The F Formula Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about The F Formula by Marni Kinrys. Will this formula also work for you? Find out in this The F Formula review.

Let’s face it. Some of us men may have a bit of trouble getting the girl that we like. Many of us have very low confidence, they’re not even able to approach the girl that we like. Much less talk to them.

The reason for this is that many of us don’t really know the proper buttons we need to hit for the girl. So the girl will usually take it the wrong way, be unimpressed, and will certainly reject your advances.

Thankfully, these issues can be solved. All you need is the determination to improve yourself, and possibly a good program to guide you.

The F Formula claims that they have a solution that can help several men greatly improve their chances of getting the girl they like.

But before you go ahead and invest in this program, it’s better if you read this The F Formula review first. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this program is something that you need, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased The F Formula review, based on my observation and honest opinion. And I’m not affiliated with the creators of this program in any way or form whatsoever.

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The F Formula Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The F Formula
  • Owner(s): Marni Kinrys & Marissa
  • Website:
  • Socials: InstagramYouTube
  • Type: Online Course
  • Niche: Dating Advice, Self-Improvement
  • Recommended?: Honestly, the way to a girl’s heart can always vary. There’s no single method out there that works for all girls since they all have individual tastes. Nevertheless, this may give you a good idea of how you can flirt with them and get results. But of course, your chances will greatly improve if you’re a guy with lots of money.

What Is The F Formula?

Most Guys Suck At Flirting

“Most guys suck at flirting”, that’s one of the opening statements that you’ll hear when you watch the promotional video. And for the most part, it’s true.

But that’s what The F Formula is made for.

The F Formula is an online course about flirting. It’s a course that aims to teach men how they can smoothly interact and flirt with women, without the risk of being awkward towards them.

The techniques that this online course offer is usually promoted as a sort of “plug-and-play” formula. This means that men can easily use this on any woman and get favorable results every time.

It contains various things as how to make the proper body posture when talking to a female, the right words to say, and even the appropriate reaction to any response. This allows you to investigate and comprehend how to attract attention while also preventing you from straying from what is really yours.

It’s similar in nature to Jesse Jhaj’s Endless Options, an online course that also deals with the same subject of how to attract girls.

The F Formula can help you immensely as a man if you want to increase your self-confidence, especially in approaching girls. Personally, however, I still think our own social status as men is what determines our attractiveness to girls.

It’s a hard truth, however. If you have money, and lots of it, girls will surely come to you, instead of you having to chase them. Because having a high social standing can really boost your confidence enough for women to notice you.

And if you have the money, you can easily achieve it.

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The People Behind The F Formula

The F Formula is a training program conceived by someone who is only known as “Marissa”.


The F Formula - Marissa

There isn’t really any information about Marissa that can be found anywhere. All that is revealed in the sales pages is that she has mastered the psychology behind women to develop her own flirting system that has worked consistently across different she came across as test subjects.

They claim that she has achieved it through decades of research. By observing, questioning, and testing her findings on women of all kinds, and using concepts from neuro-imaging and evolutionary psychology studies to amplify its effectiveness.

The F Formula is also a part of The Wing Girl Method, a group of programs that offer various online courses, coaching, and even live (or virtual) events that are aimed to teach men how they can be more attractive to women, especially to the girl that they like.

And the owner of The Wing Girl Method is Marni Kinrys.

Marni Kinrys

The F Formula - Marni Kinrys

She is popularly known as “The Ultimate Wing Girl.”. In 2010, she was awarded the “World’s Best Wing Girl” award at one of the PUA (Pick Up Artist) Summits. And before that, she was named the World’s Best Female Pick-Up Artist at a PUA Summit in California.

Along with Marissa, Marni claims that they’re capable of ”giving you access to the 5% of knowledge about attracting women that no man can ever teach.” After all, they’re women as well.

If you want to get a brief overview of the other programs that are included in The Wing Girl Method, you can check out my review below.

What’s Included In The F Formula?

The F Formula consists of a 72-page PDF file that is the core of the program. It contains all of the techniques and facts you need to know on how you can properly flirt with a girl.

Additionally, the PDF document will direct you to exclusive videos and audio in MP3 format action guides. They also say that you’ll also get a bunch of extra content that is worth $238 in all, free of charge.

Here is what you will find inside The F Formula.

The Foundation of Flirting

The Foundation of Flirting is all about laying the actual groundwork you’ll need to ignite a flame in the woman’s eyes. On your initial meeting, you’ll know how to set up a friendly atmosphere for the woman you’re flirting with.

The beginning of the flirting phase is crucial since first impressions count a lot. Keep your personality authentic, and she’ll be all over you.

How You Can Make Physical Escalation Easy As Counting to 4

If you want to quickly get to the next level, which may involve physical contact like kissing, caressing, or becoming more personal, this part of the course is essential. The talking stage might become monotonous, especially if you spend a lot of time there.

By putting the four suggestions listed in this learning section into practice, you can cut this period short. You’ll leave the talking stage sooner than you think if you follow the instructions here. Physical contact is nice, and you’ll be going to that phase if you can get the talking stage part right.

The Hidden Female Behaviours You Need to Recognize to Flirt Properly

You’ll find it simpler to flirt if you get familiar with how women behave. By understanding how women act when they are interested in you and how to react to these actions, you will always be one step ahead of the lady you are leading.

With this, you will be able to tell when she is enjoying your company, what she needs from you in order for you to look more appealing, or when she is actually trying to get in touch with you. You’ll discover more about female psychology and its workings here.

The Conversation Mistakes That Turn Women Off To You Sexually

Flirting is a one-sided game in which the lady has the option of rejecting the man or accepting him if she is satisfied. When leading women on, how you talk to them can make all the difference. Sadly, some men frequently make conversational blunders that ruin the game.

When you talk to a woman, she expects you to have your discussion worked out. Marissa’s research revealed that if you want to spark attraction in only a few words, you must avoid certain conversational mistakes, which will be detailed in this part.

The Two Flirting Roadblocks Most Guys Are Utterly Blind To

Some words are considered perverted words, and you should be aware of them. After keeping a record of these terms, make sure you avoid them as they will end in the game. Perverts are always a big turn-off to any woman.

You’re already considered a pervert if you’re always referring to a woman’s body in a sexual way. Avoid doing it at all costs.

Women want you to be a gentleman and use decent words. Flirting does not necessarily mean that you objectify her physical features. And yes, you can flirt without mentioning any parts of her body.

How to Attract Her Under the Radar

Attracting a woman under her radar is vital. If you master this, this will help you keep her under your wings and always need your attention.

The step is done differently and depends on the phase you are in. Either way, it should be done professionally and not evident to her by going straight to the point. Once you know the skill of unraveling hidden female behaviors, you will spark instant attraction, and she will always want to be with you.

How You Can Elicit Her Attraction Signals for Each Flirting Phase

You must also learn how to identify a woman’s attraction signal, and they all vary depending on the phase. If you master this art, you will know when she wants you to move to the next level and permit you to push the limits in a safe direction.

In The F Formula program, the owner speaks of how effective, efficient and straightforward these steps are.

How to Keep Her Drawn To You With The Boomerang Technique

The “Boomerang Technique” is aptly named because with this technique, the attraction of a woman to a man can grow stronger on its own with this technique. By applying this technique, you’ll be able to get her attention to you, and she will always miss your presence even when you’re not around.

Difference Between Women in Their 20s and Women Over 30

Yes. The age group of women can also be a factor in the success of your flirting methodology. And it’s very critical.

By knowing the differences in how each age group behaves, you’ll be able to act accordingly and draw them in with your flirting, regardless of age.

The F Formula Bonuses

Aside from the main content, The F Formula also contains various bonuses that serve to supplement the lessons contained in the main course. These bonuses are said to cost around $238 normally, but they’re all totally free when you get The F Formula program.

Here’s a quick rundown of the bonuses included.

BONUS 1: The Osa Method

The OSA method helps a man get any woman to entirely skip formalities, remove any barriers that might prevent her from opening up to you, and engage in deep conversations. It will be as if she already loved you and you have known each other for five years or so.

BONUS 2: The Video Illustrations, Breakdowns, And Case Studies

This bonus has all the video illustrations, breakdowns, and case studies concerning how you can master the art of flirting in the easiest yet effective ways. You will be surprised how the F-Formula applies in real life and the mechanics of any girl you want. Here, there is no guesswork as you go into the game when you are fully prepared with flirting skills that will snatch her.

BONUS 3: Instant Wit Blueprint

Bonus 3 will help you develop the specific type of attraction wit that pulls women to your most important part, the brain. You will learn the shortcuts to take so you can create charming, attractive wit instantly whenever you want to.

BONUS 4: How You Can Touch Women Without Being Creepy

This bonus package will teach you how to get into physical contact with a woman, seemingly becoming a creep. Most men do not know that women always want to be touched but only in the right places. Bonus 4 reveals how you can exactly do that to a woman by mastering the art of flirting.

BONUS 5: The Wing Girl Guide To Suggestive Body Language

In this bonus package, you will learn how to attract girls from across a room without necessarily being in contact or talking to them. The guide teaches you the kind of body language you should use when talking to women to get the most from their attention.

BONUS 6: Sexy Bantering Made Simple

The sexy bantering made simple guidebook was written by one of Marni’s male friends, and he adopted the name from “The King of Banter.” The bonus shows you how you can use banter to create an immediate connection women find incredibly sensational. You will gradually learn how to talk to a girl while declaring your intentions confidently.

BONUS 7: Women Tell All Interviews

Marni interviewed ten women whom a man had tried to flirt with, and they opened up on the truth about what impresses them in every stage. They spilled the beans and gave reviews regarding how most guys are completely blind and think what they are doing is right but turns women off.

How Much Does The F Formula Cost?

The F Formula is normally priced at around $99. But right now, they’re offering it at a discounted price of $47.

It’s said to be a limited-time discount, but I have some doubts about it. It could be that they just made that “discounted price” to create a sense of urgency to entice viewers into buying, thinking that the price will go up soon.

It may seem cheap given the amount of educational content that you’re going to get here. But personally, I don’t think it’s worth it.

And I’ll tell you why later in the next topic.

Is The F Formula Worth Getting?

The F Formula could a good one to take if you ever find yourself in need of dating advice, or even how you can develop yourself as a man.

It may even seem more credible given that the authors are all women. After all, who know women better than themselves?

But personally, I don’t think I can recommend that you even pay money for any of the programs here. Even if for a fact that you can’t get a girl to date you at all, I would still say that you won’t need something like this.

Because all of the lessons that are taught here are, in fact, taught somewhere else as well. And some of them don’t even charge any kind of fee for those lessons.

Besides, if you think about this quite carefully, you may already know most of the lessons being taught here. In fact, you may even be subconsciously practicing them already.

So why do you think you’re still failing on getting girls even though you already know the lessons here? Simple.

It’s all about your social class. Women certainly will not fall for someone who has a lower social class than theirs. So it’s crucial that you raise it up to match, or even exceed, theirs.

So how do you do it? Simple. By earning more money.

It’s a cold, hard truth. But as the saying goes, “No Money, No Honey”.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. As I said before, if you stop chasing women and use that time to build yourself and set up a business of your own, girls will come over to you like a magnet.

Because women love men who know how to hustle for money. They’re immediately attracted to men who work hard to accomplish their goals, especially financially. It makes them think that they’ll feel more secure when they’re with a guy who has a higher social class than theirs.

And if you want to achieve that goal, this program can help you.


My Favorite Program

The F Formula Review: Final Thoughts

Let me close this The F Formula review by sharing my final thoughts about this.

Ultimately, in order to be successful at getting a date and get you the girl that you like, you basically have to work on your confidence.

You can start by improving your body. Working out is always a necessity for this. If you like to get ripped and jack up those muscles, then better. But do know that some women do prefer guys with so-called “dad bods” to ripped ones. So it may not be too big of an issue.

Just don’t be too fat that you’re going to be too unattractive with it.

But even more importantly (and I’m stressing this again), women prefer men who are financially abundant and have goals in life (and are striving really hard to achieve them). Because they see those men as someone who is in a totally high standing class than even themselves. And again, let’s be real here. Women love those men who are of a higher class standing than they are.

It may even be the biggest irony of all, but the best way to get a girl is to stop chasing them like they’re everything to you. Just focus on your dreams and goals of financial stability, work hard for them, and reach high. Eventually, you may not notice it, but women will start to feel more attracted to you, without you even trying to chase them.

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If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this The F Formula review

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