Profit League – Jeff Samis Course Review

Welcome to my profit league review.The program is getting so much hype at the time I am writing this review.

Profit league is a course launched by jeff and his wife jessica.They are successful marketer.That is why they created this course to help others make money online.

For this they also build a community to help each other to achieve their goals.

Well,long time that I write a review about a course having this kind of cost.The price of profit league is $3999.This is very mind boggling to me.

But let?s dive on to this review and stay with me to the last you will not regret it.

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Profit League Review

I think you already know what is profit league.If not let me explain it.Profit league is an online course about social media.

This course is running on the idea of lead generation where you will run ads for local business owners.

Well you maybe thinking that what is in it for local business owners?If one client is giving you a grand a month and you are providing ten leads a month to them.

Let?s say the client is in real estate niche.This will be more than enough for him to close a $200,000 deal.He maybe happy to pay you for your services,whatever you want.

In general,not talking about profit league,lead generation are expensive as compare to others.I do not know the reason behind it,but YES.

Just did a review of another lead generation course local marketing vault.


There are couple of ways to generate leads for local clients.But the profit league course is based on facebook ads.

I liked seo to generate leads for them.In that case they will be after you.It?s not you calling hundreds of business owners and begging them to buy your services.

This strategy is called rank and rent.In this kind of marketing I just rank a keyword in any niche and rent it to the business owners.

When they saw my keyword ranked at the top,they kept emailing me.I do not want to go in depth.For this you have to learn SEO and some free youtube videos might help.

First of all let?s talk about the owner.

Jeff Samis 

The owner of the course is jeff samis.He and his wife claims that they got extra ordinary success in smma.

The main problem in facebook leads are that you have to compete with ROI.It means return of investment.

I will also talk about the things that I liked and the things that I do not liked.

This course includes the videos of jeff samis and his wife talking every prospects of smma.

If you go to the official website of profit league there will be two options.The first option will be proof.

If you click this you will be taken to a huge sales page.

In this sales page there are a lot of success stories of the people that are earning good money.

There is not any single proof of it.So,I can not say that it is legit or not.

The other thing is that other option will be of apply.

If you click on apply it will redirect you to schedule a call.

I have seen a lot of complains on the schedule of the call.

There are always problem with their schedule and they are pretty strict in that matter.

In case you missed the schedule call it means you will have to call them again.

I want to share something interesting here.Did you read COMPETE WITH OR AGAINST US?

It means that in facebook ads you have to compete with others.Same goes with google adwrords.

So,they want to say that it?s totally upon you to work with them or compete with them.

I think they are more experience so it?s definitely a miss match.

Things I liked

Well it?s a miss consumption of a lot of people that if a thing is expensive it means it is extra ordinary.

It?s not in most of the cases and the course I took.

First of all let?s talk about the things I liked


If you do not know copywriting,it means the copy you write on ads.

The owner jeff samis got some extra ordinary tips to improve your writing skills and give you their exact sales copy.

This is a very good thing by them.They have some extra ordinary skills in cipy writing as I told.

But wait here is my opinion.A lot of people are enrolling in the program.

And everyone of them will be using this copy?This is funny I think.

I think to teach them skill instead of giving them your copy will be a good step.

That is way the people will get the skills to write an ad copy.


They update their course.Every thing they found that they think would be useful to their user they immediately add it on their course.

Or maybe take care of it before?

Things I Disliked

Being honest i think there are a lot of flaws that I saw in this course.i will be talking about them step by step.

No money back guarantee

There is no money back guarantee in the course.

It means if you invest four grands there will be not guarantee that you will be successful or not.

Yes you listened me right,This is very rare.

All the courses that I reviewed on my site offers it.Not all but the ones who were above 2 grands.

So there is a risk involved in here.

I also thinks that the course is very overpriced.So much money to invest here.

And will also tell you that you have to rather spend money in it,Will also explain it to you.

Hidden extra costs

You have to invest three hundred dollars more.This is because the software you will use inside the system.

This is called clickfunnels.It costs three hundred dollars for their premium subscription.

The software uses for to make funnel.I will not be diving deep to further tell you what is sales funnel.

Software basically setup your ideal client by giving something you make infront for free.

I know a lot of software which provide same value with less price such as kartra.


The course is never complete.The price of the course is very high and it is not completed?

You are paying them four thousand for a incomplete course?The course has also less value.


I know that how facebook ads works,i wasted a lot of money in fb ads.

I thought I will run ads and the money will come to me.

But it did not happen in this case.You have not to work so damn hard to optimize your compaign and check them properly.

Is profit league legit

Yes it is legit.It is over priced and you have to take risk to enroll in the course.

I do not recommend it to my readers because I think that it does not worth the price.

I think if you want to make money online and set a business online than it will be my last recommendation.

You have to run after business owners and call them hundreds and thousands of time before even getting one client.

This is a terrible business idea I personally think.

I lost my dignity during the process…

I think you should not start these three business for 2020.

I hate SMMA because I do not like to run after the business owners to buy my service.

Other than this you are building someone else business.

The business can be destroyed if only a single business owner  get unsatisfied with you.

I am not talking shit here guys.This is the thing I failed here.

Although I still have some of my sites keyword that I rent to them.

But i do not like the business model.

I believe that affiliate marketing is the best online business at the moment.I love affiliate marketing.

You can ask me any question about it in the comments and will try my best to get back to you.

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