The Robust Trader Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about The Robust Trader. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

As somebody who hasn’t really seen much of what the investment market has to offer, I am always amazed at what kind of products and services exist in that niche. Like, I have mostly written reviews about products and services from the ecommerce and digital marketing niches. So I know what to expect when it comes to those two particular niches. There’s not a lot of things that are different with regards to what they offer. It’s almost always differs on the approach of those creators and companies that offer them.

There have been a number of online training programs that I have reviewed before in the investment niche. For the most part, it works exactly how most online training programs do. You can’t really go far when it comes to an online training program. It’s just videos upon videos teaching you about the topic that you want to learn about. There’s not really much there.

Still, I haven’t really dove deep into what this specific niche has to offer. It was only recently that I was made aware of the number of paid newsletters that exist in the investment strategies niche. I guess it makes sense? Most people who want to become investors often keep track of the market through various news sources. Some go to the mainstream ones. You know, your Bloomberg’s, your CNBC’s, your Wall Street Journal’s. Those are ones that focus heavily on how the news affects the market. Everything, in a way, is political when it comes to trading and investments.

So, I am always on the lookout for anywhere that offers some kind of product or service that is for the investment strategies niche. Because the reviews that I have done for some of the services feels like I am just scratching the surface of it. So, let’s get started, shall we?

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The Robust Trader Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Robust Trader
  • Founder/Creator: Håkan Samuelsson
  • Website:
  • Socials: X (or the platform formerly known as Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
  • Type: Newsletter, training program
  • Niche: Investment and trading strategies
  • Recommendation: Getting into investing and trading requires a decent amount of money. While it may be possible to earn money using the strategies that they offer on The Robust Trader, there is no guarantee that it will be consistent.

Who Is Håkan Samuelsson?

Screenshot of the X/Twitter profile for The Robust Trader

Håkan Samuelsson is the founder of The Robust Trader, a website that’s focused on sharing trading strategies. He is also the founder of Samuellsons Rapport and Quantified Strategies.

Unfortunately, there is no other information about Håkan Samuelsson that you could find online. If you search for his name on any search engine, most of the results is going to be for the former chairman of Volvo and the current chairman of the board for Polestar, another car manufacturing company. I’m pretty sure a C-suite executive isn’t running a website about investment and trading strategies. Or maybe I could be wrong? People have things they do on the side. And maybe a 72-year old car manufacturer company writes about trading strategies in his spare time.

Though it’s safe to assume that both of the Håkan Samuelssons that I mentioned are two separate people. It would have been funny if that weren’t the case, though. But it’s definitely unlikely that it is.

Based on his X / Twitter account, Håkan Samuelsson was a former proprietary trader at Merrill Lynch and has been trading more than 20 years. But that’s pretty much the extent of the information that’s available about him. It’s not surprising that certain people don’t want to talk too much about their lives or show off what they look like. I understand why they might do that. Though, for the purposes of a review such as this one, it’s kind of difficult. Like, I’m just gonna ramble on about whatever for this particular section? Well, yeah…

Still, it’s unfortunate that there’s very little information that you could find about him. Who even knows if Håkan Samuelsson is their actual name? It’s a common name though. But without any other information to work on, it casts some doubt on their legitimacy. It’s a struggle, more or less.

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What Is The Robust Trader?

The blog for The Robust Trader

The Robust Trader is an online platform that offers blog posts, newsletters and online training programs focused on trading strategies. Apparently, there are other people involved with writing the blog posts. Though, if you actually check it, it’s mostly Håkan Samuelsson. The blog actually has fairly recent posts on it. So you can see that they didn’t just stopped writing for it. The topics that they talk about in the blog varies. Some of them are reports of how their trades on that day. While others are guides.

By the time of writing this, there haven’t been any new posts on the blog. But it seems that Håkan Samuelsson is active in the other platforms that The Robust Trader exists on. Though, it’s pretty much just X, or Twitter if you don’t want to call that platform by a single letter. So at least you know that he didn’t just bail on posting about the movement in market once he started to offer paid services on his website.

Aside from the blog, The Robust Trader offers a monthly subscription service called the Trading Strategy Club. It’s a subscription service where you basically get a trading strategy every month. It also includes a monthly newsletter as well as a code and workspace on TradeStation. You also get the backlog of the trading edges from the previous year as well as new edges every month. Aside from that, you can also easily contact Håkan Samuelsson through email.

What Else Does The Robust Trader Have To Offer?

There are two subscription tiers for the Trading Strategy Club. There’s the Silver tier, which is the monthly subscription that costs $149 a month. This particular tier only includes the monthly strategy, the code and workspace for TradeStation as well as the newsletter.

Then there’s the Gold tier, which is the annual subscription that costs $1,995 a year. Since it’s the annual subscription, it’s obviously going to be cheaper per month compared to the actual monthly subscription tier. This is the tier that includes access the marketing strategies from the previous. It pretty much includes everything that’s already included in the Silver tier.

There are two other paid options but they’re not subscriptions. The first is the Platinum Archive which costs a one-time payment worth $4,995. When you subscribe to this particular option, you get access to the entire archive of trading strategies that The Robust Trader has offered since the start, you get at least 48 strategies to choose from.

Then there’s the Single Strategy option which costs a one-time payment worth $299. This particular option allows you to choose one trading strategy. And that’s it. You also get the code and workspace for TradeStation when you purchase this option.

Aside from that, The Robust Trader also offers a few different courses. You have the Swing Trader Course, which costs $399 for lifetime access to this course. You’re basically going to get four trading strategies as access to the course that will teach you exactly how Håkan and his team select their stock options.

Then there’s the Candlestick Patterns course which costs $149 for lifetime access. What you’re going to learn from the course is how to analyze candlestick patterns in order to win in trading. It’s not a really big course. There’s only two modules to it.

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Final Verdict – The Robust Trader Review

I appreciate that there are a lot of options to choose from. Most of what I have reviewed so far when it comes to the investment and trading strategies niche have been either online training programs or newsletters. At least, with The Robust Trader, you choose from a variety of different products and services. That being said, I don’t really recommend that you try it out.

One of the reasons that it’s kind of hard to recommend is that you can’t really put a face to who created the platform. I kind of understand it a little bit why Håkan Samuelsson is a bit elusive. But that is really what put me off from recommending it to you. When you couldn’t put a face to a name, it’s hard to put trust in somebody like that. Even if he were actually knowledgeable in investing, it would’ve probably been better if people know exactly what he looks like.

There is a lot of risk when it comes to investing and trading. And I don’t think this is something that everybody can get into. You’re potentially going to spend a lot of money without any guarantee that you will be successful in it. Not everyone is willing to part with money that they won’t get back.

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That’s it for my review of The Robust Trader. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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