The Fast Tracks Review – Merlin Holmes Scam?

The Fast Tracks Review - Merlin Holmes Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program called The Fast Tracks. Is it legit? Find out in this The Fast Tracks review.

Affiliate marketing is appealing because it requires a small upfront investment, and you don’t have to create products or manage inventory. The flexibility of working hours and location is attractive to those who value independence, and there’s potential for passive income after the initial setup. The variety of products and niches allows individuals to match their efforts with personal interests and try different approaches. Earnings are based on performance, encouraging effective strategies that benefit both affiliates and product creators.

If you are looking for tested and proven methods on how you can get income online via affiliate marketing, then you have probably encountered Merlin Holmes’ The Fast Track. This six-week program teaches how to succeed in affiliate marketing. And that’s why we’re here today! We would be breaking down his course, get to know him further and see if his program is worth it.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with The Fast Tracks in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

But before I start …

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The Fast Tracks Review: Quick Details

Who is Merlin Holmes?

The Fast Tracks Review - Merlin Holmes Scam?

Merlin Holmes is an experienced authority in affiliate marketing who created the Fast Track program to share the income-generating methods that he has developed throughout his career with the broader audience. The program provides a well-organized and systematic method for affiliate marketing, ensuring it is easily understandable for both newcomers and seasoned marketers.  With over 15 years of experience, Merlin Holmes has achieved significant success, making $150 million in online sales.

Holmes has been actively involved in online marketing for more than 17 years. In addition to his marketing expertise, he is associated with a local public school community. Residing in Colorado since the 1990s, Holmes eventually made East Lowry his permanent home in 2014.

What is The Fast Tracks?

The Fast Tracks Review - Merlin Holmes Scam?

The Fast Tracks is a top-notch training program teaching people how to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing. Unlike traditional methods, this program offers a unique way to make online income without dealing with product creation, customer service, or managing inventory.

Using a simple two-page funnel and a poll-like structure, participants can attract traffic, collect leads, and promote affiliate offers. The course gives a step-by-step formula to help individuals create steady income, ranging from $500 to $1,000 or more per day.


The Fast Tracks covers a wide range of topics about affiliate marketing within six modules:

Module 1: Marketing Masters Degree and Fast $500 Earnings

In the first module, participants will learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Holmes covers the profitability of affiliate marketing and introduces the concept of creating income streams. This section provides a solid introduction to the course, giving participants a strong understanding of the business model. Throughout the module, individuals will gain insights into the essential principles that are crucial for successful affiliate marketing strategies, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of the field in the following modules.

Module 2: Identifying Suitable Products for Promotion and Ensuring All Elements Are Set Up Correctly

Module 2 centers on smart product selection and thorough market research. Holmes guides participants step by step to pick profitable niches and make savvy choices in promoting products. Crucial for success, this module establishes the foundation for a thriving affiliate marketing business. Exploring product selection and market research details offers participants key insights essential for creating and sustaining a profitable affiliate marketing venture.

Module 3: Fast Creation and Implementation of Your Initial Poll

This module teaches creating an interactive landing page with a poll-like structure. Holmes provides hands-on guidance, offering templates and effective strategies for engaging website visitors and collecting leads. It emphasizes not just making an appealing landing page but also the broader goal of establishing a lasting online presence. Holmes highlights using social media strategically to expand the reach of interactive content. By the module’s end, participants gain practical skills to boost visitor engagement and set the foundation for long-term online success.

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Module 4: Establishing Your Automated Sales Systems

Once you’ve created a visible website, the next step is to learn how to get more people interested in it. This module teaches that building a website is not just about using paid ads and SEO. It highlights the need for various methods to establish an online presence, stressing that successful lead generation and attracting traffic require a mix of strategies beyond the usual paid advertising and SEO techniques.

Module 5: Crafting Your Initial Profitable Ads on Merlin’s Exclusive Platforms and Launching Simple Ad Campaigns

Module 5 reveals Merlin Holmes’ secret advertising platforms to increase website visitors. Holmes shares proven techniques for impactful ad campaigns, crucial for business growth and higher earnings. Learning these strategies equips participants with valuable tools to expand ventures and achieve financial success.

Module 6: Mapping Future Income Streams, Monetizing Lists, and Hidden Offer Sources

The final module focuses on long-term planning and making money strategies. Participants will learn how to diversify their income sources and explore new offers. Holmes shares important insights on growing your business and maximizing profits, providing participants with a clear plan for long-lasting success and growth in affiliate marketing.

Additional Features

The Fast Tracks Review - Merlin Holmes Scam?

Aside from these training modules, you will also gain access to their resources and support from experts and other enthusiasts like you.

DFY (Done For You Templates): Participants will be able to receive a ready-to-use templates for creating effective landing pages and email sequences. These templates, tested for conversion, save you time and effort compared to designing your materials from scratch.

Coaching Calls: Participants can have one-on-one coaching calls with Merlin Holmes, where they get personalized guidance and support to address any questions or concerns. This direct interaction ensures tailored assistance, improving your understanding and experience in the program.

Support from the Community: Availing his program will enable you to join their community forum which is being used by participants to connect, share knowledge, and network with like-minded individuals. It’s a supportive space where participants can gain insights, seek advice, and get encouragement as they go through the program.


You can avail The Fast Tracks program by a one-time payment of $997 for Full Access pass; or their 3 payment plan which will be $397 per month for 3 months. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee however, specifics of this policy are not stated.

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Pros and Cons


The course itself offers potential content that can produce results, very easy to follow and have ready made templates available. This also includes the community forum where you can interact and ask further questions or ideas from others who share the same interests as you.

Moreover, Merlin Holmes is known to be in the industry for more than 15 years meaning, he knows how to ride this roller coaster.


The promise of quick return of investment is too much since affiliate marketing takes time and effort and might not be passive at all. Even though they have a refund policy, the program is also pricey for someone who is just starting in the business.

In addition, Merlin’s background is almost secretive that only little information can be found. He doesn’t have an official Facebook page or Instagram. He does have a YouTube channel but with the most recent videos posted from 4 years ago, I don’t think that it is still active.

Final Verdict – The Fast Tracks Reviews

While Merlin Holmes’ program shows great potential in affiliate marketing, it’s price is too expensive. I don’t think anyone would be thinking about the refund policy when in the first place they don’t have the money upfront. It is also noteworthy that some refund policies have their conditions and Merlin’s refund policy does not state anything if it does have one or none at all. A thousand dollars is no joke.

Also, the fact that there’s little information about Merlin makes me question his credibility. If he’s really a big shot in the industry, why there aren’t any simple social media. His YouTube channel makes me question as well what could have happened and why there are no longer videos that are being posted.

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