Tocked Review: Is This A Legitimate Product?

Today, we’re going to talk about an online app simply named “Tocked”. Will this help you in affiliate marketing? Let’s see in this Tocked review.

Traffic is one of the key terms that you need to learn when you’re getting into online affiliate marketing. After all, without incoming web traffic on your sales website, all your hard work will be for nothing. As an affiliate marketer, you must carefully monitor your marketing campaigns, to ensure that the web traffic that goes into your website only comes from high-quality and organic sources. Without those sources, none of your traffic will convert into sales.

While driving high-quality the traditional way usually includes a lot of work (SEO, regular content creation, etc.), Tocked claims to simplify this process immensely. Tocked claims to accomplish this by using a so-called “secret algorithm” on one of the world’s most trending social media sites. This ensures a huge influx of organic traffic flowing to your sales website, that is proven to convert to sales.

So, is Tocked the app that you’ll need as an affiliate marketer? Will this product really help you drive a lot of sales to your website and let you make a huge amount of commissions? By reading this Tocked review, you’ll be able to make a smart judgment on whether Tocked is the right app for you, or not.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not affiliated with Tocked, TikTok™, or any other product, in any way.

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What is Tocked?

Tocked Review - Box

Tocked, at its core, is an app meant to generate buyer traffic to the affiliate marketer’s sales website. To achieve that, it contains the usual features of creating “Done-For-You”, fully-monetized marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Unlike other traffic-generating apps, Tocked claims to exploit a secret algorithm hack on one of the world’s largest video-sharing social networks, TikTok.

Tocked is also cloud-based, so it can run from anywhere as long as the user has an internet connection. In addition, Tocked claims to be beginner-friendly software. Any type of affiliate marketer, from newcomers to veterans, can use and take full advantage of its features.

Who Created Tocked?

The creator of Tocked is Jason Fulton, an experienced digital marketer. Before Tocked, he also created a product with a similar concept of money-making, which he named CliKitz.

.Tocked Review - Jason Fulton

He also has a YouTube channel, which you can view here.

Features And Benefits of Tocked

Tocked Review - Laptop

According to the sales page, Tocked has these features and benefits offered to you.

  • Forget paid ads or wasted time. Your Tocked app comes with built-in BUYER traffic thanks to the algorithm hack we exploited. Furthermore, access 200+ other free traffic sources for even more hot buyer traffic!
  • “Done For You” money-making campaigns for multiple streams of income, with no selling needed. INCLUDES: Multiple Affiliate Programs, Passive Daily Adsense Profits, Ecom Profits, Amazon Commissions
  • 5 Figure Lump Sum Payment Method: This is a method we use to quickly generate big 5-figure paydays. It only takes a few minutes to do this. We’ll show you exactly how to do a ‘quick flip’ of your Tocked viral video sites without any hard work or prior experience needed (this is GAME-CHANGING).
  • Step-By-Step Video Training: We’ll show you exactly how to get everything set up in minutes so you can get free viral traffic flowing right away. We’ll take you by the hand and show you how to utilize the built-in money-making methods to create regular income. Then, we’ll show you how to do “quick flips” for big 5 figure paydays.
  • White-Glove Support: Although Tocked is easy-to-use, and 100% newbie-friendly, if you ever have questions about the software or get stuck along the way, just let us know, and our support team will help you get things running smoothly.

Here’s a visual demo of Tocked, in case you want to see how it looks inside:

Tocked One-Time Offers

As with similar apps of its nature, Tocked also comes with several one-time offers, in addition to the main app.

  • 1st Upgrade: Unlimited
  • 2nd Upgrade: Done For You
  • 3rd Upgrade: Unlimited Traffic
  • 4th Upgrade: Automation
  • 5th Upgrade: Commission Multiplier
  • 6th Upgrade: License Rights
  • 7th Upgrade: Tocked 1k Paydays
  • 8th Upgrade: Tocked Super Millionaire Affiliate

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Is Tocked A Useful App?

The sales pitch for Tocked is really attractive. And at first glance, this seems to be a must-have for any affiliate marketer to boost their sales.

However, there are several warning signs here that put this app on the growing list of “Not Recommended” apps. Here’s what I observed so far.

  • It only lets you make your own affiliate website containing several Tiktok videos, and many of them aren’t even related to your own niche.
  • The “Done-For-You” websites made by this app look really cheap and very low-quality. Showing low-quality content to most users will only make them ignore your website completely.
  • The sales page provides unrealistic claims. Most of the sales figures presented on it are, most of the time, fake.
  • Most of the testimonials featured on the sales pages are obviously fake as well. Looking at those testimonials very carefully would reveal they’re just using the VERY SAME testimonials from their other products.
  • What you’re getting at the initial purchase is just the front-end app, with its feature set very limited. The rest of the features are only available through upsells. Most of the time, they’re not being honest with their pricing, and you’ll only end up paying more.
  • The “viral traffic” that this app claims to bring to you, can usually come from unrelated sources to your own niche. As a result, NONE of them are guaranteed to convert to sales for your affiliate website.
  • There are already several claims that the creator, Jason Fulton, is a scammer. In addition, he’s already banned in WarriorPlus for having over-the-top refund rates.
  • Unlike this Tocked review, which is completely independent, most of the reviews present for this product are all sponsored.
  • Finally, the money-back guarantee for this app is a joke. There are already numerous reports of people not getting their money back after they’re not satisfied with this product.

Can You Make Money From Using Tocked?

The poor quality of Tocked’s DFY websites, combined with its rather steep price, means that users will only lose money over this scammy investment. There’s really nothing worth of value for its price point here. You’re better off spending your business investment here on something else like high-quality online marketing courses, or even hiring someone to do better content marketing.

Using Tiktok For Affiliate Marketing

Tocked Review - Tiktok Logo

Tocked itself is a scam, but the concept of using Tiktok for affiliate marketing is legitimate. In fact, the platform is still new for affiliate marketing, so affiliate marketers can still capitalize on that trend to great success.

Here are some reasons why Tiktok marketing can be a useful resource for your next campaign.

  • Huge And Growing Userbase: Current statistics say that Tiktok now has over 1 billion users as of February 2021, and is still growing larger. While it’s still not large enough to beat social media giants like Facebook, the numbers are still enough to make it a viable platform that businesses can tap into.
  • Good Engagement: Tiktok’s discovery algorithms are such that, even if you have a new account and you still have no followers, there still a HUGE chance for your content to go viral. Taking advantage of these numbers and creating good quality video content will most certainly be helpful for your affiliate marketing campaign.
  • Trend Community: Video content creation in Tiktok may tend to be easier, while still having the potential to go viral. That’s because most of the viral Tiktok videos are usually spin-offs of a certain trend. While original content is still excellent, observing current trends in Tiktok and incorporating them into your current content can be a big help in your marketing campaigns. Just make sure you’re sticking to your niche.
  • Tiktok Advertisements: Tiktok Ads are a fairly new addition to the platform. They work mostly the same way as other social media ads. As this is still a new feature to Tiktok, the advertisers using this are still few. This means you can capitalize on this and have increased engagement and visibility for your ads, due to less competition.

Here’s a little video to watch if you want to know more about Tiktok marketing.

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Tocked Review: Final Verdict

I hope that by the time you reached this point of this Tocked review, you’ll be able to decide for yourself if you need this app or not.

Overall, Tocked is, for all intents and purposes, a scam. You’re not getting your money’s worth for this product. Similar products claim to be the answer to all your financial needs, by presenting unrealistic claims and presenting it as a “legitimate” method. But in reality, their offers are of extremely low quality. Because if their claims work, then everyone should be able to do this right now, and positive reviews will come out. But as of this time, NONE has presented itself.

Still, the decision is yours if you still want this, despite this Tocked review. And if you think you still have no choice but to rely on these apps for your affiliate marketing, well…

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