The Teacher Project Review – Elliot Phillips Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a course known as The Teacher Project. Is it legit? Find out in this The Teacher Project review.

Today, we will be reviewing Elliot Phillips’ course, which discusses how you can properly market your own online course.

The question is, is the course worth the money or not?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this The Teacher Project review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with The Teacher Project in any shape or form whatsoever.

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The Teacher Project Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Teacher Project
  • Founder: Elliot Phillips
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Teaching
  • Recommendation: If you feel like you have the pedagogical skills, then maybe being an educator isn’t too bad. However, bear in mind that my top recommendation can make you more money.

The Teacher Project Features

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To avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective growth techniques like word of mouth, the Teacher Project specializes in assisting educators in mastering tried-and-true methods of promoting, selling, and fulfilling their products or services to customers.

This program is similar to NEPQ Training, WAH Program, and Arise Work From Home.

Signature Tutoring Offer

The most common pitfall the program encounters when helping instructors expand their online presence and attract more of their prospective students is that they fail to differentiate themselves from the competition and are forced into a pricing war as a result.

As a result, The Teacher Project initially assists you with organizing your online course’s marketing message, price, and structure. That way, you may set yourself apart from the competition with something truly original.

After being guided by their staff through this procedure, you will have a solid groundwork upon which to build paid advertising campaigns that will help your business expand more rapidly.

Using this procedure, the tutors they deal with often see rate increases of up to 400%.

Predictable Traffic

The secret to building a steady stream of eager students eager to work with you is to employ carefully placed laser targeted paid advertising campaigns.

The Teacher Project provides tried-and-true advertising methods that have been tested in every tutoring discipline.

So that you can get an influx of leads and grow your business, there is also a technical staff to assist you in getting things set up, and coaches to assist you in optimizing your campaigns.


If you don’t want your firm to rely on word-of-mouth, you have to be able to wow first-time customers right away.

The lack of an effective “student acquisition system” in their businesses prevents many instructors from charging what they are truly worth.

What’s the fix? The program’s group tutors are able to charge higher prices for their services because they have been trained in the patented student acquisition methodology, which are provided to them.

The program promises to provide you with a complete turnkey business plan to help you attract students who need your services and overcome the most frequent barriers they may have to hiring you.

Grand Slam Offer

Once your advertisements are running and you have a proven marketing approach that brings in new student inquiries every day, you will be handed high-ticket grand slam group sales scripts verbatim and assist you tailor them to your tutoring offer.

Even if you despise selling, you will be taught how to become an expert since the program has pinpointed the 6 most important outcomes for high-priced group tutoring that lead to more clients signing on the dotted line.

Scalable Delivery

Recruiting new students is great, but retention is what really matters. Because of The Teacher Project’s tried-and-true group delivery approach, they have been able to earn a reputation as one of the best business coaching providers for educators.

The world-class online group teaching technique is structured so that you may put in as little as a few hours per week and yet see dramatic improvements in your students’ performance.

The Teacher Project Overview

The Teacher Project Review - Elliot Phillips

The Students on Demand Training Curriculum

The on demand system may be implemented into your business with the help of over 200 videos spread over 13 modules. This will be the final training program you will ever need since you will learn all you could ever want to know about finding students online to instruct in groups.

You’ll always be one step ahead of any tutor since you’ll get access to the latest and greatest methods for as long as you need them.

This training program is designed to help even the most tech-averse person get up and running in only a few hours.

Signature Tutoring Offer Creation

The tried-and-true models for pricing and organizing programs that will work in any area of tutoring.

To ensure your success in this endeavor, you will be provided with proven models for your tutoring service’s pricing and organizational framework. Once you have access to this, you will have all the tools necessary to launch a successful paid advertising campaign.

Lead Machine Marketing Funnel

Instead of having to spend time and energy building intricate web pages, the program enables you to copy and paste the whole click and drop marketing funnel and use it right now to promote your tutoring service.

Once you do this, you’ll never have to worry about where your next student is coming from or rely only on word of mouth to grow your student body again.

Done for You Facebook Advertising Templates

The exact ad copy you need to utilize in order to market and produce leads in the tutoring niche that have already been tried and confirmed, eliminating the need for any guesswork on your part.

The Teacher Project has studied thousands of ads in the tutoring industry and know what it takes to create ads that attract new students interested in online tutoring.

This means you’ll get access to all of my best tactics for increasing ad conversion and running successful campaigns, essentially stealing our secrets.

Done for You Student Acquisition System

You may save time and energy by using this ready-made training template for student acquisition, which can be used immediately.

The Teacher Project’s group tutors may offer their services for $2,000 or more in only a few weeks with the aid of our patented student acquisition training.

You will be provided with a complete, turnkey model to incorporate into your company, meaning the bulk of the selling is completed even before you meet with prospective students.

The ‘Grand Slam Group Offer’ Script

Scripts for selling group tutoring at premium rates that may be used word for word over the phone.

Once you have a tried-and-true ‘lead machine’ set up and running in your firm, you can anticipate your schedule filling up with daily inquiries from prospective students.

You will be provided with the same grand slam group sales scripts and show you how to modify them to fit your own tutoring service.

The Group Delivery Blueprint

A comprehensive plan for delivering group tutoring at scale that can help your students’ grades soar. With the training, you’ll be able to provide your online students with an experience that will change their lives, and we’ll show you how to do it.

After reading this, you’ll know precisely what to do to begin working less and reclaiming your time through the use of a strong delivery model that can be scaled and that students would gladly pay more for than individual instruction.

The three cornerstones of a successful group tutoring program will be laid out for you, along with the steps you need to take to reach them.

Fast Action Student Testimonial Collection

Find out how to display testimonials that will make prospective students beg to work with you. The program will give you a full orientation on how to elicit positive feedback from your pupils.

If you want to charge more for your online group tutoring services, there are five sorts of testimonials you should gather and display to potential new clients. So that you may quickly collect authentic testimonials from your pupils, you will be supplied with word-for-word swipes.

And the specific inquiries you should make to your present student body to have them perform your marketing for you in terms of group tutoring.

This training may be used to quickly gain students and recommendations even if you’re just starting out.

High Ticket Group Tutor Sales Call Recordings

You will have access to a wealth of audio recordings of other tutors advertising group tutoring sessions for $2,000 and higher.

Watch actual recordings of other instructors enrolling kids in online group tutoring programs for high fees.

Even if you’re not a fan of cold calling, once you see how other instructors are doing it, you can simply mimic their strategies and start attracting high-paying clients in no time.

This recording collection is yours to keep for as long as you choose, so you can use it to teach your staff by having them mimic successful calls as your company expands.

Final Verdict – The Teacher Project Review

This course is recommended for people who have their own online course that they want to sell to the public.

I don’t think this course is worth it if you are not a tutor or someone who already has a course that they selling on their website or social media.

If you want to take advantage of an opportunity that you can start right now, then I suggest you read the next section for more details.

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