The Thriving Fake Guru Industry

A person who promises a specific outcome based on the conditions of finishing a paid course, purchasing a coaching service, buying a book, etc. is known as a fake guru and may typically be found operating in the internet.

In essence, what they are saying is, “I will teach you how to accomplish this desired result, but first, you need to do this and pay me a lot of money.”

The desired outcomes they advocate are frequently based on our psychological and emotional needs, such as money, independence, prestige, riches, and success, amongst other things.

And in order to generate an erroneous feeling of credibility on their subject, they flaunt their money and material assets such as a house, a sports vehicle, bogus profit statistics displayed on a screen, and other similar things.

There is a good chance that adverts for phony gurus have appeared on practically all of our social media platforms and caused disruptions.

All of the ostentatious trappings, including flashy automobiles, expansive mansions, attractive women, and the promise to improve your life, are present. The terrible issue is that even if some individuals, like myself, are able to recognize these films as being part of a scam, the majority of us are not.

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What is a Fake Guru?

Fake Guru Industry - Phonies

Fake gurus are really just modern-day versions of snake oil merchants.

And just in case you don’t know what is meant by that, it is referring to the deceptive marketers and scammers of the past who used to promote that their snake oil could cure and fix a myriad of problems that the consumer was dealing with.

They would trick someone into giving them money by using deception. They are doing their “services” not to help people, but for the sole purpose of monetary gain.

The result of this is that most individuals wind up losing a significant amount of money. The videos guarantee to improve your life in a variety of ways, including making you wealthy and teaching you useful skills. People end up falling for it.

They enter the situation on the impression that they will make more money. On the other hand, they wind up losing all of the money that they had with no positive improvements in their life.

Why are they bad for society?

Information may now be transmitted at a breakneck speed thanks to the advent of the digital era. Something may take place on the other side of the planet, and in a very short amount of time, the rest of the world could learn about it.

Although this is a great development, and the dissemination of knowledge may lead to positive outcomes such as increased learning and new possibilities, it also has a detrimental side effect, which is the emergence of bogus gurus.

When information is disseminated, it can either be true or false; there is no other possibility.

In the space that exists between the two extremes, there is a gray area in which you might think something to be true when, in fact, it is not true. This ambiguous territory is a risky place that can result in both bodily and mental injury to anyone who venture into it.

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How do you spot a fake guru?

They advertise “get rich quick” schemes.

They make the promise that they can make you wealthy and try to offer social evidence by displaying a home, a sports vehicle, and other luxury items, despite the fact that they have no true prior success in the field that they are claiming to promote.

Also, they are able to get away with charging an excessively high fees for their courses because of this compelling premise.

Their landing pages look bogus and ugly.

The appearance of a false guru’s landing page is the second most important indicator that they are a fraud.

Landing pages are the essential conversion pages that you utilize to move people “down the funnel” in order for them to make a conversion.

The conversion can take the form of anything from the purchase of a product to the signing up for an email newsletter or other service.

You can usually locate a big headline on the landing page that offers 1-2 statements about the advantage you will gain out of completing the conversion. You could also see a declaration of social evidence included in the transaction in order to lend legitimacy to it.

Now, I’m not arguing that every single landing page indicates that the user is a phony guru. Landing pages are a standard technique in the field of digital marketing and are utilized by any firm that possesses a website.

The distinguishing characteristic is when the landing page is basic and pretty unsightly in appearance.

When I get on the landing page of a bogus guru, I’m always shocked to see how little effort they put into developing their landing page.

Since they claim to be an expert in marketing, it seems to me that they should also be able to create good landing pages on their website if they are truly knowledgeable about the subject matter.

They beat around the bush.

The third and most important method to recognize a false guru is that they are not forthcoming about how they generate money, what they did to truly get the home, the sports car, and other ostentatious possessions they flex on the internet.

Have they, for instance, established a company that was subsequently purchased by another company and resulted in a significant increase in wealth? Are they an established e-commerce company that offers the most popular items in their particular field?

There is not a single fake guru that can truly justify their success. You can tell by looking at them that they are well off. The question is, where did they obtain it? What is their previous performance like?

Researching a person is a breeze in this day and age thanks to the internet.

They present no viable products.

If you Google them and discover that you can’t find any history on the real businesses that they created and that they are merely termed “entrepreneurs,” then they don’t offer products or services; rather, you are the product or service that they are selling.

They make their money off of those who buy their products and believe that they are successful business owners.

Technically speaking, they are an entrepreneur for their own “personal brand,” but they achieved success by convincing other people to pay them in the mistaken belief that they are a successful entrepreneur who can teach them information that would enable them to gain millions of dollars.

They are excellent salesman, but they take advantage of customers, which is the thing that really irritates me about them.

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How do you distinguish a fake guru from a genuine one?

If a person does not adhere to the four practices outlined in the previous sections, then it is quite probable that they are a genuine expert in their field who is able to impart knowledge that is beneficial to you.

The fact that a true guru does not advertise their claim but rather their work is the single most important factor that differentiates a phony guru from a real one.

Final Verdict – Fake Guru Industry

If you give in to the allure of fake gurus and spend your money on their courses, you won’t learn anything useful and you’ll be left with a lot of regrets. In this day and age, if you are serious about acquiring a new talent, you may do it without spending any money.

You don’t have to join up for these pricey classes taught by these phony so-called experts.

YouTube is home to hundreds of videos covering virtually every subject. Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare all provide you with the opportunity to enroll in free classes.

The least that can be said for these platforms is that they have genuine competent lecturers and accreditations. Just think about it: you could also rent a luxury setting, automobile, and models and produce a video identical to the one that is above.

After that, you may deceive individuals by running advertisements on the internet, getting them to sign up for your course, and then tricking them. But wouldn’t that be completely unethical? It is certain to make you wealthy, but it will also leave you with a guilty conscience.

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