Thomas Garetz Review – No Face YT Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as No Face YT. Is it legit? Find out in this Thomas Garetz review.

Building a YouTube channel that can actually make you some money can be quite challenging. It is also a lot of work.

It can take years to build a channel that you can monetize too, as finding content that will actually get attention is difficult if you do not know what you are doing.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Thomas Garetz review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Passion Thomas Garetz in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Thomas Garetz Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Thomas Garetz
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  • Type: Training course
  • Niche: YouTube content creation
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What is No Face YT?

Thomas Garetz Review - No Face YT Logo

The No Face YT course prides itself on offering a distinct approach to earning money online by constructing a lucrative YouTube channel without revealing your identity. Unlike conventional YouTube courses that advocate outsourcing tasks to freelancers for a completely automated YouTube process, No Face YT emphasizes the creation of videos by the individual themselves.

It provides comprehensive guidance spanning scripting, narration, screen recording, video editing, and the subsequent uploading process.

Upon enrollment, the program steers participants towards generating income through ad revenue, contingent upon the viewership garnered by their videos. The course purports to offer insights on refining content strategies to captivate and retain audiences, thereby amplifying the prospects of increased earnings.

Additionally, the course delves into diverse monetization avenues tailored for these ‘faceless’ videos. This includes techniques such as promoting affiliate products directly on the YouTube platform, aligning with some of the best affiliate programs tailored for YouTubers.

Furthermore, it touches upon the aspect of selling affiliate products, presenting an alternative avenue for revenue generation derived from the videos created within this unique framework.

Who is Thomas Garetz?

Thomas Garetz Review - Thomas

Residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thomas Garetz emerges as a seasoned internet entrepreneur wielding profound knowledge in the realms of affiliate marketing and YouTube. His journey into the digital landscape commenced amidst a conventional 9-5 job, a space he departed to navigate the online realm. The impetus for his venture sprouted from a serendipitous encounter with a YouTube video elucidating the nuances of online businesses.

Encouraged by this newfound insight, Thomas embarked on this digital odyssey, delving into the world of affiliate marketing, where his efforts bore fruit, yielding significant success.

Empowered by a burgeoning income stream from his online endeavors, Thomas reached a pivotal juncture, marking his departure from the confines of his day job. Fueled by the promise of his digital exploits, he transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship, solidifying his commitment by establishing his own business entity through an LLC in January 2019.

This marked a monumental shift in Thomas’s career trajectory, propelling him into a realm where he could harness his expertise in affiliate marketing and YouTube, fostering a dynamic and self-sustaining enterprise.

Thomas garners a substantial income from various streams on YouTube, including sponsored content, view-based ad revenue, and brand endorsements. Alongside these, his training programs like No Face YT and High Ticket YT Secrets, coupled with other digital products, constitute his revenue portfolio, albeit at a notable price point for interested consumers.

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My Favorite Program

No Face YT Overview

Within the training program, a comprehensive collection of over 50 videos awaits participants. These videos, spanning durations between 3 to 10 minutes each, cover an array of fundamental topics essential for channel establishment, from the inception of creating a YouTube account to completing SMS verification.

Beyond these basics, the course extends its reach with mini-courses and bonuses, delving into niche areas such as TikTok strategies, outsourcing tactics, and a specialized focus on YouTube Shorts.

Complementing this video library, participants gain access to supplementary resources, including templates and recommended tools, enriching the learning journey and amplifying the depth of their educational experience within the program.

The training program encompasses a comprehensive breakdown spanning six meticulously crafted modules, each serving as a cornerstone in constructing a successful YouTube channel rooted in faceless content creation.

The modules

Module 1 initiates this transformative journey, guiding users through the foundational steps of channel inception. It navigates the landscape of niche selection, emphasizing the significance of choosing an engaging and growth-driven focus. Participants are steered through the intricacies of setting up either a personal or brand account, laying the groundwork for a promising channel launch.

Transitioning seamlessly into Module 2, students are immersed in the intricate art of content creation. Delving deep into the creative process, this segment catalyzes the journey from ideation to production. It equips users with strategies for brainstorming captivating video concepts, culminating in detailed content outlines.

Moreover, it offers invaluable insights into leveraging graphics, animations, and voiceovers to craft compelling faceless content tailored for the YouTube platform.

Module 3 serves as a beacon, illuminating the multifaceted realm of monetization techniques tailored for faceless YouTube videos. It unveils an array of strategies, from harnessing YouTube ad revenue to delving into the realm of affiliate marketing. Moreover, this module acts as a compass, pointing towards optimal tools and platforms such as MorningFame, TubeBuddy, and the Camtasia video editor.

These tools serve as catalysts, augmenting earnings and refining content production endeavors.

Upon the completion of video creation, Module 4 emerges as a guiding light, ushering users into the realms of video uploading and promotion. This segment elucidates the intricacies of optimizing videos for YouTube search algorithms and expands into promotional strategies encompassing playlists, end screens within the platform, and outreach through social media platforms.

Module 5 unfurls the mystique enshrouding YouTube Studio, unraveling its pivotal features. Students are equipped to dissect video performance metrics and discern viewer demographics. These insights serve as compasses, guiding content refinement and optimization strategies for future endeavors.

The program crescendos with Module 6, an advanced compendium where users delve into the intricate strategies employed by top-performing channels. This section serves as a treasure trove, unveiling additional monetization techniques, collaboration prospects, and strategies for sustained and profitable channel growth.

Embedded within this comprehensive framework are supplementary offerings, including mini-courses and bonuses. These specialized capsules address niche realms of content creation, encompassing TikTok strategies, adept outsourcing practices, and leveraging YouTube Shorts for enhanced visibility and engagement.

During the sales presentation, Thomas highlighted the initial cost of No Face YT at $997, which has now been discounted to $247 in the ongoing beta phase since October 2021. The program assures a 30-day money-back guarantee to users.

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My Favorite Program

Is Thomas Garetz Legit?

Thomas Garetz Review - Thomas 2

Thomas Garetz, the creator of the No Face YT course, has not been implicated in any scam-related activities. YouTube stands as a well-known platform for potential earnings, offering substantial income opportunities to many creators. However, the course’s bold claim of making money on YouTube without revealing one’s face or using a camera raises curiosity.

According to Garetz, this approach, termed a cash cow channel or YouTube automation, entails leveraging stock videos, graphics, and voiceovers as an alternative to traditional self-recorded content.

Promoting a “set it and forget it” ethos, the course emphasizes the simplicity of creating content without personal appearances. Garetz even suggests the potential of earning up to $10,000 monthly in passive income through this method.

However, a notable absence within the course is Garetz’s failure to showcase a successful faceless YouTube channel as evidence of his strategies’ efficacy. This absence of tangible proof might instill skepticism in some prospective users, as witnessing a thriving channel applying Garetz’s tactics could bolster trust in his methods.

Moreover, YouTube’s evolving algorithm now distinguishes between original and generic content, presenting a challenge for views and engagement with similar faceless videos. This alteration within the algorithm complicates the landscape for content creators aiming to replicate Garetz’s approach, potentially impacting their visibility and success on the platform.

Final Verdict – Thomas Garetz Review

The No Face YT program by Thomas Garetz sounds appealing at first glance, offering a tantalizing prospect of making money on YouTube without revealing your identity. However, this rosy portrayal quickly fades upon closer inspection.

While Garetz presents enticing claims of earning substantial passive income, the course lacks concrete evidence of its efficacy.

The absence of a demonstrative successful channel implementing Garetz’s methods is a glaring red flag. Witnessing a thriving channel as proof of concept would be crucial in fostering trust in the program’s teachings. Moreover, Garetz’s emphasis on a “set it and forget it” approach without tangible results seems unrealistic, leaving doubts about the actual effectiveness of his strategies.

Additionally, YouTube’s ever-evolving algorithm poses a significant hurdle. It now discerns between original and generic content, challenging the visibility of similar faceless videos. This fundamental change within the platform makes it increasingly challenging for content creators to replicate Garetz’s approach, potentially impeding their success.

Despite the reduced price of $247 during the beta phase, the program’s lack of substantial evidence and potential roadblocks due to algorithmic changes cast shadows on its viability.

Aspiring content creators seeking sustainable and proven methods might find themselves hesitant to invest in a program with such questionable foundations.

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