The Sales Mentor Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a training program known as The Sales Mentor by Payton Welch. Is The Sales Mentor legit? Find out in this The Sales Mentor review.

Working a 9 to 5 job can be exhausting, especially if you know to yourself that you aren’t making enough money. The reason why you cannot simply get up and leave your job is because the pandemic has made the job market very competitive.

This means that even if you want to go job hunting, it could be quite hard to look for a job that would be a perfect match for your skill set. Besides, even if you find a new job, it might take you years to get the pay you want, so the search would be meaningless.

That aside, you probably thought that maybe you can look for a way to make money on the side without having to quit your job. Besides, if you are still working from home, you probably can find the time for a side hustle that you can execute on your free time.

That is how you found The Sales Mentor. It is a course that promises to teach you how to make money from the comfort of your own home. The question is, is the opportunity that it will teach you the right fit for you?

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this The Sales Mentor review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with The Sales Mentor in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is The Sales Mentor?

The Sales Mentor is a course designed by Payton Welch. It can teach you how to become a high ticket closer.

It is a business which has the potential that can make you thousands of dollars once you get the hang of it. However, it is not really a business which everyone can simply get into. It requires a specific set of skills.

Here is what you need to know about this course. It is designed to make the business seem easy and profitable. Actually, the free video training which is included in the course, only discusses what the best case scenario will be.

My review focuses on the more realistic viewpoint regarding the business venture. You will also know about what exactly the business you are getting into is, as well as find out whether it is the right opportunity for you or not.

The Sales Mentor Overview

The Sales Mentor is a course about high ticket closing. Basically, it is a job where you get a script, start calling leads, and persuade them to buy the things they expressed interest in from you.

Basically, this job is very different compared to what telemarketers do. You will be calling people who already expressed interest in what you are offering. You need not deal with rude people, as you will only be calling those interested in the first place, not random people.

This course is designed to help you in regards of taking calls from prospective customers, as well as giving them useful information about the products or service they expressed interest in. You can also give them additional information if they ask for it. You then convince them to be paying clients.

Every time you manage to convert leads into customers, you make a generous amount as commission. Well, the thing is, anyone can learn how to run the business, but not everyone can be successful in it.

If you have great communication skills, as well as being naturally extroverted, then you may as well get started with the job. If not, then I suggest you forget it.

Take note that it is more likely for you to fail to close a sale, so you need to be prepared for rejection. It is going to happen a lot more than you expect.

What is The Sales Mentor About?

The Sales Mentor Review - The Sales Mentor owner

Payton Welch’s program promises you that it can help feel a sense of fulfillment, as well as give you the financial success you need. What you have to do to achieve all these though is to spend money in the program. Well, of course I have a few qualms about that.

Payton explains how effective the business model is, as well as why you should invest your money in a program that will teach you how to close high ticket sales over the phone. He also gives negative comments regarding other online business models out there, and reiterates why this one is the most worth it.

What’s an Inbound Closer?

Inbound closing

Inbound closers are people who take phone calls, then proceed to converse with warm leads who show interest with a product or server.

Your job is simple. You need to connect with the leads, find out what could be stopping them from proceeding with the purchase and solve it, and then convince them to make the purchase. Inbound closers make somewhere around $40,000 to $50,000 per year.

Payton talks about how easy the job is on his sales pages, but actually, it is very hard to make the salary that he promises. Well, probably some people could, but those are only a minority.

Like I said before, the secret to success as an inbound closer is by being charismatic and extroverted. You need to know how to handle people, and probably even manipulate them. This is the main reason why you probably should consider another side hustle.

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What’s Inside The Sales Mentor?

The Sales Mentor is a training program which can teach you how to manage and close high ticket sales. You will be working for product owners, educational programs, coaches, and the like.

It is a job that you can do an hour or two per day, and can be perfectly executed for less than two hours a day. At least, that’s what Payton says.

Inside the program, you get access to training which is 21 days worth, a PDF document that is 6 pages long that gives you a better understanding regarding inbound closing, as well as a more in-depth look into telemarketing.

In the landing page is a free training video where Payton pitches the business model, as well as the program itself. You can watch it anytime you want, but it’s basically just Payton hyping his program.

It features quite an exaggerated demonstration, where a person works only 1-2 hours per day, all the while having to follow only a simple script, as well as making a lot of money. I think that that illustration is a deceiving, considering how hard it is to find clients.

For most people, the process is way harder. I don’t think the claims are realistic, considering that the job requires a very specific skill set, and not everyone can do it.

Is The Sales Mentor a Scam?

This section of The Sales Mentor review will probably answer your biggest question.

The Sales Mentor is definitely not a scam. However, what I noticed with this program is that Payton left out a few important things that people need to know before getting involved with the program and the inbound closing career itself.

Closing high ticket sales are not as easy as Payton makes it out to be. First off, it is very difficult to close a high ticket sale. This means that even if you dedicate your time and effort to closing, you may not earn any money. Also, there are times when you may not have enough leads that can help you close sales.

It is a skill-based career, after all. It is very difficult to start. If you do not have experience with any related fields, you will not be able to get good leads. Of course, you will be competing with other people who have been working the career a lot longer than you do, so I suggest that you be prepared for that.

Basically, even if you finish Payton’s program, you will definitely be not as busy as you would expect. The pay is on a commission basis, meaning that with no work comes no pay.

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What I Like About The Sales Mentor

If you have the innate qualifications such as being charismatic and extroverted, then it would be a good fit for you to be an inbound closer. All you need to do is to be committed to it and it can work.

You probably wouldn’t be as busy as you expect when you start. However, with practice and perseverance, it could actually be a good career for you.

If you are good with persuading with people as well as make up solutions to problems on the spot, then it is a good fit for you. You need to be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, as well as come up with solutions to their concerns.

Other than that, the program itself is pretty mediocre.

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Why I Don’t Recommend The Sales Mentor

In this section of The Sales Mentor review, I will tell you why I do not recommend the program.

I think I made my point clear enough in regards to how being an inbound closer is not a good fit for everyone. It is only for people who know how to communicate with other professionally, and are open to rejection.

Not all people would want a career where they have to call different people all day long. And convincing them to buy whatever product or service they have shown interest to is quite tedious.

Most people I know of say that they are interested with something even if they aren’t. This is because they simply do not want to be rude by blatantly rejecting the offer. You have to face reality that being an inbound closer will make you face a lot of rejections.

If that whole prospect does not appeal to you, then I suggest that you do not pay for the program.

Another red flag I noticed from the get-go is how overhyped the opportunity is. Payton keeps talking about how this is the only opportunity online that is worth your time. However, in reality, his claims of overnight success is simply not realistic. He is a good salesman, but his program is not a good product.

There are also numerous upsells in the program which will be pitched to you repeatedly, and they cost thousands. What’s more, they are also pitched in such an overhyped way. This can make you feel like you need to buy them.

Final Verdict – The Sales Mentor

Before I end this The Sales Mentor review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

After reading this review, I hope you already understand that dedication and hard work are the keys to success. You simply can’t produce money out of thin air. And you can’t expect to be amazing at something after just one attempt.

Discover your passion and customize your skill set to your life goals. Spend time and effort into something before expecting it to bear fruit.

You must put up the effort if you want to be successful. You must conquer whatever that stands in your way. Make a case for yourself.

Keep in mind that certain things aren’t designed for you. Therefore it’s up to you to figure out which professional route is best for you.

There are a lot of options you can pursue. I am confident that you can achieve anything you want as long as you put your heart and soul into it.

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