The Techie Mentor Review – Susan Mershon Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about The Techie Mentor. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There has been such a big demand for virtual assistants in recent years. Every time I check out online job listings, a handful of the results that show up are for virtual assistants. Sometimes it makes me want to try it out for myself. But I’ll let other people do that insteaad.

Because of the demand for it, a bunch of different online courses have been made to help people get onto the path to becoming a VA. I have reviewed a handful of those courses before like the Savvy System from Abbey Ashley. There’s definitely an audience for these types of courses. Some, like Savvy System, targets stay-at-home moms who want to have their own source of income. But most virtual assistance-based programs can apply to everybody.

So when I heard about The Techie Mentor, I was interested to learn more about it. I try my best to check out as many programs as I can. Just to have an idea of what makes something like a training course work. I don’t have any plan of making my own training program. But I do enjoy knowing how these systems function.

Sometimes there are differences in how they approach the topic. They are working with same material, for the most part. But they often have different ways to teaching it.

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The Techie Mentor Review: Quick Details

  • Name: The Techie Mentor
  • Founder: Susan Mershon
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Virtual assistance
  • Recommendation: This is definitely a good and worthwhile option for those who want to start their journey to becoming a full-fledged virtual assistant. Just be mindful that the cost of the course is quite expensive for a lot of beginners. But it could be a good investment in the long run.

Who Is Susan Mershon?

The Techie Mentor creator Susan Mershon

Susan Mershon is the founder of The Techie Mentor. Prior to her starting this company, she had experience as a marketing specialist and a project manager. She was doing well at her job as a project manager for a large company.

At some point during that, she was about to go into labor with her child, Sam. Because she was going into labor, she handed over the project that she was handling to her manager. She had 90 days worth of maternity leave after that. When she came to back, she was ready to get back to the project that she had handed over. She tried to ask the management about it but they didn’t give any answers to her questions. And it seems that the management didn’t really see that Susan would commit to her role after giving birth. That was the point where she decided to quit her job.

It didn’t really seem that Susan wanted to go back to the hum-drum of working for a company. This is sometimes a common throughline with a lot of people who developed their own training programs. People don’t really like working in an office setting. Or being somebody else’s employee. She wanted freedom that an office job couldn’t provide.

So, like any normal person, she searched for ways to earn money online. And that was when she discovered the world of virtual assistance. There weren’t really a lot of resources regarding the skills you might need as a VA. Most of what was available often mentioned administrative skills.

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Planting The Seeds for The Techie Mentor

Susan Mershon decided to a lot more research. And she realized that a lot of skills that people have are actually transferable to a job like a virtual assistant. Still, most of the resources that she could find put a lot of focus on administrative skills. But she didn’t really want to do administrative work as a VA.

Since clients have different skills that they look for in a VA, Susan decided to search for online tutorials on those skills. She basically went deep into the rabbit hole. And she loved it. During this whole thing, she was able to know intimately what kind of services she wants to provide for her prospective clients. None of the services that she wanted require her to be active at a certain time of the day. She wanted to have some flexibility in her schedule.

As she dug deeper into her research, that was when the seeds for The Techie Mentor were being planted. She was still working a full-time job while she did her research. And that was kind of overwhelming for her, at first. But she decided to set up a schedule for everything that she was doing. It took her more than a year before she actually quit her job. I understand how hard it is to transition from one job to the next. Eventually, she managed to start her own VA services company called Clever Collaborations.

This seems to be a common thing with a lot of the VA-related training programs that I have seen. People were asking Susan how she was able to become a virtual assistant. That was what lead her to start The Techie Mentor.

The Techie Mentor creator Susan Mershon

What Is The Techie Mentor?

The Techie Mentor is the brand that Susan Mershon created that encompasses all of her training programs that relate to virtual assistance. A lot of the other brands that I have seen mostly have everything that you need to learn into a singular course. That involves the actually skills you might need as a VA, as well as how to market yourself to your clients.

With Techie Mentor, it’s separated into two categories: the VA business courses and the VA skills courses. Though it seems that almost all of them are more focused on creating your virtual assistance business rather than becoming an actual virtual assistant. There are other courses for that more skill-focused training.

The two major programs that The Techie Mentor offers are the VA Success System and the TechieU Techie Training Vault. There are 10 modules to the VA Success System. It will go through everything you need to know about the VA industry. The latter modules focus on building your VA business from scratch. There are a ton of different bonuses that come with the course. It costs a one-time payment worth $1,198 or a five-part installment worth $268. When you pay through the installment plan, the modules will be released on a bi-weekly cadence.

The TechieU Trainign Vault focuses more on digital marketing. You can definitely use these skills if there is digital marketing agency looking for a virtual assistant. You have to sign up for a waiting list in order to know the cost. But considering how much the VA Success System costs, it’s likely to be in the same range.

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Final Verdict – The Techie Mentor Review

Susan Mershon definitely provides well thought-out training courses. But I don’t recommend that you take it if you’re just beginning to become a virtual assistant. The things that you will learn through the courses can mostly be applied further down in your career.

Sure, it’s good to know all of the things you need to do to set up systems and what now. But those systems can only be set up if you have a good idea of the skills that you want to market to clients.

Fortunately, The Techie Mentor provides a free training program that has more than seven hours worth of content that you can watch in order to get a taste of what the paid courses may provide. It gives you a good overview of what this kind of industry entails. And what kind of skills that you can provide to your clients.

It’s great that these brands have these kinds of free programs. Not everyone has the kind of money to spend on a training course. But at least they know exactly where to find it when the time comes that they’ll need it. Sometimes that’s how you get people to patronize your services.

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That’s it for my review of The Techie Mentor. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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