TikTok Rapid Growth Program Review – Keith Krance Scam?

Today, we are going to about the TikTok Rapid Growth Program from Keith Krance. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

TikTok has steadily grown in popularity in the last couple of years. Initially, people were using TikTok to do random dance challenges, mostly because of its Musical.ly roots. You can still find those dance challenges and lip sync videos on the platform. But there are a lot more varied content on the platform since it started.

You can tell that other companies are trying to stake their claim in the vertical video space. Meta has been pushing Reels on Facebook and Instagram. So has Google with the release of Shorts on YouTube. People are still flocking to TikTok more than their competitors. I could see why they’d do that I’ve wasted a lot of my time scrolling through my For You page.

A lot of people have managed to cultivate an audience on the platform. And that leads to them getting opportunities to earn money either through the platform or outside of it. They have clout that they can use to get brands to do sponsorship deals with them. And because there’s an opportunity for income potential, regardless of how much, people are trying to make their name on the platform.

The problem is that there are a lot of people also doing that same thing. Even though the algorithm gives you a better chance of reaching your intended audience compared to Facebook and Instagram, it’s hard to grow the audience that you already have. YouTube is better than Facebook and Instagram at getting you to your intended audience. But the path to discovery takes a bit more work than it does on TikTok.

That’s why a lot of training programs have popped up that would supposedly help you grow your audience on the platform. But does it really work as intended?

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TikTok Rapid Growth Program Review: Quick Details

  • Name: TikTok Rapid Growth Program Review
  • Founder: Keith Krance
  • Website: https://dwm.dominatewebmedia.com/tiktok-rapid-growth-special
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Social media, digital marketing
  • Recommendation: While it does seem that most of what you’ll learn from this training program is usable in other video platforms, I don’t particular recommend it. It’s definitely hard to grow your TikTok account especially if you’re not enjoying making the content you post on the platform. There are a lot of other ways to learn the same concepts that are in this particular program. Some of them even comes directly from the platform.

Who Is Keith Krance?

A screenshot of a video featuring TikTok Rapid Growth Program founder Keith Krance

There’s not really a lot that you could find about Keith Krance’s earlier life. It’s not surprising that there’s very little information about it online. Not everybody is willing to disclose every single information about them. Though there are people, especially those that offer some training programs for niches in the digital space, that do that. Some of them have even had press releases sent out to a bunch of random publications.

In the case of Keith Krance, it doesn’t really seem that he uses that tactic to promote his business. You wouldn’t really have expected somebody who studied aviation to get into digital marketing of all things. It was actually really surprising when I found out that before his current career, Keith was once a pilot. He worked for a regional airline company for about five years. Then after that he became a franchise owner of a tanning salon. That business of his lasted around the same amount of time as his career as a pilot.

After that, he pretty much got into digital marketing. The transition from owning a regular business to owning a digital marketing agency sort of makes sense. Marketing plays a big part in running a business. If you don’t know how to market a business, you can’t really get a lot of customers. Anything that you do to promote a business counts as marketing.

There was really just a time where everybody seemed to have gotten an interest in digital marketing. Especially once ad platforms for Google and Facebook became a lot more commonplace. Since 2010, Keith has been running his own marketing agency called Dominate Web Media. And considering the topic of this review, he has managed to adapt to the ever changing online media landscape. And that leads us to his TikTok Rapid Growth program.

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What Is the TikTok Rapid Growth Program?

The TikTok Rapid Growth Program is a training and coaching program that’s meant to help you grow your audience on TikTok using ads. It seems that this training program can be applicable to those who want to start their career on TikTok or business owners who want to get more customers for their business. Everybody wants to get views on the content that they make.

There are a total of five modules inside the actual training course. It’s pretty much a crash course is starting your own TikTok account, if you don’t already have one. The first module is focused on goal setting. For a lot of people, their goal is to make videos on the platform with the hopes of getting a lot of views and, eventually, join the creator program to earn money.

The same could be said for business owners. But it’s really just one part of the whole marketing funnel system. And I’ve written so much about marketing funnels. They want to turn their audience into actual paying customers. It’s good that people are aware of your brand. But it’s better if you’re actually getting people to patronize your business. That’s why most business try to be on social media platforms where they can push out ads for people to see.

The Rest of the Modules

A screenshot of a video where TikTok Rapid Growth Program founder Keith Krance talks about pricing

The second module in the course is focused on research. You’re basically setting the tone for what you want your account to be like. There is always an audience for whatever kind of content that there is out there on TikTok. Maybe that is where your audience lies. For businesses, this section is a bit more beneficial to them. Market research plays a big part in a business’s success. It could also play a huge part for content creators. But sometimes, you’re better off trying to make the type of content that you want to watch.

The third module is focused on production. Now that you know what type of audience you want to target, you now have to make videos to attract them to your page. You could do so many different types of videos on TikTok. There have been parodies of those types of videos out there on TikTok. This is the part where you’ll learn about the different types of videos and how to produce them. It takes a lot of work to make videos efficiently.

That leads into the fourth module which is focused on editing. Now that you have records your videos, you then have to edit them. While TikTok does allow users to do longer videos on the platform, you still need to be able to get your point across in as short of a length as possible. It will show you what kind of setup you might need to use to edit the videos you’ve recorded.

The last module is focused on the algorithm. You can’t just expect that you’ll gain an audience after just posting a video. It takes a bit of work to make sure that you’re reaching the audience that you want. And it has something to do with hashtags. But it’s a lot more complicated than that.

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Final Verdict – TikTok Rapid Growth Program

While you are definitely going to learn how to use TikTok, I don’t really recommend it for everyone. As you can see in the previous section, the cost for access to the program is a one-time payment worth $497 or two installments of $297. You do get a lot more than just the actual course. But it’s not something that a lot of budding creators can afford.

Building an audience on any kind of platform takes so much work. You can’t really expect that you’ll hit it right out of the gate. It takes a lot of trial and error before people start to notice your content. As good as research is, sometimes people just like watching very dumb things online. I understand why businesses want to have a presence on the platform. There have been a lot of businesses who have benefitted from being recommended by somebody who has a decent following.

Some people have managed to jump on trends and make a name on the platform. But with so many accounts on there, it’s hard to get everybody’s attention.

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