-on-one mentorship program with the Carlins, which unexpectedly, costs thousands of dollars.


The Digital Payments Revolution course costs $17. Quite cheap, right? Well, the pricing is understandable, as this is only an introductory course.

However, once you purchase this course, you are immediately offered with the second one, which costs $197.

The Digital Payments Revolution Review - The Digital Payments Revolution course price

And of course, right after this, they offer another thing. It’s called The Digital Payments Playbook, which costs $47.

The Digital Payments Revolution Review - The Digital Payments Revolution course price 2

Not to mention that you will be pressured to get the one-on-one coaching program with the Carlins once you finish the course. That costs thousands of dollars.

In summary, I think they will keep asking you for more money.

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Is The Digital Payments Revolution Worth It?

This is up for debate, but in my opinion, it does not seem worth it.

After all, you will not be thought how to set up your business. You will only be taught the basics of the business model. To be fair, that information can be found online for free.

In order to learn the more technical mechanics of the business, you will need a more advanced course. This is where the second course comes in.

To be fair, I think this basics course is made only to encourage you to upsell the Carlins’ one-on-one coaching, where they will charge you thousands of dollars.

Are David and Patricia Carlin Legit?

I do not really have a sufficient evidence to label this couple as a pair of scammers, so it is up to you if you think they are legit or not.

From my observation though, they seem to be doing pretty good for themselves. However, is their fortune really from their business, or from selling the course?

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Things I Like in The Digital Payments Revolution

Cheap Course

The course will cost you only $17, which is a pretty good deal. For an introductory course, the price is pretty good.

However, take note that there are many free resources available in the internet with the same information.

Good Refund Policy

The purchase of the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that you can get your refund before that period lapses.

The only question is if they will approve the refund or not.

Things I Dislike in The Digital Payments Revolution

More of a Webinar

You will not be learning how to start your business by taking this course. You will only be given the basics, which will tell you nothing about how to become successful.

Upsells, Upsells Everywhere

Once you make your first purchase, they will encourage you to spend more money for more courses. The endgame is to encourage you to sign up for the Carlins’ one-on-one coaching program, which comes with a hefty price tag of thousands of dollars.

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Final Verdict – The Digital Payments Revolution

Before I end this The Digital Payments Revolution review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I’m sure that after reading this review, you are now more enlightened about how this business model works. Is it what you really want to do, though?

I suggest that before you purchase this course, ask yourself if you can dedicate time and effort to learning a new skill. Can you do it while working a full-time job and looking after your family?

Always remember to set your priorities. An opportunity may look tempting, but take things into consideration first.

In fact, this advice is not only applicable for this particular business. It is applicable to other aspects in your life that you need to make important decisions on.

When it comes to side hustles, I suggest taking the easy route first. Look for the easy methods, ease yourself into them, and once you are comfortable with it, then look for a better one.

Another advice I can impart is to manage your time properly. Sure, learning a new skill is fun, but make sure you have time for more important things.

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